Visit Mound He's going around claiming that he and Leonard studies under the same "medicine man" John Rolling Thunder Pope. I hope one day they get it. Please ignore all the silly people trying to create a side issue out of Dr. Carroll's enrollment status. I don't know a lot about this subject, but when I see the appauling behavior of the sock puppets who have attacked this newsarticle, it makes me want to start educating myself. ...GOOD SOLID Central Time I am no saint, and i am not here on this planet to fight with anyone. Does that mean stay out of this business as well? "green", NAFPS: "Using a label to describe any human being, whether that label is “White Supremacist, violent, racist, environmentalist, kind, or stupid, is never going to be an entire description of all of a persons attitudes and behaviors, or what attitudes and behaviors people support. No matter how LeKay tries to rationaize it, the person behind this whole thing is John W. Martin. -Nanish Shontie Inc.- top Die Einwilligung können Sie jederzeit widerrufen. Are you ashamed of your Latino heritage? spiritual adoptions at the price of 250$ all to find out the site has been taken down. native elders. and bodily sustenance -- they may call spirits.but may not know the series of lakota songs to send them back.if there are any spirits they are ghosts.or bad ones. Dont see anything about ASU. Reply 13 by Marlon is John Lekay . Prophecykeepers Their weapons are investigation, intimidation and litigation. Foundation, The Prophecykeepers eLibrary on top See film participants. Be Notified - New Shows Lekay is a leading promoter of New Age exploitation and colonialism and seeks to dominate Native spiritual traditions, especially Lakota religion, by promoting a series of fringe characters, all the while silencing Native voices. Worse he seems absolutely determined to drown out Native people who know what they are talking about . NAFPS: "When people disregard another races right to define, manage, maintain and protect their own physical, or cultural resources, or when people disregard another races right to select and empower their own leaders, these specific behaviors often get labeled as “racist “. RavenWind donates a percentage of its profits to two non-profits every month. if (navigator.appVersion.indexOf("MSIE") != -1){ Bead & Powwow Supply is an Anishinaabe-owned ecommerce company offering Czech seed beads, beading supplies, and other supplies needed for contemporary Indigenous art. by A Lie Repeated often enought becomes the trut. Pope's father, Mala Spotted Eagle Pope, has traveled extensively in Europe where he claimed to be a medicine man, or spiritual leader. they had not i would like to ask that if any elders have eyes to see these posts or ears to hear our cries that they share their wisdom, the old ways to deal with these things. What do you believe is more important. the abuse against my daughter was reported, three years ago while she was in counseling because of the laws you mentioned. Thank you for having the courage to come forward and post what you know! They will always find only CULTS when they seek out a "Native American religion". Chat w/Blueotter! Original Keetoowah of Ancient Europe Dare To Prepare 008 Indigenous vs. Non-Indigenous Values - Mala Spotted Eagle Pope & Sandra Sky Pope 2 $10.00. Public Foundation at The and a sham! If you haven't investigated both sides of this, how can you justify your behavior as ethical? LeKay knew exactly what he was doing when he included all those Wally Black Elk clones in little jihad against common sense It reveals a deep white supremacist tendency in gullible white folks like LeKay that needs really needs to be exposed.". "The other thing I’ve noticed is that all the frauds LeKay’s upset about NAFPS outing have ties back to Ol Grampa Wallace Black Elk. Al is not telling "obvious lies" but you are obviously ignorant of the most basic facts about academia. a person needs to speak fluent lakota to be in the world of sacredness.where they wish they could be. You neglected to show that the person recently banned was also interested in defending. Gee you seem to be repeating yourself . It is with some shock that Arvol Looking Horse would associate himself with this group who produced this "film" (and I use the term loosely) called Spirits for Sale that is being promoted by a Swedish group. Castigating innocent people to further their own monetary gains - Al Carroll and his pseudo NDN wannabe's are so transparent. People are too complex to ever be able to have all their attitudes and behaviors fit into one category, or one description. I am amazed, did he learn all of this online or in those expensive colleges he has went to? and databases concerning White Roots of  Mayan Countdown Monthly Reminder Al Carroll is sick and twisted, a no life drug abuser. Quoting someone still trying to stick up for Lekay's silly behavior ; 1. Aktivieren, damit die Nachrichtenleiste dauerhaft ausgeblendet wird und alle Cookies, denen nicht zugestimmt wurde, abgelehnt werden. i know they arent going to be online, but i dont want to just walk up into tribal community with these accusations, i want to go in a good way. Are They should leave most of these matters alone. These actions are harmful because they fail to fully recognize the depth of the effect that the policies of genocide and it's historical aftermath have had on ndn peoples. Why didn't you contact Leo Van Klints and confirm whether rape charges had ever been filed in Europe before you posted the email. What you seem want your audience to overlook is that truth is an absolute defense against specious charges of libel. NAFPS has no entitlement to claim any authority or special knowledge of who and what has rights to Native America they have shown by their own behavior that they cannot be trusted to honestly live up to their self proclaimed mandate to abuse only non-Natives and call real Native Spiritual leaders frauds. I visited the NAFPS forum on several occasions and I believe they have made their case against you. Or do you just think it is OK to discredit the people who statistically speaking are likely to be the victims, and statistically speaking are likely to be telling the truth, just because you personally sympathize with the accused ? SPECIAL NEW SHOWS EACH Like his associate Trisha Jacobs before him with her website who also made the same mistakes. is a Western Shoshone and Cherokee Native American. Native American camp teaching traditional values in Southern, California, if anyone who reads these threads has any suggestions at all i would be so thankful for their input. This entire discussion is not exclusively about 1st Amendment rights, just the opposite, this topic is about an alleged Apache who has been abusing his 1st Am. Latest Releases patterns... This was an illusion created by Al Carroll. over 1000 pages in length How interesting. How about if you forward your real name, address and phone number and maybe a couple of images of your family online and have Al and his "college buddies" take some shots at you. He tried to say that it was doctored because he was such an activist that the government wanted to strip him of his tribal affiliation. I've known mala for 10 yeas and spend many summers (6-10weeks) with him and his wife Sky. What tribally recognized and supported leaders are John Lekay and John Martin supporting? 1.) The Tlingit tribes of Northwest says he is not an enrolled tribal citizen. And Lekay is still claiming that his "private" information is not available any more in whois searches. Mr. Carrol is a spoiled little child who is crying because someone finally knocked him on his arse. Retrieving an E-Card? Prophecykeepers Radio! You've just used a lot of words to confuse and obscure the main point - something you do a lot of. if(navigator.appName == "Netscape") { See my comments below. ONE WEEK, AND ARE

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