The reduced charge lead loads lack stopping power, and have a much more arced trajectory, meaning you need to make significant sight adjustments / holdovers in the field to account for that excessive bullet drop.

That’s why shooters tend to broadcast 3-shot groups; in reality I think you need 5-10 to claim any sort of inherent accuracy. DISCLAIMER: This load data should be roughly translatable across equivalent (non-ADI) powders, however as stated on ADI’s website, there could be up to 5% variance, so be careful. is using a security service for protection against online attacks.

See the problem there?! Each lever-action rifle is chambered in 30-30 Win.

Fast hunting loads heat a light sporter barrel very quickly,  meaning stringing long groups of shots together will result in poor accuracy.

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This (theoretically) results in a more consistent burn. “Hard-cast” (vs raw lead) is usually a mixed alloy that allows for a harder material. So you might ask, why would you even consider factory semi-jacketed? Besides the obvious convenience factor, hotter jacketed loads excel when it comes to trajectory, stopping-power, longer-range performance and minimizing barrel fouling.

Good luck! a consistent, required build up of pressure before the projectile leaves the mouth of the brass.

I was able to achieve a consistent 2.0moa with a reduced load of ~16.0gns of AR2207. is using a security service for protection against online attacks. What is the rising action of faith love and dr lazaro? A lot of people say that the Microgroove barrel likes a slightly over-sized lead projectile (approximately 0.001″ – 0.002″ larger in diameter) to help with obturation. is using a security service for protection against online attacks. My personal favorite is a 150gn FN over 34gns of AR2206H  (aka H4895) – this will give you about 2200fps and is pretty flat even out to 200m.

If you’re having trouble with accuracy, look for signs of keyholing, i.e. It’s not the most suitable powder for jacketed (a bit fast-burning for full-power 30/30 loads), nonetheless yielded good accuracy at around 2100fps. One thing I learnt not so long ago was the tightness of the barrel bands and screws can affect accuracy, particularly when the rifle starts to warm up. The only catch is they must be kept under 1900fps, and they will not expand on game. This helped me realize that constant 2moa for target work. ADI provides load data on their website. And at shorter ranges, they’re also as accurate, if not more accurate than modern factory ammo.

Just make sure you are usin This resulted in extremely poor accuracy, i.e. Five beveled “checkless” lead projectiles next to two gas-checked lead projectiles ( right ). I’ve also experimented with 23gns of AR2207 (aka H4198) under a modern jacketed pill. Don’t forget to check out the single action section when looking for reduced cast-lead loads. I’ve got a 336TS with 18.5inch barrel. Realistically, this is the sort of accuracy a 336 can constantly plink, disregarding fouling and barrel heat.

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Berry’s 150gr 30/30 bullets are extremely accurate over 21gns of AR2207 (aka H4198), Further discoveries when reloading for the 30-30. What is the age of a Marlin 30 30 model 336 serial 24110916? A surprisingly tight, 200 meter group shot off a rudimentary front rest (with some pretty cheap optics). Making intensive holdover calculations whilst hunting (when you often have a short window of time to take a shot) is something you should try to avoid. What are the problems loading a Marlin 336?

Both of these projectiles are more than adequate for true medium game. All Rights Reserved. Pagkakaiba ng pagsulat ng ulat at sulating pananaliksik? I knee-jerk purchased the Marlin 336 (in .30-30 Winchester) mainly due to it’s extremely competitive price tag. 34gns of 2206H under a Sierra 150gn FN is also an exceptional hunting load for the 30-30; fairly flat even out to 200m yet still very hard-hitting and accurate.

Rounds are inserted one-behind-the-other, meaning the tip of each bullet is pressed against the primer of the bullet in front of it. For closer-range brush hunting, the heavier 170gn round nose (or flat nose) are more tolerant to deflection from vegetation, not to mention harder-hitting. Does Jerry Seinfeld have Parkinson's disease? ADI’s/IMR’s new Trail Boss powder is also an option for lead.

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