The final measurements you need to calculate spoke length are. Must be measured at several angles and averaged. Spoke calculator. A tape or ruler of plastic, fabric or wood cannot be trusted. Normal ERD's account for the nipple height. If you have an account, you'll be able to save your wheel builds and add new hub and rim models for all users to use. Number of spoke holes in the rim and hub (counting both sides), Rim outside diameter, and depth from that to a spoke hole, and/or, Rim measured circumference and depth from that to spoke holes, Spacing of right hub flange from centerline, Spacing of left spoke flange from centerline. SHIPPING SAFELY EVERYDAY. FAQ: If I have a 32 hole wheel do I have to select 16 hole drilling or 32 hole drilling? To avoid having to remove the rim tape of a built-up wheel, you may measure at the inside of the valve hole, as long as you can see that the spokes rest at the same diameter. Next, turning the hub over and measuring the other end, the left flange is 35mm from the left locknut. So in this case 32 hole. For example, if the left flange of the hub is 35 mm from the centerline, the right flange 20 mm from the centerline and the spoke holes in the rim are offset 3mm to the left, then the effective flange spacing is 32mm on the left and 23mm on the right. There are manufacturers' specifications and lists of rim and hub dimensions online -- including Damon Rinard's list on this site, BUT, only after you have mostly laced up a wheel will you discover whether spoke length is correct. The latest three hubs added to the database are: Also within the database you'll find 38 rim manufactures with a total of 603 models to choose from. The server code has been tidied up and you should notice a speed increase when pages are loading. Please email, Required hub and rim measurements are not in our database. The ruler and the manufacturer's identified spoke length agree very well. But in case the math interests you, here's how spoke length is calculated. Note the two most commonly referred to sizes are: – The Length of the Spoke (shown in the diagram below as “L3”). At the moment please do not use these as the spoke length will be incorrect. The below diagram gives the correct way to measure your spokes. Both ends of the hub are measured. That same number will not work for other straight pull hubs. When selecting a rim or hub from the site, it's best to double check the measurements with your items first. Newsletter This is possible because straight-pull spokes can be tightened to higher tensions than J-bend spokes. The new Spoke Calc program will account for the proper ERD standard. You must measure the depth to the spoke holes if they are recessed, or if you measured the outside diameter of the rim. Other spoke calculators account for the stretching and seating of spokes and shrinkage of the rim in a tensioned wheel -- about 1 millimeter of spoke length in a typical wheel. A hub flange farther from the centerline requires longer spokes, but only slightly longer with most wheels because the spokes approach the hub at a high angle. Free Shipping Offer A narrow, metal tape measure -- 1/4 inch or 6 mm wide -- will fit into the well of the rim (the deepest part of the rim's channel). The spoke hole diameter (S) also affects spoke length. Lay a measuring tape or ruler across the rim between two points directly opposite one another. Do you want to log in, or create an account? Screw down the nut until it rests against the ruler. This allows our program to make recomendations such as rims, hubs, spokes and nipples. Cross section showing rim outside diameter But it need not be confusing, in fact for most people it is quite simple. The table below summarizes the effects of measurement errors.

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