Loren Coleman, of Cryptomundo has penned an intriuging piece about the recent collapse of the I-35W bridge in Minnesota, USA which has claimed up to 13 lives. The known I-35W dead includes these five people: The bodies that are in the areas where they can sweep shore to shore, the vehicles that they can get into and search that weren't crushed. [164] Pawlenty planned to ask that the date restriction and monetary cap be lifted. Jerome Corsi has been doing yeoman’s work covering this for months as you can see here, with an eye-popping graphic leading right up to Minneapolis [below].Jim Brandon. In Romania lies what many people refer to as the world’s most haunted forest, the Hoia Baciu forest. After the I-35W fell and I blogged the same night on the subject of the Silver Bridge, a few in the media acknowledged Cryptomundo and my mention of the “flashback” that naturally occurred. At night, the columns, pathway and water wall are illuminated by LED lights. It proved to be a rented car from Minneapolis. The Federal Aviation Administration restricted pilots in the 3-nautical-mile (5.6 km) radius of the rescue and recovery. There were multiple sightings the next day, and occasional and rare sightings in the years to follow with every single sighting taking place around the church. [22] HurCon expressed concern about the project, reporting that one portion of the bridge, Pier 6, could not be built as planned. [158] In a subsequent press release for a separate disaster declaration that month, he said, "Ordinarily, preliminary damage assessments are completed before the emergency disaster declaration is requested. Once again, no Mothman was seen near the I-35W during the months leading up to the collapse of August 1st. It’s a very interesting and one of the most rarely seen cryptids, but could these lack of sightings just be due to an elaborate hoax? Tragic, yes, but not the 50 or 100 people dead, as we first all heard. The bridge opened in 1967 and was Minnesota's third busiest,[4][5] carrying 140,000 vehicles daily. The Plain Dealer in Ohio then discussed the impact in Point Pleasant. She said the creature had a huge wingspan. The original and ancient St. Anthony had his problems with weird animals. The south abutment was northeast of the Hubert H. Humphrey Metrodome, and the north abutment was northwest of the University of Minnesota East Bank campus. In just a few days from now, it will be fifty years since the Silver Bridge of Point Pleasant, West Virginia crashed into the cold waters of the Ohio River, drowning dozens of people. I’ve posted Mothman newspapers before but there’s so many it’s hard not to keep sharing them. Minneapolis Police Captain Mike Martin stated that, "The public safety divers are trained up to a level where they can kind of pick the low-hanging fruit. [25][32] The roadway deck was approximately 115 feet (35 m) above the water level. He drove a white mustang, and her husband copied down the license number and had it checked out later. On the evening of the collapse, CNN, MSNBC, and Fox News Channel stayed live with its coverage during the overnight hours, along with local stations WCCO-AM (830) and KSTP (1500),[154] with most of the coverage in the opening hours coming via satellite from Twin Cities news operations WCCO-TV, KSTP-TV, KMSP-TV, KARE-TV and Minnesota Public Radio. Rumors eventually spread that the bridge collapse was connected to the Mothman in some way and that he could have been a warning or a dark premonition. [6], Help came immediately from mutual aid in the seven-county Minneapolis–Saint Paul metropolitan area and emergency response personnel, charities, and volunteers. At least 22 children were injured. Northern sections fell into a rail yard, landing on three unoccupied and stationary freight cars.[58][59][60][61]. The ceremony included reading the names of the 13 victims, followed by a moment of silence held at exactly 6:05 p.m., the time of the collapse four years prior. Sequential images of the collapse were taken by an outdoor security camera located at the parking lot entrance of the control facility for the Lower Saint Anthony Falls Lock and Dam. The bridge was the southeastern boundary of the "Mississippi Mile" downtown riverfront parkland. The popular 193-acre park features a 53-foot waterfall, limestone bluffs and river overlooks. Marzulli conjectured that anomalous creatures such as Mothman may have arrived through a portal. It also has pointed ears like an owl, pincer like claws and has a silvery grey color. [95] The Salvation Army canteens served food and water to rescue workers. The creature was never seen again but is the town’s claim to fame. About a month prior to the event sightings of a large bird-like creature was seen around the area of the bridge. making it the worst bridge accident in American history at the time. It had transverse expansion joints at the centers and ends of each of the three main spans. Because of all the strange and unexplained phenomenon in the forest it’s no wonder its earned its name as the world’s most haunted forest. John Baxter (age 15) saw the same creature roaming through a forested area on Miller Hill Road the same night. Today, we talk about the Silver Bridge, the Eyebar #13 cause of the collapse, and Mothman, all in the same breath. And the book says, “We may be through with the past, but the past ain’t through with us.”Magnolia, 1999. [37][38] The system came into operation in 2000.[39][40]. Most of these sightings take place near Lake Michigan which is also known for its UFO sightings, which was another one of the strange phenomena that occurred in Point Pleasant. Here are a couple more clippings from the famous era in cryptozoology. [68] President Bush pledged support during a visit to the site on August 4 with Minnesota elected officials and announced that United States Secretary of Transportation (USDOT) Mary Peters would lead the rebuilding effort. Very similar to the Mothman, the creature is a humanoid with wings and glowing red eyes. Each was 266 feet (81 m) in length, and was connected to the approach spans by a 38-foot (11.6 m) cantilever. Let’s look in John A. Keel’s book, The Mothman Prophecies and stop for a moment at one of his Men-In-Black (MIBs) stories. Those near the south end were taken to Hennepin County Medical Center (HCMC) — those near the north end, to the Fairview University Medical Center and other hospitals. In 1680, the falls became known to the rest of the world when they were observed by Father Louis Hennepin, a Catholic friar of Belgian birth, who also brought the existence of Niagara Falls to the world’s attention. Before the game, a moment of silence was held for the victims of the collapse.

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