Score: 0-10 would be considered low, while 15-30 indicates a moderately strong influence. On the bright side, you’re probably pretty easy going and not likely to carry grudges or harbor plans for revenge. It's more natural for them. It makes a lot of sense because the sign of scorpio is the energy of Pluto focused on whatever outlet it is being funnel through, the planet and house shows it's focus. It's happened before. Ultimate Bulletin Board 5.46a, Powered by Infopop © 2000 While there aren’t any scientific measurements of a planet’s strength, I’ve assigned number scores to certain chart factors, based on 40 years of doing charts professionally. To me that is Pluto energy that behaves like that but it's not scorpio energy. No brief interpretation can fully explore Pluto’s status in an individual chart, but below are some qualities you might find in someone who has a strong Pluto vs. one with few supporting chart features. In addition even after repeated rejections or the revelation the relationship can't continue for whatever reasons, Scorpionic and Plutonian types stubbornly chase their lovers often at the detriment of their own physical health just to finally win the heart of their object of love. (If you were born with the Pluto-Uranus conjunction of the 1960s, do both tests to find out which of the pair influences you most.). Another reason could be Neptune transiting the 5th house of Scorpio that could cause a person to sacrifice their own life for another in matters of love. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. Two thirds of the men I attracted have Mars in Scorpio, starting from my first boyfriend. Also William Wallace as portrayed in Bravehart and Max Rockatansky from Mad Max both portray restrained versions of several of the above tendencies. At its most benign, people take comfort in thinking most others are like them, and so they shun (even try to shame) those who are different (and don't recognize that others are doing the same to them) so that they come to believe that they're the majority. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. if all of this is coming from a Scorpio you know that is in a bad relationship, you need to find a way to knock them out of their denial, and then get the fuck out of the way. The sign and planet are infamous for outright not believing in many social norms and established institutions in particular religion, government, and country. She is physically in this world but her mind is somewhere else stuck somewhere in a loop. You have the same sun moon and rising as my step-mom! Space is thus considered an entity, and it is with the life of this entity and with the forces and energies, the impulses and the rhythms, the cycles and the times and seasons that esoteric astrology deals. Thus, constellations, solar systems, planets, kingdoms in nature and microscopic man are all of them the result of the activity and the manifestation of energy of certain Lives Which play through the ether of space. But Pluto the planet is generational so it's not focused on the specific life event of the persons natal chart, it's about the generation of ppl born under this particular Pluto energy, mine being generation of Pluto is seeking to find balance for our world. As long as they don't hurt me to much I'll play along, but I see both sides. That's not saying a relationship can't get caught in the crossfires of Pluto but typically as long as the relationship isn't doing harm Pluto doesn't destroy or go after the relationship. I don't like lying of any kind. and in that Chiron conjuncts her moon and in that the opposition forms SOFT aspects to her NEPTUNE. She also has these Plutonic issues with guys, though…But I don't have that energy on me, at least not that I know. Examples of Plutonian occupations: psychotherapist, healer, medium, past life therapist, researcher, grief counselor, OB/GYN staff, cancer treatment, sex therapist, insurance agent, financial planner, stock broker. Her eyes are dark and intense, her body moves in da very decisive way, her curly hair falls wildly. The stronger or more dominant Pluto is — whether by aspect, sign or other elevated status– the more Scorpio-like their behavior and physicality. Now bring Pluto and Neptune together...So often Pluto and Neptune are sextile each other(in my chart they are exact by minutes sextile) when these 2 planets work together in harmony Pluto destroys and forces reality while Neptune keeps up hope and sees the higher purpose for the destruction.What comes from this is beautiful, spiritual growth! ), though I came to realize my mind was more clouded than I originally thought and I'm still sorting through it. It feels like I have two personalities, like a real split. I don't have time to share all my thoughts that this bring up in me right now, but I wanted to say I also have Pluto sextile Neptune (both in conjunctions, both those conjunctions having planets and sun on the Scorpio cusp, btw) and can relate to this. Someone has linked to this thread from another place on reddit: [r/scorpio] ...Just in case you all missed this great question/convo in r/Astrology and want to give your input (Xpost r/Astrology), If you follow any of the above links, please respect the rules of reddit and don't vote in the other threads. Esoteric astrology works from the universal to the particular and from the general to the specific as opposed to modern astrology which has reversed the true and right procedure and has laid the emphasis upon the specific and particular, upon the personal horoscope and the individual destiny, and has not laid the emphasis upon the great energies and their Sources. He's a lot like you described here, though. Well I want to look around a little more before I log off so I must stop now...I was going to share an amusing story to me but decided it was too OT. Zagato himself is even far worse, willing to sacrifice his home planet Cephiro (though to be far, his case was far more selfless than Alcyione as his lover Emerald was targeted for assassination and had already sacrificed so much for Cephiro that it was unfair that she had to die as her duty as ruler of the planet). I have the information for my reference, not for gossiping. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your account. I want to shock humanity out of it's mind control and force them to open up. You get past our hard exterior, and the rules don't apply to you anymore. If you had a high score, you’re an over-achiever in the matters of Pluto: You’re probably a Plutonian and therefore extremely strong in some the qualities listed above—the positive ones, the negative ones, or more likely both ends of the spectrum at once. Below is a test to give these chart features a score and then a description of what that score says about you.
I also have Neptune (12th) conjunct my Mars (11th) both in Sag. We'll just be reborn into a stronger manifestation of ourselves. It's like scorpio focus it's ability to break things down and break things apart on specific relationships and circumstances, Plutonians focus this energy on a much larger scale. NO. Because as a Scorpio I want to be in control of myself, and when I'm in love I'm at the mercy of the person I gave my heart to. I know how to behave and I agree with the way they want me to behave. To say that it's ridiculous I feel is a bit dualistic. Like I had a client with sun-pluto-mercury opposing chiron-moon in pisces with opposition trining and sextiling her NEPTUNE and she is completely GONE. More than 30? Everyone, at least once, experiences a loss so keen it feels like death because the Scorpio sign does rule one house in every natal chart and Pluto resides somewhere in the natal chart of everyone and will strike some house by transit. You would if Pluto, the sign Scorpio, and the 8th house are strong in your birth chart. And just a few minutes ago I came across this quote on a comic:

Just take a read at it and not only will you see her as truly Scorpio at the core but she pretty much fit everything I described. It's plutos way of saving anything, shaking it at it's core and then helping rebuild the foundation that's been left in pieces. They never see sexuality as something to be shunned or kept hidden under lock and key, but something that should be celebrated, perceived as the pleasing act that it is. But I definitely agree with what you're saying, from what I've observed about my partner. Plutonians can have a natural gift for psychology, the healing arts, and understanding what makes people tick. Scorpio and Pluto are so skeptical that not only do they tend to be paranoid about even friendly people at work and school, they are even … Why is Scorpio and Pluto like this? I've been actively trying to shake up systems that affect myself that I feel are broken, ineffective, and most of all, unfair. On the other hand we have a women who hallucinates all day long, receives injections monthly to treat her delusions and it only helps a little bit and who believes she is pregnant with monsters. So taking this concept....Neptune wants to give the world a higher belief or it wants to create illusions but typically focused on a larger scale, you might get caught up in the persons illusion but they will not have meant that illusion for you, it would already be part of their ongoing life concept meant for everyone, not just you. We both work the same way but it's focus is different. If I act on my life paths potential, which I can ignore if I want. I get so angry there ARE. She contested that until I showed her the marriage amendment to make marriage between a man and a woman--and even deny civil unions (which made it more extreme than most other states)--that got nearly a 90% approval from the voters, which is the highest in the nation. ( Log Out /  And while extreme, that's also pretty typical (the difference of the South Carolinian simply being one of degree rather than kind) of how a great many people are without realizing it, which gives them the illusion of being easygoing and open minded "like most other people I know." It wasn't by Chance that nature was configured as it was when we were born. Often they even may (against the common sense and realistic worldview the sign is often praised for) often "make a pretty suit of clothes on their partner and love that suit" instead of loving who the person actually is (to paraphrase Scarlett O'Hara from Gone With the Wind). I'm a bot, bleep, bloop. If you had a low score, you may be an under-achiever in the matters of Pluto:If your score is down in the single digits, you may be lacking in some of the qualities listed above.

Now I have sun at late degrees opposite moon squaring both my neptune with neptune on the AC at the apex of tsquare and vesta being the release point and I am not crazy. Interpreting your Scores—ARE you a Plutonian? Very strong indeed—you’re definitely a Plutonian! Pisces and scorpio together....hmmm, my son has a pisces Sun exact trine his scorp Mars...he is a deep thinker and cares so much, maybe these energies balance each other out when not afflicted? I hypothesize that her neptune must fall in the 12th too, she is full blown schizophrenic. And you are destined to be alone. We don't break specific ppl or relationships down as much as we focus on the bigger picture, life, the world we take on the universe while scorpios are much more focused on what's exactly in front of them.It's like scorpios make sure their house is in perfect order while Pluto wants to make sure the whole neighborhood is in order.
These Sources are ultimately responsible for the manifestation of the specific. In fact once they "gain the heart of their lovers" or at least get close enough, I noted Scorpios/Plutonians will believe whatever their supposed target of love says and are even willing to commit acts of crime and even violence because their lover says "a neighbor next door is stalking her" or "his ex stole his bank account".

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