Combining the paper airplane with a rocket or a bomb would have a plane carrying explosives to the final destination. It may seem inefficient, but can be a lifesaver when used correctly. Difficult challenges, animated characters with scope to enhance your decoration capabilities, Homescapes is one of the best games in recent times. It’s up to you. You can choose among three Boosters before the start of a level to give you a head start. When you start the stage, look for a good spot for a chain reaction. More difficult stages will have you clearing out jelly or boxes, and you can use rockets to quickly wipe out an entire row. The game’s objectives involve clearing pieces in different situations and sometimes, special conditions. In Homescapes, Austin goes back to his childhood home to meet his parents. Many other Elements you encounter later on also require the use of power ups just to get rid of them, so keep that in mind. Dear old mum and dad are considering selling the old family home - a potential disaster for Austin, the doting son who doesn’t want to see the house’s legacy lost. This game also has a lovely pet. Swapping two power-up positions will combine their powers and will trigger bigger and more awesome effects. Use Boosters when you’re in a bind, but make sure you don’t run out of them early on! Remember, the game is a puzzle, and there’s a solution to it. Getting a head start. In this way, you can also decorate the house to make it look gorgeous. You can do it by matching four pieces in a square or box formation. To spread it, you have to match all pieces on the carpet. You can do this by matching those tiles that already have under the carpet. This game looks simple but let me assure you: it’s no walk in the park. So how can you make sure that you’ll be able to finish the level immediately? This game can let you create an atmosphere according to your preferences. To clear the board faster, there are various Boosters in Homescapes to help you. It’s very similar to Gardenscapes, but now you’re helping Austin restore his childhood home into the great mansion that it once was. You’ll have to familiarize yourself with how things work as you progress through the game. It can be a daunting task, but we’ve got some advice for you…. If you can", Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit review - "A novel undertaking", Gravity Brawl is an upcoming multiplayer shooter that's heading for iOS and Android this year, HoloVista video - "Watch as your reality bends", Empty. They cannot be exchanged with other tiles, but they will allow power up to pass through them. But you might as well just end up spending the whole 30-minutes without completing a level. Also, you can slide rocket to the next row into different positions. If you love DIY home renovation? Getting a headstart These stages have carpets that require to spread across the board. The objective of these levels is to get the Donuts to the bottom of the screen. Rainbow Ball is the best way to get through a game using as little moves as possible. Luckily, bombs, aeroplanes and rockets can all help spread carpet - but again, they must have to touch carpet first. Homescapes is, well, very homely, and everyone in the family can play it. In addition to this individually, you can try them together as much as you can for even better effects. Only matching every three blocks is not the most effective progress. Clearing blocks three tiles at a time won’t get you very far. While there are literally thousands of levels in Homescapes, the game is kept fresh and interesting with the introduction of new Elements. This will let you collect more stars within the 30-minute time limit, which should then be enough to spend on another day’s worth of activities. At level 8, you will see first boosters, Hammer. The other three Boosters, you could use in the middle of a level. You have to analyze properly before you slide anything. You can use bombs to remove all the tiles in a two-square radius. Do you know why it is crucial? Clearing blocks isn’t enough to create fresh carpet - at least one of the cleared blocks had to have been on carpet already. It just requires to follow a simple process to produce coins and stars. Fortunately, bombs, airplanes, and rockets can help you to spread the carpet. I hope you will find this helpful. Simple Walls: Walls that you can destroy appear on level 71. By the time you run out of lives, you will have collected many stars. Since planes target pieces and elements that need to be cleared to complete the level, sometimes just doing this once is enough to finish everything. There are also other ways to get the infinite lives bonus in-game, like in events and competitions. Select the one you want to do and watch the Unfold scene of involving characters in the game.

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