Handrails also vary in size and shape, and you want all the associated stair components to fit against each other in an attractive and proportional manner. As you can tell from the projects shown above, there are many different types of stair railings. Highly recommended. Mount the Brackets and Clamp the Rail. Run your chalk line across the top of your railing. Do the same at the bottom tread. Slide the base collar over the baluster shaft, and insert the upper tip of the baluster into the ball adaptor. We will look at other projects for inspiration and discuss step-by-step instructions for installing a stair railing. to avoid getting your fingers too close to the blade. run divided by 3 balusters equals 3.333 in. To determine the miter angles of the handrail, we placed a scrap 1×2 board atop the stair treads and clamped it alongside the newel posts, marking the intersecting angle with a pencil. Locate wall studs with a stud finder and mark them along the chalk line. Cut a 45-degree miter 3 inches from one end of the stair rail and rest the cut end on the floor at the … Be sure to measure vertically from the nose of the first and last step. Smith’s IronPro system. Screw the pivoting ball adaptor to the baluster’s corresponding location beneath the rail. Create a unique desk or table with pipe & fittings. Great product, installed easily, just as described. Then, run the cables parallel between the pipe for an interesting and aesthetically pleasing handrail. Then mark all three screw holes. As it turns out, installing stair railing is easy and well within the skill set of even the most basic DIY home remodeler. I was in need of replacement handrails and I’m so happy that I found D.I.Y. They were easy to install and look great. I am very pleased with my purchase from D.I.Y. Measure and mark the wall at the bottom and top of the stairs. Install a stair railing post at the top end of an angled stair stringer. Bob K, It’s an excellent product, and I’m very pleased with it! I live in a 55 plus community and my front porch steps had no handrails. Besides, they create a nice finished look on the ends of the stair railing. Tighten a couple of set screws, and baluster installation is complete. All of this comes with a 25-year limited lifetime warranty. First step in handrail replacement is removal of the old system, which we took out when we replaced the treads. Since the nosing has a groove facing out, insert a spline (image 2) in order to create a tongue for the wood flooring to connect to. Remove the masking tape and screw the bracket to the wall. As you did with the first bracket, drill pilot holes, screw this second bracket in place, and attach railing underneath with the sleeve. read more “Handrail purchase and install”, 944 West Fifth Avenue Mark designed this sleek handrail for the stone staircase in his backyard. read more “My parents have loved them”, These will make a real difference as my father-in-law returns from rehab to his home read more “These will make a real difference”, Thank you for sending a railing I can be proud of read more “Thank you for sending a railing I can be proud of”, I can really appreciate great quality! Then carefully remove the tape after the epoxy has set for five minutes. Give our team of ADA Experts a shout. It was a pleasure from the mock up to final installation. Marking the posts provides a handy visual guide for assembly and helps to organize the It’s gjob so you don’t forget any crucial steps or misalign the components. Easy to install and low maintenance with fewer components! I’m 70 years old and my son and brother in law installed them at my front and back door a few years ago. Handrail on the internet. You'll test the fit. Best to rent a large hammer drill. The newels should align so the rail connects at the centerline of each post. Finally, sight down the stair railing and straighten it before adding the intermediate brackets. Share it with your friends on your preferred social network. While the old newel locations worked fine for our stair design, they did require notching the newel bases to fit over the treads, which presented an extra hurdle during installation. By the way I forgot to… read more “oh so sturdy”. Underneath your railing, attach the U-shaped sleeve with the included screws. The IronPro system eliminates the need to to bore angled holes into a rail to house the balusters, relying instead on small screws and adjustable fittings. wider than the tops of the posts—so we took measurements between the tops. I mounted hinges on one end of the gate and screwed them to the wall. Test your stair railing out with family members or friends of different heights to make sure that it is ergonomically correct. Step-by-Step Outdoor Spiral Staircase Construction, How To Cut And Install Crown Molding And Trim, Install Plywood Underlayment for Vinyl Flooring. For example, the trim around the bottoms of our newel posts made them 1-1/2-in. To install the IronPro System, first screw the threaded discs onto each lower baluster location. The other end of the gate gets a hook-and-eye latch, which I located low enough on the stair side that my two youngest kids couldn’t reach it. L.J. Fill any hollow voids at the newel base with solid blocking and nail or glue into place.

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