September 2019 Thank you!Check your email for more info and a special thank you gift. November 2012 There was the one where I bleached my hair and eyebrows to become the human embodiment of dandruff…, Or, the one where I was disappointed I didn't get to demolish my friend’s bathroom.

It contains examples of strips drawn by the five artists who have worked on Ginger over the years as well as other memorabilia. He made 64 such comics in total. August 2019 July 2019 Proud Member of the National Cartoonists Society (Est. December 2017 June 2016 September 2013 May 2019 MANAGEMENT:AVANTI TALENT 229-9841. November 2014 April 2012

March 2011 Crossword solutions & Synonyms for Long-running comic strip that advocates for pet adoption. August 2014 September 2018 February 2010

August 2018 April 2016

July 2015 June 2017 October 2015 Australia's favourite boy Since 1921. October 2014 October 2017 September 2012 December 2011

December 2014 December 2018

May 2013 August 2010 and an internationally syndicated cartoonist, writing and drawing the iconic comic strip Ginger Meggs (Est 1921)  which is published daily in 34 countries through Andrews McMeel Syndication. March 2012 February 2018

Today I received an urgent SMS from The World's Number One Ginger Meggs Fan, James Wakeling, to let me know that Sydney's Sun-Herald has dropped the long-running newspaper comic strip, Ginger Meggs.

He performs regularly at comedy clubs around New York City as well as hosting and performing all over the US, includingThe Fat Black Pussycat @ Comedy Cellar, Broadway Comedy Club, Stand-Up New York, New York Comedy Club, Greenwich Village Comedy Club, Carolines on Broadway, Gotham Comedy Club, West Side Comedy Club, Dangerfields Comedy Club, The Eastville Comedy Club, The Stand Comedy Club,  Columbus Improv, Carolina Comedy Club, Catch a Rising Star, Bananas Comedy Club, 7 Angels Theatre in Connecticut and Rockwells Comedy in Pelham. May 2014 6 October 2020 The New York Times Mini. August 2016 December 2010 That’s it. June 2019 June 2020

Get a free cartoon in your inbox every Tuesday. Or the one where I have to shave my face and make sexy eyebrows at you. His work has been published in magazines and online, and in books published by Penguin Random House and Harper Collins. 1946.)

August 2013 November 2019 July 2012 April 2020 Ginger Meggs is a comic strip Syndicated daily in over 120 newspapers in 34 countries at It is one of the longest-running comic strips in the world.

(“No Demo?”). October 2018

), a podcast about coming up with New Yorker cartoons. June 2010 May 2018 August 2012 July 2017 December 2013

Thank you!Be sure to use the promo code SCOTCHBATHSUNDAY for free shipping on your first order. Jason Chatfield is an Australian cartoonist and illustrator based in New York. May 2020 Literary Agent:Nicole RescinitiThe Seymour AgencyEmail: nicole@theseymouragency.com475 Miner Street Rd, Canton, NY 13617, Acting Agent:Sandy GunarAvanti Talent ManagementEmail: sandy@avantitalent.comPh: 212-229-9841330 West 38th Street, Suite 604New York, NY 10018. For the last 13 years, Jason has performed comedy all over the world, including places where they think his Australian accent is some kind of birth defect.

November 2016 February 2020 regional, national and international commercials. June 2013 November 2015

March 2018 May 2015 The current cartoonist who works on the strip, Jason Chatfield , confirmed this news to me today. April 2019

January 2019 The glory days of pages and pages of full colour comic lift-outs in Australia’s weekend papers have long passed, however, and even Ginger’s current cartoonist, Jason Chatfield, is unsure how long newspaper comics can last. September 2014 December 2019 Read all about Ginger Meggs on Wikipedia1921-1952: James C Bancks1952-1973: Ron Vivian1973-1983: Lloyd Piper1984-2007: James Kemsley (OAM)2007-present: Jason Chatfield, Instagram: @gingermeggs1921Facebook: @gingermeggscomicTwitter: @gingermeggs1921. Posted: (11 days ago) These comics were made in such a way that one could read the 6 panel comic, flip the book and keep reading. January 2010 January 2014

Ginger Meggs is a comic strip Syndicated daily in over 120 newspapers in 34 countries at It is one of the longest-running comic strips in the world. November 2018 He has also appeared on national television along with regional, national and international commercials.

August 2011 October 2012 Sorry, the comment form is closed at this time. 1946), National Cartoonists’ Society (Est. January 2020 November 2013 June 2015 July 2020 April 2015 September 2015 March 2020 February 2014 Ginger Meggs remains this country’s longest running comic strip, and still appears in 120 newspapers around the world, including some Australian titles. February 2015 August 2015 Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window), Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to email this to a friend (Opens in new window). June 2018 May 2012

Kudos to Jason for all the hard work in keeping it alive and kicking and revamping it for the 21st Century! September 2016 Comic strip - Wikipedia. April 2014 April 2017

November 2010

October 2011 July 2010

May 2016 April 2013 He is the current President of the National Cartoonists’ Society (Est. October 2019 July 2018 October 2016

November 2011 July 2013

March 2014

May 2011

July 2014 March 2013 I’m very lucky there were no cameras around when I sold my first cartoon to the New Yorker after many, many years of submitting. May 2010 January 2018 January 2017

April 2018

June 2012 GINGER MEGGS. April 2010 January 2013

June 2011 December 2009. January 2011 The Source for industry news for the professional cartoonist. January 2012 March 2015

December 2016

It was… a situation. March 2017 December 2012 December 2015

June 2014 Comicoz: SHARING our Comics with the World. February 2019 He wrote all of this in the third person.He would have preferred to be drawing. From Australian Broadcasting Corporation: A new exhibition at the Museum of Sydney highlights how important Ginger Meggs has been in charting the changing nature of childhood and Australian society over the past 90 years.

October 2013 September 2011 The longest-running American comic strips are: The Katzenjammer Kids (1897–2006; 109 years) Gasoline Alley (1918–present) Ripley's Believe It or Not! February 2013 + Free shipping on prints, exclusive deals, reviews, tips and sweet sweet feels. Jason has a podcast where he come up with New Yorker cartoons alongside fellow comedy-writer Scott Dooley called, “Is There Something in This?” You can subscribe anywhere you listen to podcasts. Meggs ginger born12 nov 1921 soon to turn 100 years old died by assasination a boisterous fellow full of misadventures another great Australian institution struck down not by covid not by tiger Kelly by an Australian editor in Australia like the Don out on 99 shame let’s save meggs, September 2020 January 2016 We have 1 solution for the crossword clue Long-running comic strip that advocates for pet adoption.We last saw the 'Long-running comic strip that advocates for pet adoption' clue in The New York Times Mini on Tuesday, 06 October 2020.

May 2017 Jimmy Bancks 1) "Ginger Meggs is a long-running Australian comic strip about the escapades of the title character, a red-haired pre-pubescent boy of considerable talent for mischief.Most of the strips include either a sense-moral or a wisdom phrase written on one of the images. April 2011 September 2017 August 2017 March 2016 February 2012 Enter your email address to receive news and exclusives on all things Ginger Meggs! 1946. Ginger Meggs remains this country’s longest running comic strip, and still appears in 120 newspapers around the world, including some Australian titles. November 2017 February 2016 You can also see him in the new season of Doodle Wars for NBC Universal’s Bluprint channel. March 2019 February 2011 Sounds like a great exhibition, with a history of Australia to be seen through comics. August 2020 March 2010 January 2015 February 2017 Australian Comics! July 2016 I’m proud to say I’ve since had a number of cartoons, shouts and illustrations published in print and online, which you can enjoy on their website, or on my online store.I also do a podcast about coming up with New Yorker cartoons with my friend, Scott.

July 2011

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