Vanscape are authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. It is fully ccertified and provides 2 to 3 seating positions with integral 3 point seat belts to each position. Please see our RIB seat gallery for more pictures and our Upholstery page for some of the work we have done with costs. Always seeking to increase the quality of it's services, SCOPEMA changes it's address and moves to a new production site of 1910 sqm in Oradour sur Vayres. 1992 : Seats 2 people. If you are likely to use more power, please see our ‘Wild 365’ package. Rob und Mike träumten schon lange davon, ihre IT- und Ingenieur Jobs hinter sich zu lassen und stattdessen eine Camper Vermietung zur Besichtigung des Schottischen Hochlands zu betreiben. Other fabrics are available upon request.

Hier einloggen. 2001-2013), Vivaro/Trafic X82 NV300 (2014+) & Scudo (2016+) RIB Drehkonsole – Offset Beifahrer (Linkslenker), Vivaro/Trafic (2001-2014) RIB Drehkonsole – Beifahrer (Linkslenker), Vivaro/Trafic X82 NV300 (2014+) & Scudo (2016+) RIB Drehkonsole – Offset Fahrerseite (Linkslenker), Bodenplatte für die Innenseite der Doppelsitzbox des VW T5/T6 (Nur das Metallstück). Th RIB is available in 112cm, 129cm, 130cm, 150cm(full width) in its static fixed form. The front and rear sections of this bed can lock in a number of angled positions increasing its flexibility. European Homologation of the whole of the range of metal seat armatures and swivel bases, including installation on the vehicle, by the TUV Rheinland (Germany), following the evolution of standards of installation of this type of product.

Drop us a line, or give us a call, we can advise you on the best option for your VW campervan seats and your budget, RIB SEAT with custom Revampavan upholstery, Copyright 2018 © All Rights Reserved - Revampavan Ltd.

Through the stock we hold we also supply to the trade. This Deluxe package is designed for more prolonged off grid use with the addition a larger battery and solar panel.

At the same time SCOPEMA pursued the manufacture of leather goods for motorcyclists (jackets, boots, overalls, gloves...) which made the brand RIB famous in the 1970's, and the manufacture of automobile accessories such as steering wheel covers, gear lever ball covers, gear lever boots, dust covers... 1986 :

It is fully ccertified and provides 2 to 3 seating positions with integral 3 point seat belts to each position. Optional integrated adjustable head rests. An ‘L’ shape unit configuration will accommodate the hob/sink. Seats 3 people. Auch Offset Versionen sind erhältlich. Durch diese einfache und effektive Lösung wird es Ihnen gelingen, Ihren Wohnraum gemütlich und praktisch einzurichten. ).

The diversification of activities towards the manufacture of seats for unlicensed single cylinder cars and Camping cars permitted the progressive evolution of manufacturing methods for SCOPEMA seats,namely a framework in polyester and one in metal. The seat we supply has been developed so if fitted by us the mount points marry up to our galvanised under body chassis plates which not only bolt to the vehicle but also wrap around the chassis, ultimately meaning the seat is secured to the chassis of the vehicle. SCOPEMA since it's creation has become the leading French manufacturer of ergonomic seats, it manufactures bucket seats for the smaller series of cars both sporting and leisure (Visa chrono, JP4, Renault 5 Belle Ile...) as well as competition seats for the track and off-road vehicles.

This versatile product is rapidly becoming the most popular and one of the best seating systems for campervans on the market. 150 cm – This is the full width seat and is used in the Switch conversion. e are approved suppliers and installers of RIB products. Wir führen auch Doppelsitz-Drehkonsolen für den VW TG4, Trafic/Vivaro/Primastar und den Ford Transit (2006-2013). This cost can be reduced if a lower specification seat is required.

Buying of the old CARCOSERCO-owned anchor Approvals for RIB seats : SCOPEMA now becomes the sole owner of the approvals for all of its products. 2018 :

At Bodans our preferred choice of seat bed would be the RIB Altair. RIB as a company will not supply generic seats for vehicles, so all seats are made to companies own specification. We are happy to just fit a seat for customers as well as supply seats for self-fitting. They are fully manufactured in the UK with a proper warranty as they are almost indestructible in their design.

Applicants must be 18 years or over, terms and conditions apply, guarantees and indemnities may be required. on the market today. The RIB bed is one the most popular camper conversion seat/bed systems in Europe and it’s easy to see why. RIB Altair 3P Seat / Bed. Robust, geräuschfrei, mit ausgeklügeltem Design und exzellent verarbeitet, sind die Drehkonsolen mit Sitzen kompatibel, die über eine eingebaute Höhenjustierung verfügen. The Rib Altair was the first bed to introduce a contoured seat and backrest (with the aesthetic of a conventional car seat) which flips over to reveal a completely flat sleeping surface. Wir führen eine umfassende Auswahl an Einzel- und Doppelsitz-Drehkonsolen für die Modelle Vito, Viano, Trafic, Vivaro, Primastar, Master, Movano, Interstar, Scudo, Expert, Dispatch, Ducato, Jumper, Boxer, Ford Transit sowie die allseits beliebten VW Modelle. Mehr zur Geschichte erfahren, Kiravans Drehkonsole für Einen Beifahrer-Doppelsitz des VW T5 & T6 (Europäische Ausführung, Linkslenker), VW T5 / T6 Fahrersitz-Drehkonsole (RIB) - Linkslenker, VW T5 / T6 Fahrersitz-Drehkonsole (RIB) - Linkslenker- Offset, VW T5 / T6 Drehkonsole für Beifahrersitz (RIB) - Linkslenker, VW T5 / T6 Drehkonsole für Beifahrersitz (RIB) - Linkslenker- Offset, Drehkonsole für Einen Beifahrer-Doppelsitz des VW T4 (Europäische Ausführung, Linkslenker), Drehkonsole für Einen Doppelsitz des Vivaro | Trafic | Primastar (Linkslenker, Europäische Ausführung), Renault Vivaro / Trafic Fahrersitz-Drehkonsole (RIB) – für Linksgesteuerte Fahrzeuge (Bj. The range of reversible bench seats are progressively enriched and constantly improved (the principal of the function of these bench seats became the subject of registered copyright) this offered a solution for each type of sleeping arrangement as required.

Like so many things related to campers, our friends in Europe have some more options available, like the RIB campervan seats I came across in my search for a better seat/bed combo. Passwort vergessen? Die Bodenplatte der Drehkonsole wird mit zugelassenen Montagebeschlägen und Ausgleichsscheiben geliefert, sodass keine Modifikationen der Handbremse benötigt werden. Wir sind extrem stolz auf unsere exklusive Kiravans VW T5 Beifahrer-Doppelsitz-Drehkonsole, die wir sorgfältig konstruiert und mit höchsten Qualitätsanforderungen angefertigt haben.

from single to 3 seater benches and swivel turn tables to convert and improve your vehicle.

The monthly payment would be £241.22, with a total amount payable of £14,273.21 and a cost of credit being £4,273.21.

It has many outstanding features including: The RIB is available as standard in OEM VW fabrics or can be trimmed by our specialist trimmer. Seats 3 people. AND SEATS ASSEMBLY PLANS 1981 : After the buying back of the company RIB AUTO SA: Creation of SCOPEMA Eclipse Custom Campers, Unsere Drehkonsolen sind sowohl für Links- als auch Rechtslenker konzipiert und somit ideal für den europäischen Markt sowie Camper in den Vereinigten Königreichen. The RIB seat has taken over as one of the best (if not the best?)

They can come in a variety of upholstery to match your van or custom upholstered to give you a more unique style.

RnR, Pro Floor, ISO-FIX Latch, FASP, Scopema RIB

Auch Offset Versionen sind erhältlich. High strength quality steel frame for peace of mind. £102.00. 150 RIB Slider Seats Due In November.

Rob erklärt Ihnen hier eindrucksvoll, wie die Doppelsitz-Drehkonsole erfolgreich in Ihren Camper eingebaut wird. The Wild 365 package is designed for more off grid camping. The front and rear sections of this bed can lock in a number of angled positions increasing its flexibility. 1993 : Expansion of the production site, bringing the total area of the premises to 2540 sqm. Es lohnt sich wirklich, dieses Video anzuschauen, da Sie Schritt für Schritt mit Tips und Tricks beraten und durch den Einbau geführt werden.

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