Ability to carry passengers on one leg then in 30 minutes have the seats removed and stored in the rear compartment making the full cabin and cargo pod available for carrying freight on the return leg. A 12-year old boy was injured while eight other occupants were killed. The Cresco was superseded by the P-750XSTOL in the early 21st century but in 2019 it was announced a modified version was to return to production. Option of robust metal compartment lining with wall-mounted track for use with cargo nets and a partition located behind the pilot. It provides code tables for aerodromes, air operators including the world's major airlines and for ICAO and IATA codes for aircraft. Rescuers arrived on scene two days later and found only two dead bodies. On arrival at Gulgubip, the pilot orbited and positioned the aircraft for landing. The aircraft was a PAC750XL model built in 2004, modified in 2011 and renamed Pacific Aerospace Falcon 3000XL. Both occupants were killed. The terrain to the north north east of Gulgubip rises gradually behind the airstrip. The result of more than fifty years of evolution, the P-750 XSTOL is the world's first XSTOL aircraft unmatched by any other production aircraft and sets the benchmark for ten seater utility aircraft. The PAC Cresco is a turboprop -powered derivative of the FU-24 PAC Fletcher aerial topdressing aircraft, manufactured by the Pacific Aerospace Corporation in Hamilton, New Zealand. This aircraft has such unique Extremely Short Take-Off and Landing (XSTOL) capabilities that it demanded a class of its own. Aircraft left Evora Airport in the afternoon for a training flight with two skydivers, one photographer and a pilot on board. It overran, hit a pile of wood and went down an embankment before coming to rest. Upon arrival, strong winds forced to crew to follow a holding pattern and some 40 minutes later, the pilot attempted to land. The single engine aircraft left Wamena at 0745LT for a 20 minutes flight to Ninia. Carry a load of more than 4,000 lb even in hot and high conditions. While flying at low height northwest of Tiniroto, the single engine airplane hit power cables and crashed in a wooded area. Note: Skydive Queenstown Pacific Aerospace Corporation P-750 XSTOL ZK-ROK landing at Glenorchy Aerodrome (NZGY) with a mountain backdrop. sea level to 12,000 ft in ten minutes) and then be back at the air strip ready for another load before the jumpers land, enabling the aircraft to average four loads per hour. Five occupants were injured while the flight engineer (copilot) was killed. The aircraft was a PAC750XL model built in 2004, modified in 2011 and renamed Pacific Aerospace Falcon 3000XL. The result of more than fifty years of evolution, the  P-750 XSTOL is the world's first XSTOL aircraft unmatched by any other production aircraft and sets the benchmark for ten seater utility aircraft. During the final approach he decided to discontinue the approach and go-around. The aircraft was written off. The 12 skydivers and the pilot abandoned the aircraft and bailed out. Ability to take a mixed load of passengers and freight on the same flight. According to the Kompass website, it appears the aircraft landed long (some half way down the runway) and was unable to stop within the remaining distance. All information is given in good faith and for information purposes only. Power between Wairoa and Gisborne was cut. Factory-approved modifications support easy installation of camera holes in the floor of the aircraft and side wall mounted track for the attachment of equipment. © 2001 - 2019, Karsten Palt, Leipzig / Germany - All rights reserved. Few minutes later, while descending through Ecuvillens, the single engine aircraft crashed in a wooded area of Gibloux, in the Pont-en-Ogoz county. Rugged construction with a low 150-hour airframe/engine inspection interval and 39,000 hours before any scheduled airframe maintenance requirement. Both occupants were killed. Both pilots were killed and nine passengers were injured. Visual illusions which may affect the pilot’s perception of height and distance can be associated with airstrips situated in terrain of this kind. After a flight from Beromünster, the aircraft arrived in Colombier airport, with a pilot and a passenger on board. The E-350 Expedition, due to roll out mid-2017, is a cross-country cruising aircraft, a rugged backcountry … Wide centre of gravity range making it a very stable jump platform. Take off and landing in less than 800 ft (244m), even when it is hot and high. While cruising at a height of some 5,000 feet, the pilot encountered problems with the engine. The pilot was able to escape while the photographer shot himself and was killed. Aircraft was damaged beyond repair, both wings being partially sheared off. Aircraft was on its way from Jayapura to Dekai with an intermediate stop at Korupun on behalf of a missionnary group. A 240 cu ft cabin complemented by an optional 70 cu ft cargo pod and 18 cu ft rear storage compartment. Thirty-five minutes later, it crashed in unknown circumstances in a field and eventually collided with an earth bank located near the village of Chilkhaya. Although Gulgubip is in mountainous terrain and the weather in the area is often poor, the pilot was tasked to fly there without ever having been to Gulgubip before. Operate off semi-prepared airstrips in all types of terrain. Climb and descent profile is about half the horizontal airspace of most other jump planes, assisting operation in noise-sensitive areas. One Plane, So Many Applications Dependability, along with the longest flight range and shortest takeoff length makes the PAC750 perfectly suited for a wide variety of flight applications. The website is currently in the process of optimizing and will have further functions added in order to improve the usability. N750UP (2007 PACIFIC AEROSPACE LTD 750XL owned by RANDIGO LLC) aircraft registration information with aircraft photos, flight tracking, and maps. It was supposed to land in the neighboring subdistrict of Dekai 15 minutes from departing Korupun, at 1115LT. Power between Wairoa and Gisborne was cut. Factory installed skydiving modification that can be operated by the pilot ensuring no open-door speed restrictions on descent. Aircraft can be converted to another factory-approved configuration maximising its useful life and resale value. While flying at low height northwest of Tiniroto, the single engine airplane hit power cables and crashed in a wooded area. An electrically quiet aircraft with minimal electro-magnetic interference (EMI) and all major control systems mechanical rather than electric. At 1411LT, the crew contacted Oksibil Airport, reported his altitude at 7,000 feet and received the last weather bulletin for Oksibil. Large single compartment cargo pod with 1,000 lb (454 kg) capacity which has no impact on aircraft cruise speed and loading access via three side doors and one large rear ramp. After landing on a wet runway at Abmisibil Airport, aircraft skidded, went out of control, veered off runway and came to rest in flames into a ravine. Few minutes after take off, photographer output a weapon and ordered both skydivers to jump. pacific aerospace to build the e-350 expedition Fast-growing New Zealand aircraft maker Pacific Aerospace will add another new aircraft to their product line up. The P-750 is Single Pilot IFR Certified (FAA) and in 2012 gained certification against ICAO Annex 6 for Single Engine IFR Passenger Transport Operations. Glenorchy Aerodrome, Glenorchy, Otago Region, New Zealand. Proven, globally supported components from leading aerospace companies, including Pratt & Whitney, Hartzell, Garmin and Honeywell. The six passengers were unhurt but the pilot sustained serious injuries. The aircraft structure serves as an effective faraday cage blocking out external static electric fields. The P-750 XSTOL delivers unsurpassed capability to provide: To get a better appreciation of this amazing aircraft you can either: Built for a One-Way Trip - USPA August 2007. Effectively operates off short, narrow farm air strips that are often situated on ridgelines. Contacts | Careers | Technical Publications. Aircraft and crew hijacked in flight by a "photographer". Hopper can be removed without affecting the airframe, allowing versatility in the roles of the aircraft. The website has also a photo gallery and gives you an overview of all aviation museums worldwide. While overflying the region of Gruyere, all 17 skydivers jumped. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); The web portal flugzeuginfo.net includes a comprehensive civil and military aircraft encyclopedia. This aircraft has such unique Extremely Short Take-Off and Landing (XSTOL) capabilities that it demanded a class of its own. The plane crashed shortly after it stopped over in Korupun, in the Papua district of Yahukimo. The pilot was killed and a passenger died few hours later. PACIFIC AEROSPACE PAC 750XL Aircraft For Sale 1 - 2 of 2 Listings. The aircraft impacted terrain approximately 3 km north west of the airstrip and was substantially damaged. The single aircraft left Nepalgunj at 1230LT bound for Jumla. After they left the cabin, the photographer then threatened the pilot and ordered him to divert to Cascais-Tires Airport. flugzeuginfo.net is a non-commercial webproject. Operators commonly complete up to 17 cycles (load, take-off, dispense, land) per hour. The pilot was treated in Gulgubip following the accident, and was airlifted the next day to Tabubil, where he was admitted to hospital. All 13 occupants were safe while the aircraft crashed into the Taupo Lake and was destroyed. All three other occupants were seriously injured and aircraft was destroyed by impact forces and post impact fire. Crash of a Pacific Aerospace PAC 750XL near Oksibil: 8 killed, Crash of a Pacific Aerospace Falcon 3000XL near Tiniroto: 2 killed, Crash of a Pacific Aerospace 750XL in Chilkhaya: 2 killed, Crash of a Pacific Aerospace PAC750XL in Ninia: 1 killed, Crash of a Pacific Aerospace PAC 750XL in Taupo Lake, Crash of a Pacific Aerospace PAC-750XTOL in Gulgubip, Crash of a PAC 750XL nearn Korupun: 2 killed, Crash of a PAC 750XL in Abmisibil: 2 killed, Crash of a PAC 750XL in Cascais: 1 killed, Crash of a PAC 750XL - Pacific Aerospace Corporation in Ecuvillens: 2 killed, PAC 750XL - Pacific Aerospace Corporation, Charter/Taxi (Non Scheduled Revenue Flight), Subscribe to PAC 750XL - Pacific Aerospace Corporation. Rear mounted hopper allowing for excellent forward visibility and tricycle landing gear for excellent ground manoeuvrability. In Colombier, 17 skydivers embarked the airplane bound to Ecuvillens. Can be readily customer-modified for geophysical survey work. Nine minutes later, the single engine aircraft struck trees and crashed in a dense wooded area located in the region of Oksibil. Able to carry seventeen skydivers or six tandem teams. Both occupants were killed. Ability to climb rapidly to jump height (e.g. After landing, aircraft veered off runway, lost its undercarriage and came to rest in the border of the tarmac. The Bureau of Aircraft Accidents Archives (B3A) was established in Geneva in 1990 for the purpose to deal with all information related to aviation accidentology. The Pacific Aerospace PAC 750XL / P-750 XSTOL is a single-engine ten-seat STOL passenger and utility aircraft produced by the New Zealand manufacturer Pacific Aerospace Corporation Ltd., today Pacific Aerospace Ltd.. PAC 750XL roles include passenger and cargo transportation, skydive, aerial survey, crop dusting and fire fighting. No requirement for control cable rerouting or other customisation of the aircraft systems. A Pacific Aerospace PAC P-750 XTOL single engine aircraft was chartered to transport store goods and five passengers from Kiunga to Gulgubip.

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