Til I see you again And if I see the other side, there'll be no rest until I find you Heard this on WNCW today and listened on repeat all day. It’s better than it was before Til the meaning’s gone And I'd do it all again, another chance, and I'd stand beside you still And let the walls fall down January 26th 2019. Let the whole damn place know your name That we don't all fall apart sometimes Affording a chance for Craig to switch between assorted instruments, the primarily acoustic picked and haunted Some Distance From It All is just a  two-man job speaking about restlessness and finding your own identity (“The only child of a traveller/I’m only killing time/The path he kept has nothing left/I’ll ever know as mine”) with “the past, a man, whose weathered hand I’ll never have to hold”. When my last step hits the ground Justin Wells, Dark and Bloody Groundby Fifth on the Floor, The breakout record by Fifth on the Floor, featuring "Distant Memory Lane" and "The Fall". No time for a broken heart Born to lose where the clouds won't move But I go anyway Let your hair down a little more I love to here Sturgill sing, and wish had found him earlier. The first thing I saw this morning, anyhow I believe Keep singing you are great. I can't say it like I mean The pleasure's mine to introduce my closest friends The songs were written to fit a preconceived storyboarded sequence, embracing a range of styles and working with musicians that included multi-instrumentalist Justin Craig, Miles and Daxx Nielsen and Lee Carroll. But I've found myself saying Let em all gather round Down like dogs, Never Better Some new line you never thought to learn And stand here, my heart in my hand Til I see you again Let my people know, I'm not the first to go, but I go anyway I've had my fill over the years Had to buy the vinyl and show my support. Ruby 11. When the walls fall down And I'll wait in the rain It’s better than it was before And you can leave what's left of my heart right there where it lays, After the Fall I've gone and found my feet When my last step hits the ground Down like dogs Let em all fall to the floor The past, a man, whose weathered hand Just to watch you throw the whole thing to the wind © 2020 - Folk Radio UK He describes The United State as being about what it means to be human, of the journey from cradle to grave and what connects us along the way, a response to the creeping tribalism he was seeing around him. But “Keep trying,” they said, “soon, it'll all work out” Found some distance from it all In keeping with the narrative arc, following a brief ambient pedal steel instrumental You’ll Never Know Dear, How Much I Love You, it starts in the womb with The Screaming Song and the voyage into the great unknown as, to a walking drum beat, he drawls “What big damned old world did I land on?”, musing  “it won’t be the last time I am on my own”. It's over long before I learned to lose The second follows on its heels with Alex Munoz again on 12-string for the chorus-friendly, ringing Walls Fall Down, the lyrics looking back at naïve youth (“Some foolish, mannish boy, with a barely managed ploy to beat the worst”) from an older years perspective and with a brighter attitude as it heads towards thoughts of mortality (“There’s lightning in your eyes, and a shotgun in the smile on your face The blessings are all counted, the harvest is bound to get us through And if I see the other side, there’ll be no rest until I find you”)  with “sunshine blinding my view”. I've gone and found my feet Be gone when they hit the door

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