Now just cut the main muscle which attached the gill cover on the tuna’s head. You will only need to put the hose into the slit in the belly, turn it on, then the water pressure will flush the gut content from the belly toward the tuna’s mouth and then you will only need to cut it off. However if this method is fail, then you will need to remove the gut from the opening on the gill after you remove the gill in the next steps. However you should not cut though its throat since it will distort the head shape. To do it, first you need to use big and sharp knife and make slit around 4 inches long from the belly towards the anus. Next is to cut the arch shaped connection on the lower end part of the gill which also attaches it to the tuna’s head. Another factor that can increase tuna value is the fat content inside; if the tuna has high fat content then it will be more valuable.

Step by Step of Tuna Gilled and Gutted Procedure, Tuna Saku Block High Quality Fish Product, Tuna Steak Supplier Guides and Important Information, Machine Used Inside Indonesia Tuna Factory to Make Canned Tuna, Tuna Sashimi Supplier Best Option to Have, Tuna Saku with High Quality Tuna Meat for Your Dish, 3 Health Benefits of Milkfish in More Details, Sardine Fish Indonesia and Reasons of Why You Need to Eat It. However to be able to maintain its fat content then the tuna should also be handled properly too. Contact us for reservations. Of course it is better to remove the guts as soon as possible, especially when the tuna is very large.

Now you will be easily pull up the gill cover to exposed it better. After tuna gilled and gutted in the correct way, you can easily store it inside very cold ice water to keep tuna in fresh condition. And that complete the whole process of gilling and gutting the tuna. Still the water which flows inside the tuna belly will be able to cool down the tuna as well as minimizing the digestive juice from staining the tuna belly meat. It is understandable that handling tuna properly is a difficult thing to do, however it is not impossible.

After those steps now you can easily remove the guts from the tuna especially when you own a deck hose which has great water pressure. When you already in the proper place and condition, now it is time for the tuna gilled and gutted in the correct way. Do not forget to trim the membrane which lines the collar of the gill.

When done properly you will get high quality product which has high demand in the market. Tuna will worth more if it is still fresh and handled properly to maintain its condition especially when tuna gilled and gutted in the correct way. Next tuna gilled and gutted step is to removing the gill; you need first to lift up the gill cover then inside a knife so you can make a slit on the top of the gill cover by sliding your knife towards the eye. We are Tuna, Sardine, Mackerel, and Milkfish Suppliers in Indonesia.

Tuna Gilled and Gutted Procedure Explained.

Next just scrub a spine on the opening of the gill to removing its kidney. Now you are able to easily remove the gills as well as any other attachment and the guts if you could not do it in previous steps. What you can do in this condition is to bleed the tuna as soon as possible, store it inside moist and very cold storage, then take it to a place where you can handle it properly. Tuna gilled and gutted can be done by using your finger to take out three “chord like” lines from the cavity of the belly, one being the intestine while the other two is the gonads. However if this method is fail, then you will need to remove the gut from the opening on the gill after you remove the gill in the next steps. It should be straight and have enough deep so you can open the cavity of the belly. If your boat size, the sea condition and if you are lacking on the crew which will not allow the tuna to be handled properly then you should at least attempt to keep the mechanical damage in the tuna to be as minimum as possible.

However do not make the slit going through the anus to reduce the expose of tuna flesh with bacteria and digestive acid. This procedure is an important handling procedure because it will reduce the internal temperature thus the tuna will stay fresh for longer time.

Ready to provide affordable price with the best quality.

Now you can cut the lines near anus area so the contents inside will not spill into the cavity of the belly. Still the water which flows inside the tuna belly will be able to cool down the tuna as well as minimizing the digestive juice from staining the tuna belly meat.

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