pm me yer email & will send some that way. Have had a go at sorting pics, have a go then tell me where i went wrong!

[1] She served, along with HMS Ark Royal and HMS Lowestoft on the first Biera patrol and then in 1966-7 served in the Mediterranean as Captain D 23rd Escort Squadron with squadron elements HMS Lowestoft (half leader), HMS Dainty and HMS Defender. To post piccies, host them on a site like. Following commissioning in 1960 Rhyl served in the Far East, mediterranean, East Africa and was leader of the 23rd Frigate Squadron by the time she attended Portsmouth Navy Days in 1965. What happens after interview stage? I expect a few of the old Stokers have that photo blown up and hanging on there bedroom walls by now,and when they feel a wave of nostalga coming towards them they sneak off to the bedroom for a nifty fifty over it. Falkland Adaları üzerindeki egemenlik sorunu 1964'te Birleşmiş Milletler'de Sömürge Sorunları Komisyonu'nun gündemine geldi. HMS RHYL has 374 members. Britanya'ya göre Falkland Adaları, Arjantin'in yönetim ve denetimine geçerse sömürge durumu sona ermeyecek, tam tersine başlayacaktı.

You must log in or register to reply here. I had the fortune to discover a prosthetic leg lying in the street on a recent sortie there.. I have the painful joy of living about six miles from Rhyl and I can assure you its 'not what it used to be'! Any tech guys got any ideas or better still solutions? Arjantin'de iktidardaki Leopoldo Galtieri rejimi savaşın ardından devrilmiştir. outhttp://[IMG][/img]http://[IMG][/img]http://[IMG][/img]. His Mrs got hold of me a few days later & Gave me a right roasting coz `he had started with the nightmares & bed wetting again`!. Birleşik Krallık ise adada yaşayan Büyük Britanya asıllıların isteklerine aykırı olduğundan, böyle bir düzenlemeye gidemiyordu.

Paxman V12YHA Diesel from HMS Rhyl - … I joined her in 74 and then in 76 (I think) we all transferred to the Brighton.Supposed to do a 9 month FES but ended up in fcukin Iceland in the cod war.Happy days. Have any of you visited the unfortunate town after which this ship was named? Forces TV: Basic Training At HMS Raleigh: "We Can't Afford To Stop". CAN BE VIEWED BY ANYONE) AND AS A CONSEQUENCE ANY POSTS/LINKS SHOULD BE OF A SUITABLE CLASSIFICATION ONLY.Please take note: This is an open group, all are welcome. :frustrated: Glad to hear that not everything went down with the Rhyl.

Following Royal Navy service she was sunk as a target in 1985.

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