Despite the evidence that the Reich Cabinet, the General Staff and the High Command committed atrocities, they were not declared criminal. The trial of the SS proved to be even more problematic than the Gestapo because the SS had several branch organizations and consisted of over 700,000 members (p, 516). The two remaining leaders of the Nazi party, tried at Nuremberg, were Hermann Goering and Rudolf Hess. BIRTH DATE: January 12, 1893 The defendants Hess and Goering were found guilty of war crimes and atrocities and were subsequently executed. When the Gestapo was put on trial, there was little if anything that its lawyer could do to prove its innocence. The four Allied Powers held the hearings, and the best-known trial was the Trial of Major War Criminals (“Nuremberg Trials”). Their second argument was organizations worked independently of one another, in other words, each organization had its own goal, leadership and programs. If people have looked at the additional, The Nuremberg Trials The decision to try these individuals was made during the war. The Nuremberg Trials prosecuted twenty one defendants (all of whom were Nazi officers) and six major Nazi organizations. Though, instead of the German and Jewish citizens judging the Nazi’s it was the Americans. The first international trial, the Nuremberg Trials brought many of these nazi war criminals to justice. More Information Some may consider the Nuremberg Trials to be "unfair" and a classic example of "victor's justice" however a conservative estimate is that over 7,000 former Nazi officers avoided prosecution by fleeing to America, Argentina and other countries (Rosenbaum, p, 79). Abstract: Frank was appointed Chief Civil Administration Officer for occupied Polish territory during the war. He also ordered the attacks on soldiers in the East that should be met by putting to death fifty to one hundred Communists for one German soldier’s death. This example Nuremberg Trials Essay is published for educational and informational purposes only. The trials were held in Nuremberg, Germany, because its courthouse was not damaged from the war. During his testimony, he admitted several war crimes and atrocities and his own testimony was sufficient evidence to convict him. He had been exposed by a French woman who was investigating escaped Nazis but he remained protected by the corrupt Bolivian junta. . University of Phoenix I still do not agree with Wilhelm’s argument because he had a choice not to follow through with Hitler’s wishes but instead signed orders for various ruthless killings and attacks. These trials started on November 20th 1945 and were the first ever war crime tribunal. Robert Ley committed suicide while in prison, and Gustav Krupp von Bohlen und Halbach's mental condition prevented his trial. Weber calls the Nuremberg defendants on trial "in a sense, the first "Holocaust" revisionists" because Goering (who tried to discredit the trials and justify the Nazis aggressive policies) and his fellow defendants claimed no knowledge of the systematic murder of innocent victims. He felt the trials were unjust because the entire nation of Germany was indicted and presumed guilty. It was impossible to indict every member of the Gestapo, the SS or the RSHA (Reich Security Main Office), among other Nazi organizations because so many people made up these criminal organizations. Finally, Hans Frank was the third accused Nazi who used the defence that he was just following orders. Imagine finding a document signed by Adolf Hitler, the leader of such a large country. Film to be made about Nuremberg Trials 99-year-old prosecutor Ben Ferencz June 6, 2019 In his first trial, all 22 Nazi officials who were tried for murdering more than 1 million people were convicted. The second, and more obvious issue is the eye whiteness accounts, Nazi camp guard's testimony and the official Nazi documents that so clearly outlined Nazi genocide. offers reliable custom essay writing services that can help you to receive high grades and impress your professors with the quality of each essay or research paper you hand in. The Anatomy Of The Nuremberg Trials, New York, NY: Alfred A. Knopf, Inc. 1992. Although there were differing opinions regarding the scope of the trials, the procedural framework, and the substantive nature of the charges, the ultimate decision was made to prosecute roughly 20 members of German government, military, and industry for their involvement in the war. To begin with, the Nuremberg Trials are the first trial to deal with crimes against humanity, Nuremberg Trials Bernstein, Victor H. Final Judgment: The Story of Nuremberg. Time does can not erase the Holocaust from human consciousness. Barbie brutally murdered members of the French Resistance and ordered the shooting of seventy -two French Jews since at the time, railways to Auschwitz were not reliable. The Nuremberg Trials were successful in "officially" recognizing the atrocities of the Nazis during and before World War II but they were not successful in holding all accountable for their administrative or direct participation in Nazi genocide.

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