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From their hidden rookery, Blackfeather, it was rumored they commanded a secret organization of kenku loyal solely to their own kind, not to the array of different causes kenku served in the surrounding cities. I don't see it as inconsistent - that implies that it's done without understanding or intent. Language(s) They hoarded their stolen, shiny gold.

Medium Average weight Finally, they hit the big time. Here, they appear as humanoid hawks, having the basic frame of a human, but with bird-like feet, clawed hands, hawk wings sprouting from their backs, feathers covering their skin, and the heads of hawks. They first appeared in the 3rd Monster Manual, and then received an "Ecology of the Kenku" article in Dragon Magazine #329, with a kenku-focused adventure appearing in Dungeon Magazine #120.

The god was too embarrassed to admit the failure, and thus Quorlinn lived on.  1⁄4 ISBN 978-1-60125-269-2 ↑ James Jacobs, Dave Gross, Rob McCreary. Size [3][2], A kenku fought well alongside allies, and not just with others of its kind. Quorlinn was created as a failed experiment by a god of the sky.


He conquered what was thrown at him, and thus he was granted godhood. Spoiler warnings added to applicable mechanics. [7][10] In neighboring Durpar, they could be found in Assur, Vaelan, and other locales still held by humans,[11] and made up a significant proportion of the population.

Latest Pathfinder products in the Open Gaming Store. [10], The kenku even established their own domain in the so-called Blackfeather Barrens, the badlands between the monster-ruled realms of the Beastlands. Added full Trait descriptions to pages for Armor, Feats, and Weapons. Paizo Publishing, LLC. Unlike their AD&D counterparts, kenku have no magical abilities, beyond a near-supernatural knack for vocal mimickry; they can mimic virtually any sound they have heard. Quorlinn went on adventures and performed deeds of intellect, wit, and dexterity. Their ability score bonuses changed to +2 Charisma/+2 Dexterity or Intelligence, and they gained a racial encounter power; Flock Tactics, which lets you, as a minor action, either gain combat advantage against an enemy adjacent to one ally until the start of your next turn, or use the aid another/aid attack action to grant a +3 bonus.

[3] This is due to their former master finding out of their greed. Game logos at the top of the site have been updated to Paizo art - PF1E and Starfinder site will be updated with the same this week.

[2], Although they were selfish, kenku actually operated surprisingly well together and with allies.

They tended to be selfish and secretive in nature and were often engaged in plots to acquire wealth and power.

Monster Manual III, 3.5 edition[note 2] In 4th they reverted to just plain neutral, while 5th edition actually changes them again, making them chaotic neutral.  1⁄2

Quorlinn went on adventures and performed deeds of intellect, wit, and dexterity. They gain +2 Dexterity, +2 Wisdom, –2 Constitution.

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I’m really big on encounters that provide pressure and tension, but aren’t resolvable by combat.

I think they're working deliberately to design things in different ways - some features add on to existing actions, some create new actions. Kenku also desire treasure and forbidden knowledge. However, their shared resemblence to crows is where those distinctions end. Publishing!! [3][2] They were opportunistic and unscrupulous, not stopping at illegal or immoral acts.

Ok, so maybe the chaotic designator makes some sense. Eye color(s)

Hopefully, this brief overview of why the kenku are one of my favorite creatures has shed some light on a creature you didn’t know much about. Pathfinder #143: Borne by the Sun's Grace, Monster statblocks now show above family info, similar to 2E site design, Apocryphal Sub-Domains more clearly called out on Deities and Domains pages, Dozens of various other bugs and errors corrected. WRITE FOR TRIBALITY They preferred the safety of height.

4th edition sees them return to their former selves, though again they aren’t a main book entry. I assume it has to do with the concept of the kenku stealing the knowledge of powerful speech from their original deity they served.

Love it. It is the 5etools platform of choice for integrations. Black 4e However, they have been cursed to be unable to do so in ways that are not the cause of their downfall. The kenku changed and expanded in 3rd edition, though it took three whole volumes of Monstrous Manuals for them to appear.

Still, first book! Still, 2009’s Monster Manual 2 is a full book sooner than 3rd. They aren’t common in most games I have heard of, again anecdotally, so it’s something you can use to branch out from the expected. I find it very easy to make a kenku sympathetic, even if it’s an antagonist.

Chaotic neutral Quorlinn is a trickster god of the kenku, appearing masked and in rags, just as they do.

Spoiler column added to Equipment and Feat tables, along with a Spoiler superscript tag on the Spells list.

However, their Ancestry Feat options are very limited, so there's few truly effective sets of feats to select.


(December 12th, 2019) Pathfinder 2e - Practical Guide to Wild Shape - Character optimization guide for Pathfinder 2e's Wild Shape class feature ... (July 16th, 2019) DnD 5e - Kenku Handbook - Kenku Race Handbook (June 23rd, 2019) DnD 5e - Druid - Analysis of notable options from the Druid's spell list

Kenku PC stats appeared in the MM3 alongside their monster stats: Rather than try to use kenku, which are copywritten, Pathfinder just uses Tengu as bird-people from its Oriental Adventures regions of Golarion.

This changed over time, as tengu came to be seen as protective, but still scary and dangerous, spirits of the wilds. Quorlinn is generally good natured, though he can be a jerk at times. "The Monk with the Dragon Tattoo"! Head and torso were covered with soft feathers, a dark russet-brown color, while their scrawny limbs were bare and scaled like a bird's.

Rarity traits for Ancestries and Archetypes now visible on main lists, Weapon detail pages updated to show which deities the weapon is favored by, Spell detail pages updated to show which deities grant a given spell, Monster art updated for all current Pathfinder Adventure Paths.

[2] They established aeries or nests, usually hidden and often near large cities or at least in civilized lands. Luckily, this doesn’t stick around into later editions.

They also made brutal attacks against those they had the advantage over.

Their entry is pretty sparse.

Added full Trait descriptions to pages for Armor, Feats, and Weapons.

The thing I like most about the kenku is their emphasis on wit.

[3], Some kenku dedicated themselves to the path of assassin. Since that day his Kenku Rogue Clink has become a running joke in our group, and he plays that character in nearly every game he can and he literally crits 7 out of 10 times either rolling straight up nat 20's or rolling max on his damage. When doling out punishments, those being punished are forced to wear heavy, false wings. That’s the theory I’ve got, anyway.

As befits the surrounding lore I will discuss later on, Buddhists considered the tengu to be demons and harbingers of war. Some could disappear amongst their fellows, before they would resurface and strike again.

It was also mentioned that some humanoids kidnap kenku hatchlings and bring them up as slaves.

[3][2], A kenku could accurately mimic all kinds of noises, voices, and accents.

It’s easy to see why I like one, since I like the other. Challenge rating

Favored terrain I assume this is because all birds are insane things that make no sense.

Unlike other kenku, they could even fly for short time, with their arts.

[3], Kenku lived in close-knit gangs, family groups, or clans, commonly called "flocks".

Kenku also inhabited Estagund and Veldorn in the Shining Lands of the southeast.

[2], Some kenku served the demon lord Pazuzu, patron of evil flying things. They were further expanded in issues of, the following year, which is neat to see, even if it’s a variant I don’t care for all that much (#notmykenku). [3] They were said to be creations of the avian creator race known as the aearee. Pathfinder #144: Midwives of Death is now up! More obviously, those of Blackfeather attacked all trespassers without mercy, making it a place to be feared by all.[7].

Tribality Publishing is now producing titles so that you can use our ideas directly into your games. Book of Beasts: Witch Codex (PF 1e) Aegis of Empires 4: Legend of the Burning Star (PF1) Lands of Theia; Arcforge Campaign Setting: What Lies Beyond; Ultimate Kingdoms (Pathfinder RPG) This article clarifies that the Nentir Vale kenku have much the same backstory as their 3e counterparts, just tweaked for the World Axis cosmology; here, they are described as being creations of the Raven Queen who got greedy and offered to betray her secrets to Pazuzu, for which they were afflicted by a divine curse and changed to their current wretched state.

Maybe you’ll even learn to love the sad, feathered guys as much as me. [3] They most resembled ravens.

They would usually flee the moment a battle turned in their opponent's favor, and even surrender if it meant staying alive. I come for the reviews and stay for the puns.

Quorlinn was created as a failed experiment by a god of the sky.

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