This guide provides a comprehensive overview of most of them. It will be listed on the character's page. Ren's past is shrouded in mystery. Indivisible was going to be perfect until 505 rushed the project and ever since that, things went downhill. This slide will actually send her behind the target. Repeat until target lands within the party. The follow up for this attack will have Qadira perform an uppercut on the target, launching it into the air. The site may not work properly if you don't, If you do not update your browser, we suggest you visit, Press J to jump to the feed. This must be executed before she lands on the ground. Sakura Wars - Controls for PS4, Xbox One and PC, Samurai Shodown V Special - Beginner's Guide (Tips and Tricks), Resonance of Fate / End of Eternity - Basic Beginner Guide. Three bars, Summons a rain cloud, showering the area around her. Characters that can patch themselves usually have less health. All of Qadira's supers excel at pushing the target either closer or away from the party. This version hits 6 times. Breaking the guard of a shielded target generates 30 extra iddhi. Normal: Shoots three arrows, in succession, at the target, Down: Shoots three clustered arrows at the enemy, Up: Showers down six arrows around the area where the target is,  Special:  One bar, Shoots three barrages of the three clustered arrows, two bars lead to four barrages and three bars leads to eight barrages. (air) denotes that a target should be hit while still in the air. She'll jump up with the target. All of Qadria's attacks include the bonus follow-up attack. Looks like you're using new Reddit on an old browser. Today’s update will focus on one such aspect of character progression, Action and Defense upgrades. Indivisible Character Stats, Moves and Combos List Indivisible packs in a lot of different characters, each with his/her unique traits that may prove beneficial in different situations. Below are all the character details, including their moves, basic stats, attacks, and combos. Special: Slashes target ith revolver(one bar), loads special bullets into his revolver(two bars), and rapidly fires a revolver at target(three bars). Normal: Dhar slashes the target, Up: Jumps and slashes the enemy, Down: Powers up the next attack with earth elements, Special: Slams area with a stone sword, if there is a single bar, damage increases steadily in case you have two or three bars. For iddhi generation, use a string of Up attacks. Qadira slides along the ground into the target. What position in the party the character works best in. Two bars melts into an invincible puddle of water. Close. The initial thrust of the blade does not deal damage. Tungar runs up to the target and slashes around the entire area multiple times. Slower characters that have powerful attacks are also slow to generate iddhi. All attacks generate a base amount of iddhi on activation. This version hits 15 times. Damage increases with the same attack if you have two bars, and with three bars Tungar swipes the area with his blade. When I attacked a monster I noticed that character slot is just empty. Qadira rushes at the target and repeatedly slams into it. Passive(Hunoch): Attack power for Hunoch increases by 28 percent, less Iddsho generated,  Passive(Xiboch): Amount of Iddhi generated increases, damage does’nt change. After firing arrows, hold R1 and press X (XBox) or Square (PS) to detonate arrows for more damage. Posted by 2 years ago. Since the second slash keeps the target off of the ground, an Up attack executed directly after the first attack will not connect on the first hit. But outside something like the character pages alluding to it, like the Prate's saying her ,(1) (2) and (3) can all do extra hits with button presses, it is never explained. For damage, use a string of Neutral attacks. This is required to reach the cat boss. Ginseng and Honey's Basic attack charges their Up attack heal, up to 6 charges (6 basic attacks, chained or not). Indivisible is an RPG, and RPGs need character progression! Down Attack (skip if attack level is lower than 4). Developer Site Game Site YouTube Facebook Twitter Tumblr Discord Explore. Seemingly lacking any kind of moral compass or value system, Ren will kill anyone if the price is right. The same targeting principles apply. This attack can connect with targets that are halfway off of the ground. Since the slide will send Qadira behind the target, the attack is very useful for pushing a target closer to the party. I personally use this attack when I want to generate iddhi, as airborne targets generate more iddhi. Ajna Incarnations Guest Characters Lore. Use her down attack, as the puddles land mainly around the foe(s) you attack. Tungar runs up and slashes a target for good damage. The more powerful attacks’ damage goes into thousands. Normal: Ginseng runs at the target and grinds the mortar & pestle, Up: Honey throws a random object from Ginsberg’s bag at the enemy, Down: Dhar slashes the target, Special: If you have a single bar, Ginseng plucks a plant from the ground and stores it in their bag. First Attack – Normal: Punch the enemy, Down: Crouch down and Jab the target, Up: Spinning kick that hits in a wider area; with an axe she can crouch and launch the enemy up with the axe, Special: With a single bar she performs a sequence of palm strikes, finishing off with an axe chop, with double bars the axe chops increase to two. Qadira rushes at the target and repeatedly slams into it. You can think of this as our alternative to buying new weapons and armor for your party. Her Neutral attacks have the highest damage of all her non-special attacks. This must be executed before she returns to her default animation. Cookies help us deliver our Services. Normal: Shoots his revolver at the target, Up: Jumps and swipes down at the target, Down: Reloads revolver. With the second slash, Tungar whips his blade back at an upwards angle and knocks the target(s) upwards and towards the party. One thing to note is that the meter build for this attack is low. Each character has some unique traits that make them suitable for a position, and attacks that are unlike that of any other character. This attack happens about 0.3 seconds after the first slash. Use Special attack 3 for massive amounts of healing. I have covered character stats, moves and combos in Indivisible and provided details for each of them. Then I went in a different location and she disappeared somehow. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the Indivisible community. Any target that is knocked up into the air and then hit while in air will generate 3-5 extra iddhi. Health – Just as it sounds. That means that the easiest way to line up targets is to wait for a target to attack, then use the Special attack as it runs in front of another target. 16. Same attack with more damage for a higher number of bars. Normal: Whips the target with his blade, Down: Attacks entire field with a fury of slashes, Up: Whips the target, knocks them up and forward, Special: Slashes at target, with a single bar. Hits will register, but the damage will not be delt until the very end. This will push the target quite far. After unlocking the run ability, jump then press down then X (XBox) or Square (PS) to do the downward smash. When he arrived, Ren quickly made a name for himself as the most deadly assassin. Normal: Summons thorns from the ground, Up:  Plants a sapling in front of the target, Down: Special: Passive: Normal: Nuna summons thorns from the ground, Up: Nuna summons a stalk of maize that knocks up the target, Down: Nuna plants a sapling in front of the target, Special: Nuna blows dandelion pedals at the target, one bar. Everyone can stack their Specials 3 times. The follow up for this attack will have Qadira extend her shield out a bit farther as she bashes the target. Use her normal attack, as the puddles land inside your party as well as in front of any foe you attacked. Thank you very much! Generation is determined by the attack and number of targets hit. What the character is mainly used for (e.g. Three bars special attack launches a beam that shoots across the field. She also deals a solid amount of damage, and her speed is very manageable despite being a 1 speed character. Locations Enemies Links. Normal: Bounces a ball at the enemy. Useful for trying to position targets. Can hold up to 3 charges at a time, one charge is used per attack chain (if time between Dhar’s attacks is too long, it will use another charge, even in the same turn). I recorded the damage, hit number, and other information for all the character attacks.-----Ajna (Default) Lots of unfair ratings due to the game not being complete. Use special attack 1 to create a damage zone around the party. Normal: Yan performs a spin kick, Up: Spins upwards and kicks the target, Down: Flips backward and slams her leg into the target, Special: Makes in-air targets easier to hit. Normal: Bom launches flames at the target, Up: Bom blasts the target up, Down: Decreases targets’s frequency of attack, Special: Heals the party in case of a single bar, launches spirit of Bom with two bars and unleashes soul of Bom as well as raining fire on the target, if you have three bars. Not Riding Altun – Normal: Punches target, Down: Sends Altun to dive bomb the target, Up: Kushi jumps and rides Altun, Riding Altun – Normal: Altun screeches and deals damage over a large area, Down: Altun flies  and then slams back down into the target, Up: Kushi dismounts Altun. Follow up attacks typically generate an extra (1) iddhi. Higher the speed, the faster the barrage of attacks. (Have every party member attack with their close range attack) + Down Attack, (Space out the attacks so every party member remains close to the target for as long as possible). Indivisible, a new Action-RPG from Lab Zero Games! Follow-Up Attack – Normal: Knocks enemy down with a spear, Up: Chops enemy twice with an axe, Down: Shoots bow at the enemy. ... Damage stats for each character. Every character in Indivisible has some basic statistics that help you decide whether he or she is any good. If you have three bars Ginsenfg grinds the mortar and pestle and then exploding it. The follow up for this attack will have Qadira slam the target back into the ground. Follow-Up – Normal: Qadira bashes the target an additional time, Up: Qadira performs an uppercut on the target, Down: Qadira smashes the target back into the ground. There definitely needs to be some fine tuning, especially with explanations. This is shown in a character's move list. This will push the target quite far. I had done Zahra's quest and got her in the party (She is that girl who asks you to bring some monster body parts). This can hit multiple targets, but they need to be horizontally aligned. Qadira runs up to the target and bashes it into the air. Since the hitbox for this attack is active untill the frame that she leans into her shield, you can usualy hit the enemy behind your target if you wait long enough. r/Indivisible: Indivisible, a new Action-RPG from Lab Zero Games! Passive: Nuna will automatically revive after being knocked out. Qadira runs at the target and smashes into it. Indivisible packs in a lot of different characters, each with his/her unique traits that may prove beneficial in different situations. If your GM doesn’t say otherwise, you roll 4d6, ignore the lowest roll, and add them together. Use this attack when you want to spread damage around. Characters. Remember to save your last attack to activate your puddles, so you can heal any ally about to attack.

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