Marceline calls her by her first name, Bonnibel. When they get their stuff back, it is revealed that Bubblegum's most treasured item is a t-shirt that Marceline gave her, which she wears as Pajamas every night. • After the events of the Adventure Time series finale, Marceline and Simon have finally reunited! Maybe some compromise can be made for Marcy's sake. Now together, Simon asks Marceline for help in making amends for his time as Ice King, which leads them, Finn, and Jake to one of the most dangerous places yet…the Nightosphere!• Written by Olivia Olson (Marceline on Adventure Time) and illustrated by Slimm Fabert (Adventure Time) is the perfect story for any fan of the Vampire Queen or the former Ice King! PB and Marceline because they're cute and totally fucking. Later, she stated that people take the stuff she makes up at panels too seriously. #adventuretime #bubbline #marcelineabadeer #pbxmarceline #princessbubblegum. Princess Bubblegum This is widely used in many fanfictions, as it shows that PB actually does care about Marceline and even wears her shirt to sleep and sniffs it when she wakes up, as shown in the episode "Sky Witch". Bubblegum wears Marceline's old shirt to bed. • Hair Contrast Duo• Interspecies Romance• It Was a Gift - The shirt.• Last-Minute Hook Up• Light Feminine and Dark Feminine• Like an Old Married Couple• Married to the Job - The reason for their break up was that Bubblegum got too busy running the Candy Kingdom, and couldn't make time for Marceline.• New Old Flame• Official Couple• Relationship-Salvaging Disaster• Tomboy and Girly Girl• Will They or Won't They• Working with the Ex. This is a song that perfectly expresses Simon’s emotions throughout his quest trying to find Bonibel. One of the other things is when Marceline has a dream where she and PB are living together as an old couple. Alas romance wasn't the objective; she needed to stop the threat of invading vampires. Adventure Time with Finn and Jake - Rated: K+ - English - Romance/Hurt/Comfort - Chapters: 10 - Words: 13,063 - Reviews: 34 - Favs: 101 - Follows: 67 - Updated: "Marceline?" The light was slowly peeking in through the blinds in the room. "I promise." Studio’s, it’s a very nice feeling seeing the official Adventure Time Seal of Approval on my work since I’ve loved the show since I was like… 16 haha. Marceline’s new experience with a ritzy private high school becomes interesting when a pretty schoolgirl named Bonnibel befriends her. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. After the Ice King starts glitching, Bonnie examines his crown and Marcy demands to know what she's doing. Also so happy I was able to draw everyone’s favourite girls together since I think we all know how special that was for the lot of us <3 glad I could put them front and center! It was dark and rainy outside of the candy kingdom this time of night. During the secret celebration of Princess Bubblegum's birthday, Marceline didn't expect something in return from the princess herself. Publisher: Boom! Princess Bubblegum was tending to her subjects and granted pardons for criminals. The banana guards are ignoring all the signs of danger, but Marceline will protect Pb no matter what even if that means getting thrown in the dungeon and put on trial. Finn moves into a new building, and there's something off about one of his neighbors... [TEMPORARY HIATUS] There's no bad blood between them, but Simon and Bonnibel will never be used to each other. This being the truth, it almost opens the door, but when Marcy realizes she was singing about making up with Bonnie, she freezes up and gets defensive. Marcy then proceeded to unzip her leather jacket and throw it on the bed. Will this 'thank you'gift be Marceline's big one? As those close to him point fingers, the bodies pile up. I'm sorry that I exist, I forget what landed me on your blacklist. I drew a comic based off of a post by @incorrect-adventure-time that was inspired by this vine! She snapped out of her deep thoughts to find that the vampire queen had already left. "shhh. Or do you just not like me", which Marcy then began to sing the long remembered the song "I'm Just Your Problem". Then Marceline took off her black tank-top, revealing a red bra up against her smooth grey skin that was cold to the touch. PB was sneaking in the back entrance when she heard that beautiful sound; the sound of Marceline's bass. Bubbleline, Marcegum, Marcibel, Sugarless Gum Will this 'thank you'gift be Marceline's big one? The lyrics from "I'm Just Your Problem" give the first indication that the two had a romantic relationship, especially "Well, I shouldn't have to justify what I do. She is the benevolent ruler of the Candy Kingdom, and is Finn's former crush. Typical. CANON Adventure Time with Finn and Jake - Rated: T - English - Romance/Humor - Chapters: 1 - Words: 808 - Reviews: 9 - Favs: 20 - Follows: 8 - Published: Follow the adventures of the Adventure Time gang! All the books I have read stated that I should kill the queen, but I'm still not sure if I should do this. In 2014, Olivia Olson (the voice behind Marceline) confirmed at a panel that the two "used to date.". She was playing the song that she played to bubblegum on the day of the concert: To bubblegum this was torture, for she had loved Marceline from the day that she met her. Bubblegum/Marceline tag on AO3 Bubblegum/Marceline tag on But I shouldn't have to be the one that makes up with you. Both are curious about each other, but does curiosity kill the cat? When part of Bonnie's drink gets on her face, Marcy wiped it off. "Yes Bonnibel?" "Really?" She then goes on to say that she used to believe everything would be ok if she just focused on work, but realized that it just pushed everyone way and she apologizes to Marcy for pushing her away. After Simon wigs out, Bonnie hooks up the crown to her virtual reality machine. Bonnie sighed and the kiss deepened. But Bubblegum needed to do what she had to… Kill Marceline, and she knew exactly where she would be this time of night, in the candy-graveyard. Princess Bubblegum (full name Princess Bonnibel Bubblegum, often called PB and on occasion Peebles and other nicknames) is a main character on the series Adventure Time that first appeared in the Animated Short. What's this 'secret' gift Bubblegum had given the vampire to? Studios She is a vampire/demon hybrid, who is over 1000 years old, as well a the Princess of the Nightosphere and the Vampire Queen. See more ideas about Marceline, Marceline and bubblegum, Marceline and princess bubblegum. She is also Ice King's most often-targeted princess. Bonnie explains that there is something wrong with Simon and Marcy starts to say something but is take aback when she notices that Bonnie called him Simon like she wished Bonnie would. Canon The youngins end up on a road trip from New Jersey to California as long-time friends Marceline and Bonnibel start to confront their feelings for one another... hijinks ensue as Finn, Jake and the girls try not to get lost on the long way to California. TUMBLR. Your review has been posted. Share via Email Report Story Send. After promising to use it to play games later, Bonnie and Marcy use the machine to enter the inter-workings of the crown. PB went back to the castle and wrote in her journal: "1/23/89, I had her. Marceline x PB. The pics I used are ships I enjoy and see as healthy! I won't be here for your birthday so I wanted to give an early present, if you know what I mean…" Marceline said in a seductive vampire voice. Bubblegum tried to say something but Marceline put her finger on her lips. Lesbian-ness and true feelings are shown. Lisa DuBois, This page describes Princess Bubblegum's relationships with other characters in the Adventure Time series. Because as a preteen till about 15-16, I thought the bullys/victims, extreme age differences with like a teenager and an adult, possessive partners and other shit was like totally cool, mainly because of fanfictions/ fiction on websites, but then as I grew up and my morals actually developed healthily {mainly because of shows like Steven Universe and also because I watched how unhappy or unhealthy some relationships were around me or what I heard about} I realized that it wasn’t okay for these things to be in a relationship. Thankfully Finn gets them to stay by singing a song about how Jake, Bonnie, and Marcy are all his best friends (during which Bonnie and Marcy sing in harmony together) and this song opens the door. the one person she can trust to retrieve the lost item: Marceline! Character They both shivered in excitement with the intense kisses awakening their entire bodies. Bubbleline, Marcegum, Marcibel, Sugarless Gum, Are They Gay? Marceline stops by one night with Finn and Jake. Bonnie is dreading business school, Finn and Jake are going to be on opposite sides of the country and Marcy still has no clue what to do next. Time is not on Bonnibel's side. Story was adopted from SimontheHawtee and is being co-oped by me and TME. The official synopsis for Obsidian states that the two will take a look into their past relationship and discuss how the two will move forward. After eight years and ten seasons, Adventure Time confirmed a long-anticipated relationship between two main characters: Princess Bubblegum and Marceline. Before the sun could rise on the morning of October 3rd, 1987, a professor is slain in his own apartment. One doesn’t dominate the whole relationship and the other meekily accepts. ", Marceline slowly took off bubblegum's PJs and whispered, "Are you going to trust me, or a whole bunch of old books that probably weren't written by vampires? If bubblegum killed the queen, the others would die off. Bubblegum was aggravated but slightly relieved. When crossing a gap, Marcy pokes fun at Bonnie's preparedness and after snapping back Bonnie explains that the reason she prepares so much is that the Candy Kingdom is no longer as manageable as it once was and she felt she needed to be prepared for every possible disaster. {Also this post is not a post to hate or tear down other ships! A collection of short smut, one for each day in September. - Princess Bubblegum and Marceline (Bubbline), Princess Bubblegum & Marceline's Bad Breakup? The two don’t usually see eye to eye and boy does it get rowdy on the playground, but at the end of the day, Marceline can’t help wanting the same desire that always bring the two back together. I couldn’t resist drawing this as soon as I saw it! "Hey beautiful, wacha up to? Their love was something that seemed unfocused at first, but the queen and the princess have grown to realize their bubbling feelings towards one another, and this is the story of their lives. She was playing the song that she played to bubblegum on the day of the concert: To bubblegum this was torture, for she had loved Marceline from the day that she met her. Revisions will be made as chapters are posted), Marceline smirked. marceline is a huge sub for bubblegum and things get heated after she fucks up. Marceline and Princess bubblegum unexpectedly wind up in bed together for the very first time, neither have any idea what they're getting into, but things get heated anyways. by JonStalle Follow. At the start of the episode "Sky Witch", Bubblegum is shown in the T-shirt and smells it deeply before going into her closet, which has a picture of her and Marceline in it. It's very much possible that PB and Marceline could've been past lovers. I realized a healthy relationship is where one partner helps another one grows and they work together. Adventure Time Comics issue 7 “Spring Cleaning” icons ||| like/reblog if you use, credit not needed but appreciated.

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