She takes Sein back to the Tree to restore Nibel's balance. Partez ensuite par la gauche afin d'atteindre la Vallée des vents et évitez les oiseaux qui vous fonceront dessus jusqu'à atteindre le point 02 comme le montre le plan ci-dessus. Kuro's real name is not stated until later. A large enough object such as a hail of rocks can stun her and force her attention elsewhere. After Nibel returns back to normal, Kuro's unborn chick is taken into Naru's care where it begins to hatch shortly afterwards. After restoring the Element of Winds, Ori and Sein discover Kuro's nest and the truth behind her actions. Kuro then arrives, grabbing Ori with her Talon and tossing it to the ground, knocking it unconscious.

In the video above I show you how to escape the Kuro bird after your daring escape from the Forlorn Ruins while collecting the Element of Winds. As Ori fled, and dove from the top of the forest, Kuro made an attempt to kill it. Guide War of the Visions : Final Fantasy Brave Exvius, Soluce Pokémon Donjon Mystère : Équipe de Secours DX, Astuces War of the Visions : Final Fantasy Brave Exvius.

Later, after restoring the Element of Wind to Nibel, Ori discovered Kuro's last remaining egg, still unhatched. Cette compétence vous permettra de planer et ainsi mieux vous orienter dans vos déplacements. Utilisez votre maîtrise Frapper sur les lianes afin de grimper le niveau petit à petit jusqu'à atteindre le point 05 (image4). Vous aurez la possibilité de continuer votre parcours sur la gauche ou la droite, prenez la gauche dans un premier temps (image5). Hi guys, welcome to part 20 of our Ori and The Blind Forest Walkthrough. However, thanks to Gumo, Ori was saved. Kuro is a large, black owl that snatched Sein from the Spirit Tree, thus removing the light from Nibel. At the climax of Ori's journey, Kuro arrives at Mount Horu to stop Ori from restoring the Element of Warmth. As the Spirit Tree's light fills the realm, Kuro perishes in its glow. Kuro's last surviving egg is found in Naru's cave, and is seen hatching in the end. Towards the beginning of the story when Sein first explains to Ori why Nibel has decayed, Kuro is mentioned indirectly by both Sein and the Spirit Tree before her physical appearance as "she" and "her". Une fois arrivé tout en haut, partez sur la gauche. N'hésitez pas à regarder notre vidéo du guide Ori and the Blind Forest afin de mieux comprendre le processus à effectuer. She is a gigantic owl drenched in darkness and despises the light. Sautez ensuite contre les murs comme le montre l'image ci-dessous (image8). Kuro pursues them out of her home and back to the frozen wastelands near the Forlorn Ruins where Ori is narrowly able to escape. Seyn vous informera qu'un énorme rocher se trouve au dessus de la tête du Hibou... Utilisez votre maîtrise Frapper sur les lianes (image12) puis sur les hiboux pour accéder à la zone 11 sur la carte (image13). Vous n'arrivez pas à continuer l'aventure d'Ori and the Blind Forest après avoir libéré l'eau pure dans le monde ? Her most effective weapon is her lightning-fast strikes, which are almost always unconditionally fatal except in instances where Ori can hide behind objects. Ori and the Blind Forest Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. Ici, vous verrez un mur bleu destructible en utilisant votre attaque renforcée (image2). Realizing the gr… To protect her remaining unborn child and in revenge for killing her other three, Kuro launched an attack on the Spirit Tree and the Spirit Guardians that were gathered there.

Vidéo du parcours "Récupérer la Plume de Kumo" : Retournez au niveau de l'arbre comme le montre l'image et partez sur votre gauche (image1).

Ori manages to escape Kuro once again, but just barely, and is knocked out from injury. Another example of trial and error mechanics is the last portion of the Kuro escape, where the background graphics indicate wind up the whole stage, yet the wind mechanic stops half way up the stage.

Three Unnamed Hatchlings (Deceased), Ku (Daughter) Despite having an im… Sein saw a loose rock above, which Ori released to hit Kuro on the head, making her fly away. They are both at peace after the events of Blind Forest.

As they are falling, Kuro attempts to kill them, but Gumo saves them from her talons of hate. Enemies: Let us not travel further, lest we unleash her wrath.". Despite having an immense amount of power and the advantage of size, Kuro is not invincible. Video Walkthrough: Part 21 Ori and The Blind Forest Walkthrough part 21, welcome. Seeing Naru's love for Ori reminds Kuro of her own love for her children, and she looks to her nest to see the fires of Mount Horu creeping toward her unhatched egg. Female She is the main antagonist of Ori and the Blind Forest. Upon entering the Valley of the Wind, Ori found Kuro guarding the passage to the Misty Woods. An explosion of light kills Kuro, and the forest of Nibel is restored to its original form. She has a fierce passion to protect her unborn child and is fully willing to kill if need be to keep it safe from Sein's light. Ori wakes up and makes an attempt to reach the Spirit Tree to restore Nibel's light. WARNING! From that point, Kuro continued her pursuit. Utilisez votre double saut afin de monter sur les murs (image3). Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Ori wakes up and makes an attempt to reach the Spirit Tree to restore Nibel's light. She chases them through the burning ruins of the nearby forest and stops them from reaching the Spirit Tree, knocking Ori unconscious. Kuro attempts to stop Ori from restoring the Spirit Tree along with the Enemies of Nibel. Over the years, Kuro had hunted down the Spirit Guardians that she believed would threaten her remaining child by restoring the Spirit Tree's light, subsequently killing them. In this part of the walkthrough we escape the vengeful talons of Kuro and ride the winds to make our way up to Sorrow Pass…Watch Walkthrough. On the night of the Light Ceremony, Kuro was feeding her three chicks, and left to gather more food for them. Kuro is the main antagonist of Ori and the Blind Forest. In most instances that they have to confront her directly, Ori will have a limited time to escape Kuro's gaze or range before she will sweep in. Owl This page was last edited on 27 May 2015, at 02:27. Her most effective weapon is her lightning-fast strikes, which are almost always unconditionally fatal except in instances where Ori can hide behind objects. As a creature of darkness, Kuro cannot be exposed to the full power of the Spirit Tree's light. Il vous faudra ensuite effectuer une attaque Ecraser sur le rocher comme le montre l'image ci-dessous pour faire tomber la pierre sur la tête de l'ennemi (image14). Utilisez la première liane pour vous déplacer vers la gauche puis les boules de l'araignée pour continuer votre parcours vers la gauche. In this part of the walkthrough we navigate our way further …

Ori and the Will of the Wisps Wiki is a Fandom Gaming Community. Kuro immediately arrived at the nest, and began pursuing Ori once again, but Ori manages to escape. In the Mount Horu finale, her pursuit is relentless, showing her stamina. The following text contains spoilers!

Her eyes are naturally an orange color until her corruption causes them to glow a bright white. A resurrected Naru arrives to the scene, and goes to hold Ori in her arms.

Family: A noter que vous pourrez utiliser l'énergie du hibou vous fonçant dessus pour grimper encore plus vite et ne pas vous faire toucher par l'ennemi, continuez ensuite votre parcours sur la droite où vous verrez de nouvelles lianes et piques... (image9). De plus, en faisant partir le Kuro, vous aurez à présent la possibilité d'accéder aux Bois Brumeux, mais avant toute chose, sauvegardez votre progression grâce au Puits situé au-dessus de votre position (image16). From that point, the land of Nibel became a dark, and nearly uninhabitable forest. N'ayez crainte car notre vidéo ainsi que la soluce complète d'Ori and the Blind Forest sur Supersoluce vous expliquera comment récupérer la compétence Ecraser, revenir près de l'Arbre ancien et vous frayer un chemin dans le Col du Chagrin. Later on in the game, as Ori and Sein find Kuro's nest, they discover her true intentions. A resurrected Naru arrives to the scene, and goes to hold Ori in her arms. However, when she arrived back at the nest, it was too late. She took away Sein, the source of the Spirit Tree's light, causing the forest of Nibel to wither. Enraged by the loss of her children, and resolving to protect her last egg, Kuro's eyes turned from orange to white, and she flew to the Spirit Tree to unleash her rage upon the Spirits, and steal the tree's light. Darkness Partez sur votre gauche et tuez les ennemis de type "crapaud" qui vous lanceront des projectiles. Affiliation(s): Ori, Sein, Spirit Tree

Though most of the game depicts her as being cruel, hostile, and vengeful, it is shown Kuro has a softer, more motherly side. In most instances that they have to confront her directly, Ori will have a limited time to escape Kuro's gaze or range before she will sweep in. Il vous faudra ensuite monter grâce à l'araignée située au-dessus de vous jusqu'à atteindre la liane tout en haut (image10).

Deceased (Vanquished by the Spirit Tree's light) Kuro is an extremely powerful foe, wielding abilities that prove to be the death of Ori nearly every time they cross paths. Type:

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