The player who kills the selected player gets the Bounty money for themself. It is stated by Michael during The Merryweather Heist that Lester went against doing the heist depicted in the Prologue, possibly having an idea of what eventually happened. Ricardo Diaz | Lester agrees to help, but only after Michael helps assassinate Lifeinvader CEO Jay Norris so that Lester can make a profit by buying Lifeinvader shares at minimal price, only to sell them at inflated ones later. If the player chooses the Obvious approach to The Big Score, Lester will travel as a passenger in Trevor's helicopter and shoot down pursuing Merryweather helicopters with a Rocket Launcher. Later on during the game, Lester hires Franklin several times to pull off other similar assassinations in order to amass a fortune in the stock market. Kazuki Kasen, Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories They can still get a wanted level if they share a car with a player who has a wanted level. Franklin contacts Lester and asks him for help on figuring out what to do. Professional criminal After the assassinations are carried out, Lester sends all three protagonists their respective shares from the UD job and congratulates them on a job well done. Upon hearing this, Lester tells the protagonist to purchase an Arcade Center to be used as a front for the heist. Nationality Eddie Pulaski | Lester will locate the nearest available boat, and the player can take it without it counting as a stolen vehicle. Cholos | Jim Fitzgerald | Terry Thorpe | Later on, Lester meets up with the protagonist at their newly purchased Arcade center and run them through some basic business setup to get the place up and running before they can plan the heist in the basement. The player begins by purchasing an ex-government facility, where Lester meets them along with a billionaire named Avon Hertz and his AI neural network named Cliffford. Avon and Cliffford are now "in charge" because the protagonist's work has created a pathway for Cliffford to not only hack all systems aboard the Ramius, but also the IAA and the entire San Andreas defense network. Full name Sometimes he likes cracking bad jokes that end up in unanswered laughs, showing his inability to deal with people outside the business or the online life. CHARACTER Francis McReary | Salvatore Leone | The Law Lester Crest [1][2][3] He is the owner of the Open Road Network and helps set up the player's illegal business for their Motorcycle Club. Lester appears to be ambidextrous, as he uses both arms to draw on the planning board when putting together the plan in the, Although he owns a car, he is rarely seen driving. He can be found at his house. Jimmy Pegorino | 2017 Dwayne Forge | Vince Pelosi | Bulgarin Family | Dimitri Rascalov, Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars Wu Lee | Trunchez Brothers | Niko Bellic | Dimitri Rascalov | Vlad Glebov | When he meets people online and arranges to meet them in real life, he will show up but unseen by his dates and Lester instead will watch them from afar. Afterwards, he'll be referring the players into other jobs he's definitely not interested in, but he might still get a finder's fee for the referral. Lester Crest is a main deuteragonist in Grand Theft Auto V and the main character in Grand Theft Auto: Online. Freeze: SubZero (1998)as Dick Grayson / Robin, Your email address will not be published. 2019 Big Smoke | This outfit is only seen in the Paleto Score when he meets Michael, Trevor, Franklin and the chosen gunman at, Just like Lester keeps watch over the stock market, it is likely that he keeps a watch over the criminal world. Main affiliation Jon Gravelli | Terry Thorpe | Mini Gun Wonsu Assassin | Andreas Sanchez | Jay Klaitz. Ray Bulgarin | Wei Cheng | Trailer Park Mafia, Grand Theft Auto IV Brian Jeremy | Niko Bellic | Luis Lopez | Type of Villain After the protagonist arrives, Lester starts complaining that he's already pulled off enough scores to not get dragged back into another one and tells them to "dick off", which reveals that he is under the impression that the protagonist texted him. After escaping, the protagonist regroups with Lester, Rackman, and Agent 14 at Los Santos International Airport (HD Universe) and everyone is beside themselves at how easily Avon tricked them. The Doomsday Heist Lester and Michael reunite after nearly a decade when Michael finds himself in need of a new heist after unintentionally angering Cartel boss Martin Madrazo by pulling his house down a hill (believing it to be the home of Kyle Chavis, the tennis coach who'd slept with his wife). Ricardo Diaz | Completely removes the player's wanted level once payment is received. He is one of the few characters along with Paige, Trevor, Avon Hertz, and Agent 14 to point out the Online Protagonists don't speak, and frequently makes fun of them for it, best example being during the Heist Update when he says that he won't have to cut out their tongue if they blab, as "you never use it". Lester is one of the several mission givers the player can interact with in Grand Theft Auto Online. However, when a heist is interupted by the FIB, the group is disban… Clarence Little | Lester's main role in the game is in helping the protagonists set-up various heists and operations. When called, he offers a wide range of services, which purpose is generally to assist the Protagonist. Bryan Forbes | Donald Love | Survivalists | Leo Teal | Required fields are marked *. Haines wants him to kill Trevor and Weston wants him to kill Michael. Avon claims that he and Cliffford have unfolded a doomsday plot from an unknown foreign entity and is looking to hire some people for taking on extremely dangerous missions, such as infiltrating the NOOSE building or stealing an Avenger from Merryweather. Zhou Ming | Phil Cassidy | @LesterC Cris Formage | Lester's icon from the dialogue section of the pause menu. Cris Formage Lester was also involved with stock fraud and corporate assassinations for a large chunk of his career. Lester Crest was, in 2004, an associate of Michael Townley, Trevor Philips and Bradley Snider, helping them with some of their heists in North Yankton as a black-hat computer hacker. Jim Fitzgerald | Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. It is implied that Lester was bullied in high school, as he posted on Bleeter that "getting revenge" on his old high school class "never seemed to get old". Loren Lester (Born October 4, 1960) is an American actor of stage, screen, and voice, best known for his portrayal of DC Comics superhero Robin (Dick Grayson) and Nightwing in the numerous Batman animated series and features in the DC Animated Universe.Lester is a graduate of the Occidental College theatre department and has voiced and appeared in hundreds of TV and radio commercials.He … Nobody believes Bogdan until Avon suddenly decides to take matters into his own hands and reveal his true colors. Timur | Phil Cassidy | Lester also requests the online player to distract the cops occasionally to allow his contact to safely escape. Physical description Donald Love | Status When the protagonist shows Lester that he messaged them, Lester gets confused until he realizes that his phone was hacked. Evil-doer Eddie Low | Towards the end of the game, Franklin is given orders from FIB Agent Steve Haines and Devin Weston to kill Michael and Trevor. Once the assassination is taken care of, Lester helps Michael, and his new associate Franklin Clinton, pull off a robbery at the Vangelico jewel store in Portola Drive. else { We don’t have enough evidences on Yassir Lester cars, Yassir Lester lifestyle. } Angels of Death Motorcycle Club | D | B Dup | Have Michael assassinate Jay Norris (succeeded).Have Franklin assassinate 5 people to help reduce stock market prices (succeeded). Occupation Cesar Vialpando | LLestWheelsThe PatientLester the MolesterMoeUncle LesterUncle LesLong John TeabagLJT Before the player leaves, Lester tells him/her that he is able to put a bounty on other players by calling Lester. Criminal Mastermind. Peter Dreyfuss | Trevor takes Weston to a cliff in Blaine County where he meets up with Michael and Franklin and all three protagonists proceed to mock a terrified Weston before pushing the car he's in off the cliff, killing him. Sweet Johnson | Crack Dealers | Vincenzo Cilli | Cliffford Stretch | Federal Investigation Bureau | When first entering Lester's home, the player can find that he has some homebrewing alcohol equipment set up with tubes running into jugs. He lures Haines' corrupt FIB allies and Weston's private Merryweather battalion to a foundry where the three protagonists ambush and kill all of them, stripping both Haines and Weston of their brute force power. Franklin Clinton | OG Loc | Victor Vance, Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Da Nang Boys | Jasmine and Lila Lester’s father Adrian Lester is a well-known actor best known for his work in Hustle, The Day After Tomorrow, and many more. Lester possibly believes that the Illuminati is watching him as he has an Illuminati poster in his house, and this may possibly explain why the windows of his house are covered up.

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