♦ Episode 7 God I know, this waiting is killing me, so is Viki the only active group of subbers out there? Nonton Heavenly Sword and Dragon Slaying…, Nonton The Legend of Chusen S02 / Noble Aspirations S02 (2016) Sub Indo, Nonton The Twilight Saga: Eclipse (2010) Sub Indo jf, Nonton The Twilight Saga: New Moon (2009) Sub Indo jf. @Kongsao I personally hope that the director doesn’t follow the end from the novel, and Yes I really love to see LYF and ZLY to do more dramas in the future. Forgive me for being stupid, but I still don’t understand why fans both of them could become don’t if there is any real relationship between them? They look so adorable together. Required fields are marked *. It is comical that they are saying that. Thank you so much for this!! I would love to see them as a main couple, but ZLY’a popularity is rising…. @Kongsao it’s true that LYF is a big fan of Chusen and he really likes Xiao Fan/ Gui Li character. As if ZLY needs to create a dating rumor to promote herself. – Season 1 is here. Is it a miss already? A pity that Biyao didn’t like him. they are encoders, they know. I told myself I wasn’t going to keep watching but…here I am. her beauty that can enchant the entire country. ♦ Episode 1 I stopped watching it at Ep. Perhaps LYF still broken hearted because Tang Yan finally chose Luo Jin? So far there is no news that he will do any other drama, his latest project is a movie titled Xin Li Zui(Criminal Minds), it will be released around this month or next month perhaps. Thank you. Now, if only I was with him emotionally…, ♦ Episode 18 *FINALE I love Gui Gui, but they make her character so annoying and hateful that I really don’t enjoy watching her. You are awesome as usual I was so frustrated with the ending of Season 1 that I told myself “nope not watching”……but guess what? Please be patient. Watchers 1,495. We all waiting for english sub. Episode 5? Qin Wu Yan (Mao Zi Jun) stole the emotional sadness from Xiao Fan (lol). So seems they doesn’t end up together. Don’t tell me if something bad happens to Jing Yu. will there be season 3? Yeah, it’s pretty meh. Gui Li returned to the Central Plains, personally destroying Xi Xianjian to resurrect Bi Yao, and met Lu Xue Qi at the moon platform. , Yes. It’s so sad at the end of season 1. The Link is above, I’ve put in the request for translation through viki, Thank you for helping request on license. Things don’t go as he wants and eventually Xiao Fan is pushed to the dark side. I think it is mainly due to the fact that it is kind of obvious they are not dating and they are just coworkers that have a decent relationship. – Summary and Spoilers, Kappy: Watched the first three episodes and I have to say the people from Qin Yun are all cold-hearted robots. I came to like this series while searching around looking for something to binge watch on my Christmas break. I thought that Xue Qi and Tian Bu Yi+wife really cared about Xiao Fan in the book. @Kongsao LYF plays the second lead in Evil Minds, as a partner of Liao Fan, he plays the role of genius criminal expert Fang Mu. Hi Kappy But I’m sure if they released the song, Happy will surely upload it here when she already find reliable source. Synopsis: With Bi Yao’s deep in a coma, Xiao Fan sets off to try to revive her. I don’t understand why others aren’t subbing such a popular franchise. arrrgghh…. He even said “I’m not the one that kicked him out the sect” . Reviews: 17 users. I think I’m still here because I would really feel cheated if I didn’t lay an eye on “Gui Li.” LOL. But it seems that some part from volume 5 or 6 of the novel has been showed in season 1. Thank youuu sooo much Kappy for listening to my request. ?/ i don’t why she have no chemistry with him what so ever even she is am don’t like her be with Gosh Li either however if the director really follow this Novel then i am not going to HAPPY watching even if Li Yi Feng still in that season to honestly i love this drama to point i very addict esp GU Li acting and the drama character here i watching Li yi feng act he sure Nile his character and love it!! All the emotions I want from Gui Le, you deliver. Just finish watching ep 18 (the last ep) and found out that the ending is not what i want…. But anyway if LYF have off screen chemistry with ZLY (like Tang yan with Luo jin).. his billions of crazy fans will eat her alive lol I hope to see them in a drama or another movie together this time as a couple. – 540p ZASK Is there a reason you guys cant do 720p or 1080p like the source is released as? Popularity #1231. Btw have seen other drama of LYF like The Lost Tomb or Legend of Fragrance? A lot of news articles were written about it, and their “compatibility” and “sweetness” was highlighted in the Happy Camp episode’s title (even though I watched and saw nothing).

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