Victor Tsoi was a songwriter, singer, co-founder of Kino. It was here in 1982, at their first annual Rock Concert that Victor Tsoi made his stage debut. It’s empty there, man - and you, brother, are Russian! It’s about what’s going on in our country now, of everything that’s happening to us. The Soviet government gave grants to artists who they liked, they provided them with housing, recording studios and anything else they may have needed to succeed. The open political climate under Glasnost allowed Tsoi to make Blood Type his most political album yet it also allowed him to record a sound of music that no one before him was able to play. topical as ever today, touching on the difficult issue of emigration and a Tsoi's innovative lyrics and music impressed the crowd. Tsoi lived a poor life, with Marianna saying that they couldn't even afford a proper wedding dress. Several more albums were released, their themes were once again mostly political, further fueling the band's popularity. (Arabic), Nederlands He also went on tour in 1988–1989 to Italy, France, and Denmark. "Kino" was still not getting much mainstream attention due to the lack of government support, that would all change with the arrival of Mikhail Gorbachev. Come on old man, you could’ve called - like come on, we gotta send you off Tsoi's mother, Valentina Vasilyevna, was a teacher and his father, Robert Maximovich, was an engineer. As a result, Tsoi was not conscripted into the army. Suspended beside me slowlyThe mirror is probably brokenBy ZiLs* or KaMaZ*By pedals and gas, Patrols didn’t noticeMet us by headlightsNight, Moscow-Leningrad*Melting iceFlying on autopilotA missed turnFree flight…, Black sky, broken starsToo late to run, but also too late to returnBlack sky, broken starsToo late to run, but also too late to return…, Temples with swollen veinsAir cut up by sirensJust the right time to get desperateBut that’s just not happening, Melting and falling downSlipping through rampsNight, Moscow-LeningradMelting iceFlying on autopilotA missed turnFree flight…. (Thai), татарча/tatarça In particular, his wry, biting, timely social critique is on full display here - and this video hilariously (and sadly, quite accurately) satirizes Russia’s present and former ruling elites. Their early work, notably more somber and metal-like in style than Korol’ i Shut’s diverse and often comical art-punk work, has been dominated by the themes of loss - and “Forward and Up”, among other songs, is a dedication to the loss of their oft-misunderstood friend Gorshok. He worked and lived in the boiler room of the apartment building. (Latvian), монгол In 1990, after their high-profile concert at the Luzhniki Stadium, Tsoi briefly relocated to Latvia with bandmate Yuri Kasparyan to work on the band's next album. She composes her own music and plays several instruments, having been a member of several local bands before rising to popularity in her own right. He remains a very popular and in many ways authoritative figure to this day, and certainly the biggest name in the history of Russian rock. This tape was quickly passed around Leningrad, then all over the country by rock enthusiasts. This all happend on the way back from a fishing trip. Don’t forget your roots - remember There’s things that are an order higher, you hear  Such menial jobs were often taken by artists of various sorts whose work was not officially sanctioned; in those days, a rock musician like Tsoi could not sell his music through the state-run recording monopoly, nor could he hold concerts at official venues; so, he could not support himself through his music, and so might be inclined to take a job that, while low-paying, would give him enough to get by, while leaving him the free time to write songs. During one of these performances he was noticed by Boris Grebenshchikov, a member of the established rock group "Aquarium". The death of Viktor Tsoi was a shock to many fans, some even having committed suicide. Most of the tracks on the album were directed at the youth of the Soviet Union, telling them to take control and make changes within the nation, some of the songs discussed the social problems crippling the nation. You want to eat and not be hungry, you want to sleep soundly - Spreading his arms out wide, He floated above the world like a white craneTime had stopped, the sounds grew silent -He was flying away from us, forward and up…, My pain, raise me up!Give me strength to soar high above like a birdAn empty world left behind my back -I no longer have any will to return…***Severnyi Flot (”Northern Fleet”) was formed in 2013 by the members of Korol’ i Shut, Russia’s premiere art-punk band following the death of their leader Mikhail “Gorshok” Gorshenyov. (Dutch), Кыргызча Tsoi's car was completely destroyed to the point that one of its tires was never found. He was the only child of Valentina Vasilyevna Tsoi (born Guseva) (1939–2009), a Russian schoolteacher, and Robert Maximovich Tsoi (1938–), a Soviet-Korean engineer.

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