The speciality of this horse is that all the four legs of this horse are in the air and they do not touch the ground. The third day (**.11.2020) – Karthigai Deepam festival the ceremony begins at night with the Lord Panchamurthigal coming in procession majestically on the Simha vahana, the chariot of lion. வீட்டு வேலை செய்யும் தொழிலாளர்கள் தமிழ்நாடு உடலழைப்பு தொழிலாளர்கள் நல வார� This term Annamalaiyar is derived from the name of the hills Annamalai that means an inaccessible mountain. 1st April 2020 - Ashtami 108 Sangu Abishekam Pooja For Lord Bairavar in Tiruvannamalai Arunachaleswarar Temple for the Good Health of All People Around... March 30,2020 - Dhanvantari Homam is Performed in Tiruvannamalai Arunachaleswarar Temple by Temple Administration For the good health to all people around the World. What is the temple timings during Margazhi month ? This occasion is celebrated with grandeur for ten days to revere Lord Shiva, who took the form of an infinite fire. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); The sixth day (**.11.2020) – Karthigai Deepam festival commences with a night procession of Lord Panchamurthigal on the silver chariot that is beautifully crafted and simply imposing when it comes around the temple. In the morning and night Lord Arunachaleswarar will be taken out on the silver vahana for procession. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Karthigai Deepam Ghee Donation – Click Here, Tiruvannamalai Deepam Festival Day 2 – Click Here, Karthigai Deepam Festival Begins with Flag Hoisting – Day 1 – Cick Here, Karthigai Girivalam 2019 – December Girivalam 2019 – Click Here, Karthigai Deepam Koparai Repair Work – Click Here, Karthigai Deepam Festival Invitation 2019 Pooja – Click Here, Karthigai Deepam Panthakal Festival 2019 – Click Here. There are several legends associated with Karthigai Deepam. Karthigai Deepam will be lit atop the 2,668-ft. high hill in the temple town at around 6 p.m. on Tuesday. Site best viewed in IE 8.0+ or Firefox 5.0+ or Safari 5.0+, 12 Months To Fulfill Wishes & Attract Abundance. read more…, Mocha Deepam For SPB in Tiruvannamalai Symbolism of Thiruvannamalai Sri Arunachaleswarar Temple - Karthigai Deepam The Maha Deepam represents Lord Shiva, who appeared in the form of a pillar of fire with no end and beginning (Jyotirlinga) before Brahma and Vishnu. 10.9.2020 - அருள்மிகு அண்ணாமலையார் கோயிலில் SPBக்கு மோட்ச தீபம் சற்று முன் ஏற்றப்பட்டது, September 1st,2020 - Arunachaleswarar Temple Opened For Public Darshan. In the evening the Mahadeepam is lit on the top of the hill at around six o clock. The Panchamurthis(Panchamurthigal) are also taken out in the procession. The second day (**.11.2020) – Karthigai Deepam festival commences with the Lord Panchamoorthigal coming on Indira Vimanam the chariot of Lord Indira. How many days/nights can deepam will be visible? To teach them a lesson and prove his supremacy above everyone, Lord Shiva appeared in the form of an infinite fire and asked them both to find the top and bottom of the fire. December 11,2019,Theppal Festival For Lord Chandrasekarar held at Night 9 pm at Tiruvannamalai Arunachaleswarar Temple. read more…, This temple is built around 750 A.D. period (details As per Sculptures) The very biggest temple in India dedicated to Lord Arunachaleswarar (Shiva).This Shiva – Parvathi Arunachaleswarar temple has a 66 metre high gopuram that comprises of 13 storeys or tiers.Here Shiva is known as Annamalaiyar in the form of Lingam and Parvathi Devi known as Apitakuchambal. Therefore, the lighting of the lamps represents the victory of good over evil. On Karthigai Deepam, people light lamps in their houses to usher in prosperity and auspiciousness in their lives and ward off negativities and evil forces. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. May 1 st,2020 - Tiruvannamalai Chithirai Vasantha Utsavam Festival Video.Public not allowed to enter the Temple for... Tiruvannamalai Rare Event Video - 2020 On this auspicious day, a huge lamp is lit in a massive earthen lamp on the holy hill of Thiruvannamalai, Tamil Nadu. Pichandavar Festival 2019  Worshipping him on this day can destroy your ego, pride, greed and delusion. According to another legend, on Karthigai Deepam, Lord Muruga who was born as six flames from the third eye of Lord Shiva and was nurtured by the Karthigai Pengal (six maidens) as six beautiful babies, who were unified by Goddess Parvati into a single boy with six faces called Shanmuga. Solar Eclipse 2019 - India Remove darkness in the form of negativities, Bestow auspiciousness, prosperity and happiness, Put an end to worries and help attain inner peace. The festival symbolizes the victory of good over evil, both on spiritual and material fronts. Thiruvannamalai Deepam 2020 date is November 29. December 10th,2019 - Maha Deepam litted in Annamalai hills in Tiruvannamalai Video This ratham is made of pure wood that is strong and rugged. December 8,2019 - Pichandavar Urchavam & Panchamoorthigal inKuthirai Vahanam festival held in... You have entered an incorrect email address! A big umbrella with about 17 feet in diameter is carried along in the procession. Lord Shiva is the archetype of Universal Consciousness, the primordial energy responsible for all possibilities. Participate in the remedial services to clear your karma and receive the blessings. Clay lamps of various sizes and patterns are lit around the house and on the rangolis to welcome the divine.   People celebrate the day by wearing new clothes, visiting their family and friends and bursting crackers with joy. Lord Panchamoorthigal goes on this vahana that is about 25 feet tall. The wick in the lamp symbolizes our ego, the oil in the lamp denotes our inborn nature that cultures the ego and the flame signifies the spiritual wisdom that can inflame the ego (wick) by burning out the innate behavior (oil). Astronomically, this star is known as Alcyone, and it is the brightest star in the Pleiades constellation. However, both of them failed in their efforts and understood the supremacy of Lord Shiva above all. April 14,2020 - Lord Annamalaiyar Alangaram in Tiruvannamalai Temple for tamil month Chithirai 1st - Tamil... Tiruvannamalai Lord Arunachaleswarar & Unnamalai Amman Panguni Uthiram Thirukalyanam Video - 2020 10.1.2020 - Special Abishekam and Deepa Aarathi For Arudra darshan in tiruvannamalai Temple For Lord natarajar & Sivakami Sundari Amman. Tiruvannamalai April Pournami Girivalam Calender 2020 Girivalam Can be Performed on Any Day In tiruvannamalai around Annamalai Hills.The Most Auspicious day to Perform Girivalam is Pournami Day Of Every Month. The Panchamurthigal are Lord Ganapathi, Lord Murugan, Lord Sandeswarar, Lord Arunachaleswarar and Goddess Parvathi.These processions are carried out on different vahanas after the Deeparadhana is done at the kalyana mandapam. Karthigai Deepam also hails the victory of Goddess Parvati over the demon Mahishasura by lighting lamps. Sign up to receive our Newsletters & enjoy a FREE membership plan for 3 months, © 2020 AstroVed.Com Private Ltd. - All rights reserved. Sabarimala Darshan Virtual Q Booking Guide – Clickhere, What is the time to maha deepam in top of the hill, Karthigai Maha Deepam on Top hill at 6 pm on 10.12.2019. Girivalam Timings October 2020 – Know more… Prodosham Girivalam is also performed by all Devotees Every Month. On the fourth day (**.11.2020) of Karthikai Deepam the Lord Panchamurthigal comes in the procession that starts at night on the kamadhenu vahanam. There is a very mammoth gathering on this day at the Arunachaleswarar temple to witness this glorious and sacred event. Karthigai Maha Deepam Video 2019 – Click Here, Karthigai Deepam Festiavl Day 9 – Click Here, Karthigai Deepam Festiavl Day 8 – Click Here, Karthigai Deepam Festival Video – Click Here, Maharatham Festival 2019 Day 7 – Click Here, Karthigai Deepam Festival 2019 Day 6 – Click Here, Karthigai Deepam Festival 2019 – Day 5 – Click Here, Tiruvannamalai Karthigai  Deepam Festival 2019 Day 4 – Click Here, Tiruvannamalai Deepam Festival Day 3 – Click Here, Maha Deepa Koparai ready for Deepam – Click Here. Tiruvannamalai Arunachaleswarar Temple Festival - Karthigai Deepam Festival Day - 8  This festival is celebrated with more fervor in South India. It is believed that Lord Shiva later appeared as a massive fire hill called as Arunachala. The night ceremony starts with Lord Periya nayagar going out procession on the Rishaba vahanam that is made of gold.

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