But Greevy refuses to reveal Slim's whereabouts until he's freed.

It is important to Slim that he live by both his actions and words. There’s a twinkle in his eye when he knows something he figures the other guy doesn’t. They don’t end up with Slim. As the episode ends, Fred, not Slim, gets the girl, and the two head by covered wagon to California, where Sue had inherited unseen property. by. Lottie: Kathie Browne. (Duel at Parkison Town)(The Long Riders). There were many episodes with Slim and no Jess, or Jess and no Slim. In the episode "Cactus Lady" (February 21, 1961), it is revealed that Jess Harper had been nearly hanged by mistake in the border city of Laredo, Texas, because of the McCanles gang, played by Arthur Hunnicutt, L. Q. Jones, Harry Dean Stanton, and Anita Sands. Douglas: David Brian. His only ally is Jamie, the groom in the livery stable tending his horse, who ends up saving his life after Jess asks one too many questions. [16], In "Killer Odds" (April 25, 1961), Jess Harper comes upon Fred Powers, a stranger with a price on his head, played by John Lupton, formerly of the Broken Arrow series. He has a past with women   Added to his concerns are those two ranchers he keeps enlisting to fill in when his duties take him out of town. Before he dies one tells them they may find the third man Mitch in Chloride. The gang captures Judge Thomas J. Wilkens (Everett Sloane), to keep him from trying Morgan. Jess was raised in Texas and had at least two other siblings.
[26], In "Broken Honor" (April 9, 1963), Rod Cameron and Peggy McCay portray Roy and Martha Halloran, a farm couple who stumbles upon $30,000 in money found inside a strong box on their property. Ultimately, Slim, Jess, and Fred must rescue Sue and her family from the gunmen. Mort and Slim have known each other longer than have Mort and Jess. Here is a look at the pain and suffering he endured. (Men of Defiance).

Slim is held at gunpoint by Owen Richards (Barton MacLane), a stern rancher who thinks Slim kidnapped his daughter. Hub: Hal Baylor. Thatcher: Dennis Patrick. This gets him a reputation of being stubborn, hard-headed and bullheaded which creates some interesting confrontations with those stepping over the line; especially Jess, who has his own ideas about right and wrong. Jess allows himself to experience a missed childhood through his relationship with Andy. In addition to his work on the Sherman ranch, Jess doubles as a wrangler, deputy, stagecoach driver and shotgun, agent for the U.S. government and a member of the Laramie Cavalry Reserve Unit. When the outlaw Frank Skinner, played by Myron Healey, admits that he will not marry her, Annie set her sights on Slim Sherman, who is not interested in marriage either but is looking for Skinner, for whom he had earlier ridden shotgun on the stagecoach. Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. Harry Markle is trailed into Laramie by a bounty hunter and turned over to acting deputy sheriff Jess Harper for the night.

When he arrives at the Sherman Ranch, Jess doesn't realize it at first, but he has finally found a home. Originally written in 1966-1967 when I was in 6 th and7th grade. Ellen: Bennye Gatteys. Jess: Robert Fuller. Stage 36, Universal Studios - 100 Universal City Plaza, Universal City, California, USA. Jess arrives in Wyoming from Texas in search of an erstwhile "friend", Pete Morgan, played by John Mitchum, who had robbed Jess. Having spent nearly everything she had to get to Sherman (ranch) and being impressed with the goings on there, she accepts the men’s request that she become their housekeeper and Mike’s caretaker. shot. Jess and Sheriff Cory find two of the three men who held up the Laramie bank and shot Mike.

Sheriff: Stuart Randall. Music is his true love. Yes, Jess can deal off the bottom, but tends to reserve his slight of hand for the amusement of Andy and Mike. Mort seems to be the only sheriff to be able to hang onto the job.
Suddenly Matt Dyer, an outlaw played by Lloyd Nolan, arrives with his gang and takes as hostage Jess, Ma, and her granddaughter, Sue (Marlene Willis). Jess rescues reformed safe-cracker Gandy Ross (Don Durant) from Indians, but Gandy has another problem: an outlaw is trying to lure him back to crime. He seems to be  found drinking coffee and smoking cigarettes more often than working. London plays Dark's estranged wife, a card dealer using the name "June Brown." While Mose may not have been able to get her off his stagecoach fast enough when they first met, he quickly falls under her spell and is rather sweet on Miss Daisy, looking forward to seeing her  on his stops at the Sherman Relay Station. All appear to be 16 hands and more. There's horses & riders in the background! Because of declining ratings in its last season, Laramie was cancelled. Jess is singularly hot headed in the first season, but seems to mellow a bit as time goes on. Carla had pressured Winter to leave his wife and marry her. It’s a good time of life. [23], In "The Fortune Hunter" (October 9, 1962), Ray Danton plays Vince Jackson, a suave but nefarious suitor for a young woman, Kitty McAllen, played by Carolyn Craig, whom he plans to marry in order to extort money from her wealthy father, Fred McAllen, portrayed by Parley Baer. Troy McCanles has set her cap for Jess Harper and has shown up at the ranch to pickup where they left off in Texas, much to Slim Sherman's amusement. He also is generally against drink, except for “medicinal purposes.” He is not very adept with a pistol. Miss Daisy is also an object of affection. In fact, horses seem decidedly spooked by Jonesy and prefer to leave him afoot. [15], In "The Lost Dutchman" (February 14, 1961), Slim Sherman and Jess Harper arrive in Jackson City to purchase cattle from a state senator, George Lake, played by Robert Emhardt. Wellman: Arch Johnson. Slim’s favorite sports an irregular blaze. Slim has a number of longer-term relationships with daughters of upper management of the Great Central Overland Mail and even more short encounters at and off the ranch. Jamie has his own need for revenge and Jess won't rest until the man who wounded Mike is brought to justice. When Sheriff Neeley mentions that Laramie has one of the fastest growing cemeteries in Wyoming* he might have been thinking about how quickly Laramie sheriffs come and go. Jamie has his own need for revenge and Jess won't rest until the man who wounded Mike is brought to justice. Sheriff: Stuart Randall. Update as of 07/01/2018, WHY is Amazon blocking this show? ‘ persona, and a reason for Jess’ sudden and complete cessation is never revealed. The ranch is twelve miles west of Laramie and is also called "Twelve-Mile House". Ben Yuma is badly wounded in a train robbery and badly needs a doctor. Duval: Emile Genest. Mike Williams is quite literally one of the orphans of the storm as he arrives at the Sherman Ranch. When holding the lines of a four-up, he’s speedier than a telegrapher in bringing the latest news, general gossip and a personal perspective on the events around him to his favorite stop, the Sherman Relay Station. **  She quickly takes Mike and the two bachelors in hand as she turns the ranch house into a home. Giamo: Jock Gaynor. Ultimately, Jess forces Casper to turn over the gold to authorities after Casper has spent some $200 in a saloon. When Slim met Jess. Laramie Thank you For Being A Friend Jess and Slim . Ross: Robert Colbert. The ranch supplies horses for the relay teams, and occasional meals for the passengers Jess and Andy develop an immediate rapport. Sheriff: Stuart Randall. Slim: John Smith.

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