Munson studied Mathematics at Flagler College. On August 1, 2014, Hunt was inducted into Sporting Kansas City's "Sporting Legends" hall of fame. Five of the companies are still active while the remaining one is now listed as inactive. Although the leagues' owners decided on the name "AFL-NFL Championship Game", the media immediately picked up on Hunt's "Super Bowl" name, which would become official beginning with the third annual game, which was won by the AFL's New York Jets over the NFL's Baltimore Colts.[8]. The name Super Bowl was inspired by the Super Ball Toys Norma bought for her kids. She is a DJ by profession. Most of the company is managed by her half-brother Clark Hunt. In Kansas City, Hunt also helped establish the Worlds of Fun and Oceans of Fun theme parks. In the early 1960s, then Norma Lynn Knobel was making her living as a history teacher at her alum Richardson High School and a hostess at Texans' promotional office. However, when Lamar accidentally used Super Bowl during a interview, it soon became popular in the media. He attended Culver Military Academy and graduated from The Hill School in Pennsylvania in 1951 and Southern Methodist University in Dallas in 1956, with a B.S. Sharron is the only daughter of the sports magnate Lamar Hunt and his first wife, Rose Mary Hunt. In 1966 the Chiefs won their first AFL Championship (after having previously won it as the Dallas Texans) and reached the first-ever Super Bowl, which the Chiefs lost to the Green Bay Packers. Norma Hunt and her spouse Lamar Hunt with their first child. While attending SMU in 1952, Hunt joined the Kappa Sigma fraternity. The NFL owners were not happy with Hunt's ownership in and promotion of pro soccer. Edited by System almost 7 years ago History. It is reported she owns 2 percent of the Chiefs, whereas the four children of Lamar Hunt each own about 24.5 percent. Sharron Munson is famous among people as the daughter of Kansas City Chief Owner Late Lamar Hunt. The oldest ongoing national soccer tournament in the United States, the U.S. Open Cup (founded 1914), now bears his name in honor of his pioneering role in that sport stateside. Norma, though, is selling the vineyard; however, she has no intention to stop making wine. Data inaccuracies may exist. Dallas, See McConnell v. Hunt Sports Enterprises, 132 Ohio App.3d 657, 725 N.E.2d 1193 (1999), a lawsuit that Lamar Hunt lost and granted McConnell sole ownership of the Columbus Blue Jackets. He remained a minority owner until his death. Please verify address for mailing or other purposes. Sharron managed the art program at the Chiefs' Arrowhead Stadium. Trending :Joanna Gaines || Kamala Harris || Pat Sajak || Elizabeth Warren || Nicole Curtis ||. The companies and people profiled on Corporation Wiki are displayed for research purposes only and do not imply an endorsement from or for the profiled companies and people. Well, it is all thanks to his wife, Norma Hunt. Sharron Munson is involved in Children Theatre. [4] The group of the eight founders of the AFL teams was referred to as the "Foolish Club". The couple's second child is Boone Munson, who was born in 1998. Norma Hunt and her children are shareholders in Lamar Hunt's billion-dollar fortunes. In 1967, Hunt founded the Dallas Tornado as members of the United Soccer Association. Known Locations: Dallas TX, 75229, Dallas TX 75201, Dallas TX 75229 Possible Relatives: Jocelyn L Anderson, Clark Knobel Hunt, Daniel L Hunt Family. McConnell froze out CHL and Hunt and was awarded the NHL Columbus Blue Jackets franchise. Lamar Hunt, son of oil tycoon H.L. Its value is reported to be nearly $200 million. A primary benefactor of this outcome was Lamar Hunt. It seems like he is interested in fashion as his Facebook profile states that he worked at the Fashion Industry Gallery in Dallas, Texas. As it gained popularity in pop culture, then slowly, it became the official name for the tournament. He was also the founder and owner of the Kansas City Chiefs of the National Football League (NFL), the Kansas City Wizards of MLS, and at the time of his death owned two other MLS teams, Columbus Crew and FC Dallas. Hunt's extensive business dealings in Clay County contributed to the Chiefs having their NFL Training Camp at William Jewell College in Liberty, Missouri until 1991. In the last nine months of 1979, the brothers profited by an estimated $2 billion to $4 billion. But there is no doubt she is no longer with her husband. add relationship edit flag. Sharron Munson with her siblings after Kansas City Chiefs win in Super Bowl LIV. They tied the knot in January 1956 and became a parent to two kids. In 1959, professional American football was a distant second to Major League Baseball in popularity, and the thinking among NFL executives was that the league must be careful not to "oversaturate" the market by expanding too quickly. In 2007, the Chiefs wore a patch featuring the American Football League logo that also had Hunt's initials on it. They began buying silver in the early 1970s. In 1968, Hunt co-founded the World Championship Tennis circuit, which gave birth to the Open Era of tennis. Trending :Joanna Gaines || Kamala Harris || Pat Sajak || Elizabeth Warren || Nicole Curtis ||. Clark Hunt sits atop a family sports empire worth at least $1.3 billion, as if you could really value such things. Sharron Munson, though, is a member of one of the wealthiest families in the USA; however, she is not always in the news. Create a free account to access additional details for Sharron Hunt and other profiles that you visit. TX. Boone Munson is the middle child of Sharron Munson. [citation needed] Hunt finally agreed to move the team to Kansas City, and in 1963 the Dallas Texans became the Kansas City Chiefs. [10], In 1981, after 15 seasons and losses in the millions, Hunt and his Dallas Tornado partner Bill McNutt decided to merge their team with the Tampa Bay Rowdies franchise, while retaining a minority stake in the Florida club. Sharron is now married. In 1972, he was selected as Kappa Sigma's Man of the Year. Norma Hunt has attended every Super Bowl.[18][19]. Though Hunt's wife and children share legal ownership of the Chiefs, Clark represents the team at all league owner meetings and handles the day-to-day responsibilities of the team. Sharron Hunt Munson, age 57, Dallas, TX 75229 View Full Report. The National Soccer Hall of Fame bestowed upon Hunt their Medal of Honor in 1999, an award given to only three recipients in history thus far. However, her favorite performance was that of Diana Ross in Super Bowl XXX. This page was last edited on 29 October 2020, at 02:29. Hunt and John H. McConnell formed Columbus Hockey Limited, L.L.C. In 2003, Hunt purchased a third team, the Dallas Burn (now FC Dallas), after announcing that he would partially finance the construction of their own soccer-specific stadium. Sharron Munson played a significant role in naming the Super Bowl. Kansas City became one of the contenders, as Hunt wanted a city to which he could easily commute from Dallas. After the couple divorced in 1962, the kids remained with the mother. In 1968 the league merged with the National Professional Soccer League to form the North American Soccer League. Sadly, The Chief's matriarch could not find any buyer at that time, so they removed the property from listing. The Marriage of David Munson and Sharron Hunt David M Munson Jr and Sharron L Hunt were married on January 6, 1994 in Dallas County, Texas. Thus she and her late husband bought a vineyard in Napa Valley, California, in 2000. [2] Hunt also attempted to purchase the NFL's Chicago Cardinals franchise in 1959 with the intention to move them to Dallas, but was again turned down.[3]. [7], In 1966, the NFL and AFL agreed to merge, with a championship game between the two leagues to be played after that season. He was married for 42 years to his second wife Norma, and had four children, Sharron, Lamar Jr., Daniel, and Clark Hunt. In her Facebook profile, she has clearly stated that she is divorced. She is a DJ and goes by the name of Isa Bell. This means she has been witness to many great games and the most significant pop-culture moment. Their first daughter Isabel Munson was born in 1995. The Hunt family is the owner of football team Kansas City Chiefs, which is valued at $2.3 billion by Forbes in September 2019. Sharon Hunt Munson. At the time, Douglas was years old and Earlene was .If they're both still alive, Douglas is now and Earlene is .And if they're still together, they will have been happily married for years. Together they went to every Super Bowl. Also, they all are equal heir to their late father's fortunes. Norma developed a passion for viniculture after visiting Tuscany, Italy. Hunt returned to soccer as one of the original founding investors of Major League Soccer, which debuted in 1996. In the Chiefs' first two seasons attendance did not match the levels Mayor Bartle had promised, but in 1966 average home attendance at Chiefs games increased and reached 37,000. Norma Hunt's late husband, Lamar Hunt, created a business empire that, as of September 2019, is valued for more than $3 billion. She has a Masters in Art History and currently works as the president for Dallas Children's Theatre. Furthermore, it also has a chunk of shares in the Chicago Bulls, which is the NBA's fourth most valuable franchise. Sharron Munson is a mother of four children. All Trademarks and Copyrights are owned by their respective companies and/or entities. As a response to the newly formed league and the presence of an AFL franchise in Dallas, the NFL quickly placed a new franchise of their own in Dallas, the Dallas Cowboys. Their streak of attending games only stopped on December 13, 2006, when Lamar Hunt died because of complications related to prostate cancer. Lamar Hunt, who was one of the founders of the championship, hated the name; thus, he came with the name Super-Bowl. If they're both still alive, Douglas is now sixty and Earlene is sixty-one. Hunt insisted that he be listed in the team media guide as the founder of the Chiefs rather than the owner. He originally owned two teams: the Columbus Crew and the Kansas City Wizards (now Sporting Kansas City). They both were sports fanatics, and a opportunity to attend a nice game was always joyful. As mentioned above, Norma Hunt and her husband loved attending games. Upon Hunt's death, his son Clark was named the chairman of the Kansas City Chiefs and FC Dallas, having been elected by Hunt's other children, Lamar Hunt Jr., Sharron Munson, and Daniel Hunt. A connection is made when two people are officers, directors, or otherwise associated with the same company. They were born in 2003. He publicly listed his telephone number in the phone book until his death. The Mayor of Kansas City, Missouri, Kay Waldo Barnes, requested that all city flags fly at half-staff the following Thursday and Friday after Hunt's death. It may sound weird to have a honeymoon during the Olympics, but for Norma and her husband, nothing could top that. Hunt was one of the founding investors of the Chicago Bulls of the National Basketball Association. Miles Munson have a twin brother named Lance Munson. He died on December 13, 2006. Details; Wife: Sharon Hunt Munson: Husband: David Munson Jr: Source Links. Norma owns some shares in each of these business ventures. David Munson Jr David Munson Inc. • husband. Hunt's interest in soccer began in 1962 when he accompanied his future wife, Norma, to a Shamrock Rovers game in Dublin, Ireland. Norma Hunt celebrating the Super Bowl win with her team. Visit Marriedwiki for more Biographies and Articles!!! Thus, many people might not be familiar that she is divorced from her longtime husband, David Munson Jr.

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