The stick up cam generation 3 requires you physically be there to push the reset button if there is a major problem. Based off of your description of the setup, I had a hunch that the Doorbell is too high up off the ground, not due to a fault on your own, since you have installed it 4 feet about the ground below it, but there are lots of steps and elevation higher from 4 feet off the ground due to the location.

I can do live view and that works just fine too. Make sure your device is connected to wifi in the Device Health section of the Ring app. Installation- The doorbell is mounted on a flat surface, not the siding of the home, and works off of the battery only which is currently at 89%. Where can I get additional wedges ? Does that affect the motion detection?

I'm just mad that I've spent so much money on products that don't work right. In addition, you should definitely change your Motion Frequency to Frequent, as this will ensure no motion events are missed.

Re: New Ring Doorbell 3 Not Detecting Motion.

I discovered a week later that if I was working in my yard (grass) on either side of the sidewalk Ring did not detect my presence.
There are many motion settings and solutions available to fine tune your motion detection. The house sits on a slight hill facing the street & sidewalk, with an elevation rise of approximately 6 feet. Does motion detection at night work the same as during the day? You won’t have to set up your devices again, simply log back in and all of your devices will still be installed. I have changing the setting a number of time and still doesn't catch the person approching the door. We found this problem with Virgin Media and Super Hub 3, and of course in the UK, however it can apply to … Different from the alert toggles for Alarm Contact Sensors and Motion Detectors, the locks alerts toggle controls alerts for a variety of lock activity. Tony Argote Sr. - What can I do? The camera needs to be able to connect up to the network when it becomes available.

Thanks for the advice! !. If you still have issues, you may need to reset your Ring … This is quite common especially if the approch is straight on, for example down an in line path to the front door, or is the caller comes around a corner that is close to the door. It is just not showing any motion events. If you have your Ring Doorbell all set up, and were looking forward to a live view of the Ring’s camera, you might be disappointed to find that it’s missing from the Ring app.
I recommend also adjusting your "motion frequency" setting to frequent. really close to returning it to get my money back as its not what I expect for the system to be doing. Why won’t my Ring Doorbell capture deliveries at my front door?

I have even had Fedex run up drop off packages and not even be caught on camera, coming or going. I put a fully charge battery in yesterday morning and this morning 0%. Try adjusting your Motion Zones or setting your Motion Sensitivity slider to People Only. Signal strength is listed as good. Email notifications will be off by default. For example, if the Advanced Motion Detection sees a lighting change (or something that may not be motion), the PIR detector checks to see if it was something with a heat signature moving around, as opposed to a mere change in lighting. This just started today. You can follow the instruction on A poor connection between your Ring device … So to be clear.... it picked me up, picked up the garbage truck in the street, picked up the cat crossing but some how failed to see at least 2 guys for what must have been at least 5 minutes cutting cable and horsing the 400lb generator off the trailer.

For updated information, see our response to COVID-19. Whether you’re mounting the device outdoors and indoors, your camera will only pick up audio in the general direction it is oriented. Instead, you have to manually designate your notification settings for each device connected to Ring. If there is no record, this means your Ring device didn’t capture an event during that time. On this last try, during the setup Ring pushed a software update to my Ring. Tap All Devices.

Use the Ring App to check and update the cameras settings. After buying a Ring Video Doorbell we were very frustrated that it would not connect or even see the Wi-Fi connection in our house.

My Ring has been driving me insane today.

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