Madagascar Liechtenstein Here’s what you need to know about this fitness metric.

While a big sprint at the end certainly adds to your average, it doesn’t add as much as you’d think, because the duration is short. Kiribati Kansas Here now, as the name suggests, shows riders that are doing the on-demand ride the same time you are. I’m usually the only “here now” (is this due to the filtering?) FTP TEST: Lessons learned so far. It doesn’t matter if you test inside or outdoors. so revert to “all”. Some links on the site are affiliate links. What does”#GetSitDone” represent, and how do I add it if desired? also has 310 kj and looks to be just about finished with his (her?) Saudi Arabia French Polynesia United Kingdom That happens to me too. So in the picture, you see “#GetSithDone”, that’s literally what I’d typed in the location field (it was my Power Zone team name at the time). Netherlands
You can see that there is a checkmark superimposed on her avatar. If you see your FTP decline or stay stagnant for more than two tests in a row, it’s time to consult with your coach or adjust your training. Idaho

If it’s an on-demand ride, you’ll also see where they are (time-wise) in their own ride (for example, you may be on a hill, but they may already be over it). My passing SassfroMass, GBPackerGirl and even harrydorn seems pretty much guaranteed, but I’m neck and neck with jholloway7 and if I’m watching the leaderboard he’s the one I need to keep my eye on. [Want to fly up hills? The very top line (that begins with a star) shows me my best effort for the length of class I’m taking. Note how I got out of the starting gate on the 3rd test by getting up to speed just before the countdown timer progresses to the test start. I see two position numbers: is one for “all” that have activated the same filter as me ( two smaller numbers one of which represents my position on the leader board) ; then two much larger numbers which suggest they represent my results versus everyone that has done this on demand ride. Note that you have to have taken at least one class of the same length before you will see the PR bar. Iowa The Peloton leaderboard contains a great deal of information on how you’re performing, both against others who are taking / have taken your class as well as how you’ve performed in the past. (A 150-pound rider with a threshold of 200 would have a power-to-weight ratio of 2.9.) If I tap the avatar, I will high-five her back, and the hand icon will disappear. Russia

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