Most well-reasoned theories never see the light of day this way, not because they’re of inherently less worth as the elite would want you to believe, but rather because it was never given a fair chance to prove its mark. I’ve always been of the opinion that platforms like Quora and TED cater to a marginally above-average population in intellect confirm their prejudices. I find that counterproductive. Answers to certain questions are so laced with irrelevant personal opinion it makes finding an answer to a five word question almost suicide inducing. Such as when a guy asks about how long it takes to get 100k sub on Youtube, the top answer is from a wannabe guru lecturing about what he can do to change his life, assuming this guy is being depressed. Basically it shouldn’t exist- it is an anomaly in space and time and we should all group together to take it out of our beautiful world. Please note that we are currently removing all political opinions as part of a trial period. Any uncomfortable or culturally-inappropriate opinions, that are inconvenient to the interests of the ruling class are shunned, the person behind the argument attacked. A few of the questions is technical and most of the rest are ignorant and seem to spark debates. But it’s still got its place and purpose, being significantly more open to new perspectives and ideas than the more dogmatic elitists over at Quora. And I’m guilty of giving some firebrand replies too…for which I got told off by the moderation team many a time. I’ve learned the hard way that you cannot use reason to justify their transgressions, because theirs doesn’t come from a place of reason or let alone higher principles. The very thing you speak of has happened to me on twitter and on Quora and even in real life. If that happened, I would spend my day confused and angry, unable to apply reason to their responses and empathize with their lack of humanity. We are living in dark times indeed. Why Quora Sucks Since Quora demands registration in order to even read the content, it really screws up your internet searches pushing actually good information off the first page of your web search. This is not the only reason this cesspool of a website is terrible- you also have to sign up to even be able to view more than one post: if you click on a suggested question you are immediately fucked up the ass with an obnoxious pop up covering half your screen reading “SIGN UP TO QUORA”. Answers do not always correspond with questions. Curiosity killed the cat? This is expected with pseudo-intellectualism, where your entire sense of intellectual superiority rides on your fragile ego that’s convinced itself that’s its better for doing some things better than others, by earning those titles. ( Log Out /  Quora is just this – insecure egos hiding behind everything from their stupid test scores, college degrees and even Myers-Briggs type. They cleverly set up incentives so good men leave out of frustration when their honest work doesn’t translate to tangible returns, in the form of institutional appraisal or better funding. An echo chamber for the (pseudo-)intellectual elite who have managed to convince the community of their alleged superiority over others. It’s like how the medical community outlawed research on psychedelics in the 60s, using the lack of evidence, to paint their opponents unfairly. Like you say, my inability to understand my transgressors would only make me feel more isolated and outnumbered, feeling as if I were to be the sole bearer of truth. We should all band together to destroy it, like they did with the death star. Quora is a hot spot for pseudo intellectuals, and is just generally a bad website. I hate Quora. I am living proof it didn't. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your account. Press J to jump to the feed.

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