I want to continue to work full time and would love to be able to pay as I go, or at least take out minimal loans. In this case, my definition of "data science" as distinct from statistics or data analysis is that it involves semi or un-structured data, and/or massive quantities of data. Reading your post, I would recommend: R programming course (don't pay for it) Getting and cleaning data (don't pay for it). I agree with all of this, but would add two things: consider learning a bit of R in addition to python. If your post is missing it may have been caught by the spam filter. And yes - a thoughtful Reddit user informed me I left off the "S" on Johns in the title. If anything the specialization could be considered an "Introduction to Data Science" specialization, because the root of data science is data analysis. Online learning requires a lot of discipline. Ideally you'll know more about Programming than a Statistician, more about Stats than a Programmer, and be more technical/quantitative than someone with an someone with a degree in Business Analytics. Earn your degree on your terms at Johns Hopkins Engineering for Professionals. Any thoughts on the program regarding quality of classes, career placement, and overall experience? They aren’t offering them out of the goodness of their hearts. I'm currently enrolled in Johns Hopkins online Masters in Computer Science program and taking their Data Science course this semester. With that said, when I started looking for jobs a few months ago, I had 109 interviews in 2 months. As a major, it's relatively new. I've been the Head of Digital Marketing for Groupon's (previous) food delivery service (OrderUp, which was also HQ'd here in Baltimore) and I've played with literally petabytes of data. The videos are very theoretical, which is good if you want to get into academia. Your submission has been automatically removed because you are new to our community, spend more time contributing with your comments before posting. Most of my work focuses on picking up data from third party APIs, sticking it into our data pipeline, and pulling it out with Python to serve up for our web app after it's been fed into the various MapReduce jobs we have to format the data into the shape we need. Disclaimer - I don't have a formal CS degree but learned programming through grad school (data analytics in social science) and an immersion program. Okay, now it's necessary again. Please contact the moderators of this subreddit if you have any questions or concerns. True or not, I'm at a crossroads as to which one to pursue. Does anyone have any insight for what may be better? The short version I'll write here is that it seems directed at beginner programmers who want to capitalize on the boom in big data hiring. Sure, you will absolutely learn a lot about a lot of things, but depending on how old you are, I'd say you probably won't apply about 70% of what you learn from this program in real life scenarios. It would be an incredible thing to have on your resume... an MBA from JHU in Data Science... what could be better right? We're here to discuss analysis of data, learning of skills and implementation of web analytics. I don’t know about you guys, but one day breaks aren’t breaks at all in my experience. With a mix of cautious optimism, careful preparation, and strong desire to convene on our campuses, we are planning to resume in-person, on-campus academic and residential offerings this spring to the greatest extent possible.". Then find a pet project or kaggle competition that interests you and go to town. If business people think you're smart enough, they'll invite you to sit at their table. Quite often people are hired with an unrelated STEM degree if they have the qualification that u/notwiththatattitude lists above. The site may not work properly if you don't, If you do not update your browser, we suggest you visit, Press J to jump to the feed. Coming to reddit to see what options are available. At least that way it’s four consecutive days. I don’t know how much Hopkins is willing to change its mind, but there’s a feedback form in the e-mail they sent. Those two will give you a super quick crash course in R. You can probably knock them out in a week or two if motivated. I typically stray far away from online degrees, even if the university is prestigious unless the cost is super affordable like Georgia Tech’s online masters of analytics or masters of cs. Johns Hopkins Data Sci specialization and the UCSD Big Data specialization are two course listings that pop out to me. Will shoot you a message! Looks like you're using new Reddit on an old browser. For taking it to the next level: Statistical inference. How can you help solve our problems? Every quarter in my program people land positions with FANGs or other Fortune 500 companies . So JHU just sent out an email: "We write today to share news about our spring semester. Period. hot new top rising. Because the numbers regarding new COVID cases are not looking good right now. Cookies help us deliver our Services. Thanks! New link. Posts spammed to many college or similar subreddits, Press J to jump to the feed. Do you have a PhD? I must say I’m surprised. I've read a Naive Bayes white paper, wrote my own implementation using a Kaggle in the class room dataset, and went through it in two different talks. Everything you can learn at JHU can be self-taught for free online. This plan would mean that students get no true breaks during the Spring semester. Talking about the data collection, the cleaning, the modeling, the relationship building, and the implentation...that's what people care about. I would be on board if they did something like they did for Fall Break this year a couple times. If not, you're stuck as a code monkey. I've been work as a platform dev for approx 18 months writing a blend of Python and Java code. Having said that, it has to come from a reputable school . I'd ask for feedback from people who've taken the courses themselves and try to make an informed decision. So with all that background about me out of the way, let's pivot back to your query. card classic compact. I am Senior Software Engineer in the Bay Area, and looking to get myself a Master's degree. True or not, I'm at a crossroads as to which one to pursue. Figure out which learning style helps things stick more and take the course. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. While it's very true that you don't need an advanced degree to excel in this field, quite often people in hiring positions don't see it that way. It appears to me the former may be more academically minded whereas the latter is more professional minded. Again, the goal is to get a 10,000 foot overview of the techniques and mentality. If you paired this degree with say an MBA or graduate certificate in something another field (like software or life sciences), you'll be able to expand career options. I would also look at the Portilla course on Udemy. Otherwise I would navigate and learn everything on my own. We know you have tons of questions, but we ask that you please do a quick search of the subreddit before making a new thread, in order to avoid questions being repeated too frequently. Student Resources - Your academic success is important to us. Dedicated to web analytics, data and business analytics. Please message the mods with a link included so we may correct the problem. My advice, watch a few videos from each. Considerably under the $50k+ price tag for the data science programs. With this assumption, what do you guys think is the best option for housing for freshmen? Congratulations! new. Someone with an MSBA could become a Data Scientist but then go on to the business side of Analytics, and someone with an MSCS could transition to a different field more easily (such as Software Development or Cybersecurity). I want that college experience with a great group of close friends, but I don't know which dorm, AMR II or a more suite-style dorm, would be best for this. I could go on and on because I've been doing this for so long, so feel free to shoot me a DM :). MOOC therefore provide an attractive option for me. Come here to post and see news related to all facets of the … Press J to jump to the feed.

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