She paints the symbol on her shed wall--a V, a diamond, and a V shaped with a single line--and pledges fealty to the being it represents. Lady Van Tassel: Determined to Get Ahead. Gallery. They have grown to understand each other intimately and have developed a strong and affectionate friendship. After an attempted kidnapping of Abbie and Jenny from their foster care home, their mother was institutionalized and later died while she was still in the care of Tarrytown Psychiatric. In the quite town of Sleepy Hollow, people are being murdered and the living residents are fearing for their lives. He did turn traitor as he was serving his former caretaker, Carmilla Pines, instead of saving Abbie, Jenny, and Ichabod from trouble at Henry Knox's past home. He later saw her before Season 1 came to a close as a sort of guide during her imprisonment. The actress Grace Kelly (1929-1982) was a famous bearer. Like Abbie Mills, she's also an FBI agent working with Daniel. However, Katrina was saved by Young Masbath and Ichabod. Fearing that no one would believe her and that she would be removed from her foster home, Abbie lied and didn't back up Jenny's story. Due to her past life as a criminal, Abbie picked up a talent for lock picking. By the time the Hidden One was able to regain his lost strength, Ragnarok began. Finally they ended up at her porch. Abbie, though reluctant, decides to defy orders [that she immediately take Mr. Crane to a psych ward], hoping that Ichabod can provide answers. Abbie has dealt with a lot of hurt and pain in her life. Her tombstone said, "She Bore Witness," and that's precisely what she did. Like Abbie, he didn't really care about Ichabod very much at first, and he constantly labeled him as a suspect for the death of the late sheriff, August Corbin. She also is the first to offer up science as an alternative to magic, regularly finding ways to resourcefully replace spells with generators, chemistry, and uv light. Moments later Crane followed suit when he heard her voice in the dark, and he said the Witnesses must always stick together no matter what. Nicole Beharie (adult)Jahnee Wallace (teen)Haylee Walker (young) Ichabod concedes in an attempt to be a good roommate but later they both confide in each other secrets that they had been holding onto after a run in with a secret sucking demon. Born Mary Archer, one of two daughters of a benevolent white witch, and a witch herself. Jenny was later put in a mental institution and the sisters remained estranged for nearly 13 years. Likes Profession: The first scene was when they first met at a jail cell when she was in her lieutenant uniform. Inspiration This is when the Headless Horseman makes his first appearance in modern day Sleepy Hollow. It was a driving force to unite as one, especially since the symbol split into two. She resigned as an FBI agent and went after Pandora in an attempt to save her sister from the Eye's destruction. After Nabal's death she became the third wife of King David. Eventually, Katrina joins forces with her son to awaken the magical blood within the residents of Sleepy Hollow using the Grand Grimoire. When Ichabod was escorted, he was never seen after that. Brown Abbie meets her ancestor Grace Dixon and together, they succeed in returning her and Katrina to the future. For example, she understands that family must be earned and that sometimes love isn’t enough. His death affects Abbie greatly and forces her to confront her past and the supernatural history of her town. Abbie continued to struggle with what she saw in the woods that day and her feelings of resentment and guilt towards her sister. Following this horrific ideal, Ichabod, Katrina and Young Masbeth return home. Jenny Mills is Abbie’s strong-willed and snarky younger sister. In fact, she, too, killed herself after she was being persuaded by the spirit of a former nurse named Gina Lambert. We are first introduced to Detective Abbie Mills as she is having a conversation with her mentor and partner, Sheriff August Corbin. The arrival of the new Sheriff has Abbie delving deeper into the mysteries surrounding her childhood. Abbie is very skilled in marksmanship and is capable of utilizing a pistol as well as numerous firearms. Then Abbie actually met her after she was accidentally transported to 1781 through the Grand Grimoire during the Season 2 finale. His first night in his hotel room, she makes sure to place sticky notes all around his room explaining how to turn on the lights and make coffee. Allies: Her crimes included killing the servant girl, Sarah, to fake her own death, she killed her sister because she helped Ichabod, and she had Sir Van Garrett, her husband Baltus, and the Killians killed to resume her legacy. Relationships Trouble was still brewing as she became obsessed with a mysterious symbol she found at the Catacombs. Abbie is especially protective of his daughter and Frank is grateful for all that she did for his family. "Pilot" She also managed to have half of the marking of the Emblem of Thura on her arm and when she combined hers with Ichabod's to vanquish the demon, it became whole at the Catacombs. Dislikes Their father eventually left the family and their mother was declared unfit, leaving Abbie and Jenny to be placed into the foster care system. Heroes and Villains Wiki is a FANDOM Movies Community. Allies She serves as love interest to Ichabod Crane. Lieutenant (formerly)AgentWitness However, though she does eventually commit fully to the cause, she continues to question why she was chosen. Angered, she cursed Ichabod since the day he came to Sleepy Hollow before she flees on her horse. Jacob Dixon † (maternal ancestor)Grace Dixon † (maternal ancestor)T. Foster † (maternal ancestor)Abigail Jackson † (maternal ancestor)Isaac Dixon † (maternal ancestor)Claire Gray † (maternal ancestor)W. Foster † (maternal ancestor)M. Dixon † (maternal ancestor)Anthony Roberts † (maternal ancestor)Grace Foster † (maternal ancestor)N. Williams † (maternal ancestor)Karen Crardier † (maternal ancestor)Ellie Williams † (maternal ancestor)Jacob Roberts † (maternal ancestor)Ezra Mills (father)Lori Mills † (mother)Jenny Mills (sister) Unwilling to divulge the more supernatural elements of partner's murderer without further proof she is forced to team up with Ichabod Crane, an unwilling fugitive from the past who claims to be a soldier in the Revolutionary War and the only person that can corroborate her story. She was never in the mood for forgiveness, and she found out that he left as Lori was suffering from hallucinations. Toward the end, she plans on killing Katrina Van Tassel, her stepdaughter, so she can inherit her money that her father had. They come across an underground library compiled by Thomas Jefferson, and find a sentient hologram of the third US president that tells them that the library was made to provide the Witnesses guidance in their mission. She also frequently argued the necessity of killing Henry, was proven correct in the end, and by pulling the trigger herself saved Ichabod from carrying the burden of killing his son. Ichabod senses that their relationship was more than professional prompting Abbie to warn him to mind his own business. However, she is knocked off her horse by Ichabod and Masbath, who both manage to return the head to the Hessian, who takes Mary and gives her a bloody kiss before taking her to hell to pay her debt. She, too, helped her, Ichabod, and Lena Gilbert to escape. Throughout the season, Abbie struggles with the death of her mentor, her skepticism, her partnership with Ichabod, rebuilding her relationship with her sister, and accepting her role as a witness. Other names She has a knack for profiling and her skills have helped track down both Henry Parish and Abraham Van Brunt. This was one of the virtue names created in the 17th century by the Puritans. She ultimately returns to Sleepy Hollow when she is stationed at the White Plains regional office. Young woman with long blond hair, brown eyes, pale and wears dresses with white cloaks After witnessing her boss's demise at the hand of a demon, Abbie is surprised to find that her old flame from Quantico, Daniel Reynolds, is his new replacement. After spending what seemed like several months in the Catacombs, Abbie was visited by Crane's Astral Form who was able to discover that the Eye had the power to send her back to the real world. Unfortunately, for him, his charm never seemed to work on Abbie, though. Sleepy Hollow She was only there as an unsuccessful warning to the patients; however, thanks to her journal and an incantation Jenny used, she was able to save Abbie from meeting a similar fate. Abbie has shown to be protective, and loyal to those close to her, caring to an extreme extent for their well-being. Abbie and Jenny then cycled through a few homes before settling in a place that Abbie felt was a good fit. Lady Katrina They both blacked out and neither were able to recall much of what happened during the four days they went missing.

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