Your feet will hang off the edges if you have big feet. The actual switching (on-off) is done on the BMS board. This topic has been deleted. I absolutely love my electric rideable devices such as the Onewheels, electric unicycles, electric skateboards and Tesla Model 3. When the BMS senses all conditions are right with the battery voltage, battery temperature and every cell is within a certain range, the BMS will allow current flow from the battery pack to the controller when the button is pushed. I may be alone on this one, but I welcome anything that makes the Onewheel safer. But it also costs almost half as much! Will be over 300 today in Snoqualmie. What is the problem here? About 3 months ago I purchased a very lightly used XR (30miles) locally through Craigslist. @ 40F I see about 20% reduction on the Pint from 8 miles to 6... @LidPhones said in Pint range 1500 miles in-battery life questions: Colder temps will drop range for sure. Almost double your current range! Even with the older models, the wood footplates of the Onewheel hearken back to its skateboard ancestery but the wood plates are attached to rigid aluminum rails. If it is cold out your pressure will drop. So far I have only ridden it on snow covered (and some a little icy) paved Rails-to-Trails with a few wind-swept patches here and there. Chirp Wheel+ 3 Pack Review: Is it Worth it. 1. Your browser does not seem to support JavaScript. So if I'm 130lbs I'm pretty sure I'll be hitting 12 miles easily. Once the shaping is set you can put the phone away until it's needed. Wear? It’s not XR money, but it’s still not chump change. Paranoid now, good bit of blood involved. It is great. It's always been that way, the colder the temp, the less distance I get on a charge. Take it for what its worth but here is my onewheel story. @LidPhones Cable locks will work on the Pint but they are easily broken into. Do you think slightly lowering the psi in the tire could potentially flatten it out giving the tire more grip, or would that be too inefficient for rolling resistance. I am am looking forward to the next onewheels to come as well. in the summer, the percentage i'd drop would be closer to 5-7% for the same route. Merry Christmas. Softer ride, but affected mileage, and realized I kinda like feeling every bump in the road..TY. Under a $1000 is a magical price point that makes this item just within the price range of a lot of people. In fact I'm going to make the statement now that it will happen with the next 2 years. Unless they build some kind of a booby trap where once the board is opened up it causes the circuitry to sort of self-destruct. In this case, FM has understated the range. 21. Know batteries degrade and people ride faster over time, but am concerned how long before an battery switch is needed and how much cost/time that needs? and Jimmy Chang are productions of Just Create Ltd. 10. Looks like your connection to Onewheel Forum was lost, please wait while we try to reconnect. To answer your question: Yes, a warm climate and flat terrain should increase your mileage significantly. 4. On my +, I can get "maybe" 5 miles when the temp is below 60, but at 80 and over I can get over 7 miles sometimes. . I'm not sure if the Pint has the same battery tech as the XR (I know the + doesn't), so maybe the Pint is more like the XR when it comes to mileage per charge as the batteries age. Checked tire pressure and 20lbs went to 16lbs with time and weather change. Participants in the Amazon Services LLC and ShareASale Associate Programs. I’m the guy behind OneRADwheel and you may have seen me on YouTube. I just had the batteries replaced as it was doing low battery pushback at 59%. @Franko Disregard pushback, and you increase your chances of a nosedive. The Pint rolls over easier when dismounting. Small Light Nimble 6-8mi. This could take care of all programming duties. I understand about the screws and even if they were removed, FM would never know about that unless the board was sent back for warranty work, services, etc. I want to go over some of the common gripes and complaints about the Pint and see if they hold up. Saw that pic, yikes! 20. Also a community of DIY guys who replace cells. If install service was selected see following line. Either way, still, at 11 miles a charge, that's some 150 or so charges. I haven't even received my pint yet and I'm already looking forward to what the next revision/board will be. @McFloaty said in Pint range 1500 miles in-battery life questions:. I think the smaller size of the Pint is perfect. Range: advertised 6-8 miles and people are getting that. Range. The Pint is no different. Are the leaves changing where you a, Cleaning out my office I found this artwork my dau, Giveaway Time! Forgot to factor temperature, it’s cold even in socal right now. @Senior-Coffee I thought they were setting up firewalls to not allow for 3rd party battery mods? Along with battery temp, you might check your cold tire pressure. We were spoiled by the charge time of the Plus at 20 min. Appreciate any info you can share once you are able to ride from 100% down to low battery push back/Up (Captain Morgan). feet on footpad, longboard vs penny board? 16.2 was clearly too fast for the moment. 1. (UPDATED) Pint VnR (Backpack) Regular price $119.00. As a result, your viewing experience will be diminished, and you may not be able to execute some actions. I've been into EV's for a number of years and the only data I'm really concerned with is how much battery capacity I have. I think there is a dedicated FB group for that. Your browser does not seem to support JavaScript. Only other thing I'm going to do is put a lot of miles on it. I just don't know what the names would me! 11. 12-15 mile range estimate based off 200 lb rider in pacific riding mode in ideal conditions. @McFloaty I think @OneDan sent his XR in to FM for a battery swap and cost about $500 with shipping. 18. Because of the more rounded edge of the wheel on the Pint, when jump dismounting the Pint tends to roll over easier than prior models. 12. Looks like your connection to Onewheel Forum was lost, please wait while we try to reconnect. Even with its limited range, the Pint is a much more useful and versatile Onewheel than the XR. Pushed through pushback for first time ever and had a cutout recently. Please download a browser that supports JavaScript, or enable it if it's disabled (i.e. my + doesn't get much attention anymore because by the time I get into the ride, I have to head back! Depending on the temps you'll be riding in, I'd be surprised if you can't tweek extra miles & speed on a warm day riding pavement. It’s a quick board. I have to believe that custom shaping for the Pint is in the future. Yes, the Pint will cost you over a grand once you consider the fender and other accessories and safety gear, but comparing it to electric skateboards and electric unicycles, I think the price point is perfect. Sure, skateboards still use wood because it is cheap, durable, and mostly because its flexible. I have bluetooth everything, from my car to my earphones and they all work perfectly. Anyway, are you sure your mileage drop isn't temperature related? @ 40F I see about 20% reduction on the Pint from 8 miles to 6... yeah, i am nervous about riding very far in cold temps. If you used a U-lock to lock your XR or Plus, that same lock probably won’t work on your Pint because there is little room between the rail and wheel with the new design. This morning Soccasin Onewheeling on a snowy trail in 14 degree Fahrenheit weather I rode nine miles with battery to spare. @McFloaty Wow, that's a lot of miles for a board that just came out at the end of the summer! The Pint can’t handle going off road. Technically, it is within TSA travel limits, but it is up to the discretion of the TSA and also up to the individual airlines as to whether they will allow you to fly with it. Ride skyline always, feels better for edgy carving, but ride slower last few days. All I need is a voltage number to determine my range which is a real number and not the approximation made by the app and board electronics used to produce a range number. i've only managed 8 miles total so far -- this month has been stupidly busy for me, and i can't find time to ride! The mag handle is great, but old habits will be hard to break. i'm hoping in 2 weeks my schedule will free up so i have some time on the weekend to really ride a full charge down and see what i get. Pint range 1500 miles in-battery life questions. Designed and made in California from the highest quality components. I’m fine with that. It’s a Stoke Machine! My XR has most of my limited miles. My XR, which has over 1900 miles, can go 16-18 miles on a charge. Sweet mileage. I ride delirium always, not sure how that relates to skyline on the Pint, but it's basically sport mode, which is the only setting I use on my motorcycle as well, LOL. I think a very good idea for FM would be to install a small screen and computer interface setup placed somewhere on the board. Still getting a solid 7-8 miles under normal conditions, but nice to know future costs for happy floating. @Franko Plus & V1 - Ego EXTENDER VnR Complete Kit (Fender) ... Onewheel Silver Charm Profile with 24" silver box chain (men) Regular price $59.00 Sold out I envision just a couple more upgrades from now a phone/bluetooth/app won't be needed. I don't know how they can stop it. Currently I'm averaging about 10%/mile in Pacific and I'm at 100 miles and 180lbs. . Hope you are enjoying it. Great info. There’s a reason why many experienced riders swap out their stock Vega tires on their XR for more rounded options. In the last 3 weeks of riding my V1 I have come to the conclusion that 8 miles is just not enough range. Missing the front hand grip: “People say you don’t know what you’ve got until it’s gone. I’ve tried various locks and my go-to mini U-lock which is great for my XR and Plus will not work on the Pint. 15. Colder temps will drop range for sure. 16mph. If you can find a parts dealer, according to @stinkyface the battery pack is pretty much plug and play to replace.

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