Ares – gives a Doom status effect on enemies. So, the shield doesn’t have the same problem the rail and the fists do. See what weapons are ranked where. There's a lot of potential synergy there. That wraps up our Hades weapons guide. Hades Infernal Arms & Weapon Aspect guide. Dionysus – gives a Hangover status effect and improve survivability. A-Tier Weapons Aspect of Chaos. The best one is called Hellfire, which serves as a Special attack that bombards enemies with a detonation damage of 50-100 on a radius of 400. Hold Attack to strike rapidly, but you cannot Spin Attack. If you’re finding more Dionysus or Zeus boons, focus on the bouncing shield flourishes. Your Special hits twice in a smaller area; no longer knocks foes away. This gives swords some build versatility that other Hades weapon types lack. Combined with Athena's Divine Strike for increased attack damage and the Daedalus Hammer upgrade Greater Consecration, which increases the size of your aura and the potency of its slow effect, you are essentially invincible. Aside from this, you have a fairly normal and underwhelming attack and throw special, both of which can be upgraded to become powerful but neither of which are particularly impressive until then. Bonus Hellfire Blast Damage: (50/63/75/88/100). The Shield of Chaos takes some getting used to. Your Special deals +50% damage; +50% Critical chance on recovery. Malphon boasts the highest attack rate of any melee weapon, which increases its potential when upgraded. Your Attack pierces foes and deals +50% damage to Armor. Your Attack deals +1 damage for each uninterrupted hit to a foe. ® © 2020. But, like the weapons themselves, these Aspects must be unlocked by spending Titan Blood – a rare resource you obtain only by completing boss battles during your runs. My third favourite weapon is Stygius – the old reliable sword which deals excellent, reliable damage whether you choose to focus on the regular attack combo or the area-of-effect special attack. It doesn’t quite offer the same safety as the above two weapons, but Stygius matches them both for sheer damage potential, and it’s a hell of a lot of fun to use (as you can see from my playthrough video above!). Maxed-out it's a bonus of +75% to all damage for those eight seconds, from any source. Your Dash-Strike hits 3 times, but your dash has -20% range. Click here for the full Best Hades Shield Aspect Tier List. Another thing to keep in mind is that this is not necessarily about playstyle or preference. Then there's the Daedalus upgrade Concentrated Volley, which gives +4 damage for each consecutive hit to a foe, or Relentless Volley, for +4 shots. Your Attack has more range and deals +10% damage. New PC games 2020 To really make Gilgamesh or Demeter sing, you’re going to have to have specific duo boons in mind and have the tools to manipulate the RNG via Fated Authority/Persuasion to achieve those builds reliably. Aegis, despite being a shield, fits well with a very aggressive playstyle. Zagreus is for speed, Nemesis is for damage, Poseidon is for casting and Arthur is for damage reduction. That's all you'll need to know when you start playing Hades. Rock Paper Shotgun and RPS are registered trade marks of ReedPop Limited. For 8s after absorbing your Special’s blast, deal bonus damage (+15/30/45/60/75%), After manually reloading, your next shot deals bonus damage (+50/75/100/125/150). Some say he used to be quite good at Rocket League. There are six weapons in total, but you only start with one – Stygius, the sword. Future US, Inc. 11 West 42nd Street, 15th Floor, By Tristan Jurkovich Oct 09, 2020. These upgrades don’t persist between runs, but they are extremely powerful bonuses that you should prioritise finding throughout each run. A fully upgraded Aspect of Chiron bow feels like setting the difficulty level of the game to a lower level, and even a completely non-upgraded Zagreus bow can dominate the game easily in the hands of a skilled player thanks to the sheer damage output that’s possible to achieve by shotgunning the standard bow special at close range. But the best one is probably Piercing Volley, which increases all damage to armor by 400% and makes your Special attack unblockable. Hades itself is a fairly well-balanced game, so what mostly separates the Hades weapon types is their playstyle. Your Attack fires a wave that pierces foes, dealing 25 damage. Your Special is replaced with a rocket that deals 80 base damage. Below you’ll find a full list of all Daedalus Hammer upgrades for each weapon. No matter where they spawn, you won't be able to acquire more than two per run, so choose carefully. Its utility is its greatest strength: as well as the powerful single attacks you can unleash, you can hold Attack to block attacks in a certain direction, before letting go to charge forwards in a Bull Rush. Hold Attack to shoot rapidly, but you cannot Power Shot. For that reason, Adamant Rail might be difficult for inexperienced players, even though you’d think the long range would make them one of the safer weapon options. Bonus Attack and Dash-Strike damage (+3/6/9/12/15), After you Bull Rush, your next Special throws multiple shields (+1/2/3/4/5). Bonus Special damage, range, and speed (+10/14/18/22/25%). Your Special deals +4 damage for each consecutive hit to a foe. Artemis – Increases critical hits and improves Cast abilities. The Punishing Sweep special attack may last up to 10 seconds, which deals up to 250 points of damage at maximum charge. Each weapon has its own unique skill. The Hades Weapons & Aspects (1.0 Update) Tier List below is created by community voting and is the cumulative average rankings from 6 submitted tier lists. Registered users can also comment on posts and view each other's profiles. Each has four forms. Fists also have a bit of a higher skill cap than most other Hades weapon types. Your Special becomes an advancing kick that also deals 40 damage twice. Although there are various aspects to the bow weapon, the Chiron Bow still remains the most powerful ranged weapon in Hades. What are the six Infernal Arms, and how do you unlock them? At a high heat level, that also means you have to equip Zeus’s keepsake all the time instead of the Pom Blossom or the Distant Memory. Weapons can be upgraded for the duration of a run with Daedalus Hammers, which appear randomly. The six weapons of Hades are your primary means of battle through the ever-changing, ever-punishing halls of the Underworld. Your Igneus Eden Attack starts firing and fires +50% faster with +15% range (Aspect of Lucifer). Visit our corporate site. What you spend Titan Blood on is permanent improvements to Infernal Arms. The basic fist special does a lot of damage and you can move while it’s executing, making the fists a very mobile weapon. You’ll have to become well-versed in manually reloading your weapon at the right moment, but after that – and with some good upgrades – not much can withstand Exagryph. Sometimes. Talos is a little more user friendly and is essentially a straight upgrade of the base fist (which only has an almost useless dodge bonus), and even that will require some extra skill and knowledge about casting boons, duo boons and enemy attack patterns, whereas with the bow you can pretty much just go ham from start to finish. Poseidon for instance, is arguably the best casting weapon. The first is the Aspect of Zagreus, the vanilla version you've been using already, which can be upgraded five times for one Titan Blood each time. Your Attack deals bonus damage equal to 5% of your current Coin. The only downside to Malphon is that you have to get up close and personal with even the most dangerous of adversaries. This Hades Weapon Types Tier List is the guide for you so you can know which weapons to focus on. In order for your ranking to count, you need to be logged in and publish the list to the site (not simply downloading the tier list image). Once the upgrades start becoming a factor, what makes the sword aspects stand out is that each one is different from one another. Your Spin Attack becomes Punishing Sweep. The problem then changes: each of these aspects has basically one very specific build that’s incredibly good, and if you don’t get it, you’re going to feel weak. Hellhades is a content creator that has been playing RAID: Shadow Legends for a while now. Swords are pretty standard among the Hades weapon types. That's basically god-mode without the cheats. There’s also the problem that it takes a lot of blood to get to the point where shields start feeling powerful. In order for your ranking to count, you need to be logged in and publish the list to the site (not simply downloading the tier list image). Because they have both a decently long-range melee attack and a fully ranged special attack, you can easily stay out of harm’s way and also make good use of whatever boons you find. Chaos – gives bonuses after inflicting a debuff on Zagreus for some specific amount of encounters. Your Special is replaced with Blitz Disc, which deals damage per hit (8/13/19/24/30). Your Attack deals +5 damage for each uninterrupted hit to a foe. After your Special, you can retrieve your Spear with Raging Rush. It's worth hopping between them just for that reason, and you'll be glad of the practice later on. The rail also has a build versatility problem, like the fists. Or take the boon from Hermes that increases your attack speed to simply negate the drawback of this powerful weapon. Despite its inability to […], This Chrono Trigger Marle Guide will teach you all about Marle’s best equipment and her available techs in Chrono Trigger. Yes, we know. Please enable Javascript to view comments. The real problem with the shield is that even if you get great boons, its damage output tends to be lower than what you can achieve with most of the other weapon types. Your Celestial Sharanga Attack creates a Blast Wave around you (Aspect of Rama). Hold Special for longer range and up to +200% damage. To unlock the other weapons in Hades, you have to spend the Chthonic Keys you find throughout your runs. Your Attack fires 3 shots in a spread pattern. If you’re playing Chrono Trigger, there’s a good chance you’re going to try using Marle in […], Best Hades Aspects TIER LIST – ALL Aspects, Persona 5 Royal Ann Persona Guide & Best Build, Definitive Final Fantasy Tactics Stat Growth Guide, Why You SHOULD Give Hallie to the Wasteland 3 Slavers, Enter Shikari is the Best Band You Haven’t Heard Of, Chrono Trigger Marle Best Equipment & Techs. It also has its own moveset with a lot of reach. Additionally, each weapon type has its own variations that differ in power and playstyle. Your Special hits a wider area and deals +20% damage. This tier take into consideration how useful the skill in different situations. Your Special bounces to up to 7 foes, dealing +30% damage for each. It’s powerful, its playstyle is incredibly safe thanks to its range, and as you continue to unlock and upgrades new bows, it continues to be among the most powerful and safest weapon types in the game. Sorry. You have the Frost Fair Blade, but your Health and Healing are reduced (-70/65/60/55/50%).

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