This often results in him losing said games but he doesn't seem to mind it. No copyright is intended-------------Have you watched Part 1 yet?

I tried searching for it on the site he mentions in the video but have had no luck.

It just happens that I do it very seriously :D. Congrats! you watched Part 3 yet? you watched Part 4 yet? I put between 60-80 hours a week into the channel, I'm...uh, a relatively quick learner.

I got with the mods and they allowed me to do this little AMA. That's when I started gambling by trying new games. To be wildly impressed (game skill/talent), to learn something (game lore/knowledge), and to be entertained (personality/comedy).

My interest in the evolution of gaming, the development of gameplay etc has worked well with the fact that newer games just seem (in my experience) to flat out do better. I am glad it has really gone well for you! I take that idea into gaming, reviewing and making videos. I wouldn't play them. My passion has gotten now to the point where I'm really starting to focus hard on Youtube in order to develop it into something I can do as a lifestyle and I'm very fortunate because my wife is extremely supportive. Youtube is all about small numbers slowly getting bigger and bigger, unless you hit it BIG with something crazy right off the bat.

Hey Gray, thanks for taking the time to answer questions. Cookies help us deliver our Services. I'm pretty PG-13, I don't drop f-bombs every two seconds, but if one slips out, that's the way it goes.

When its comes to Let's Play channels, and streaming in general of any sort, (I'm a streamer first and foremost) the constant struggle I've had is finding ways to be unique in an industry that's over saturated. We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us. Can you talk about what happened in Oct/Nov that started this snowball growth? That's my secret sauce. Forever. There's been a lot of emotions, it's more been the journey than anything, and honestly I'm not even sure what 'success' can be considered at the moment.

I too was looking a long time for this songs name. Thanks for doing this! - YouTube I'm not married, nor do I have kids, but with a full time job, two independent contracting jobs on the side, and trying to make it to the gym most days , on top of keeping the SO happy, and I've found that I have very little time at the end of each day to dedicate to my channel. Everyday, with no days off and no breaks. This will probably also get me yelled at. This is not a place to promote your content or dump links.

I don't play the silly type of person, have you found that people generally enjoy the more serious let's plays or are your more comedic episodes more popular?

That video made me understand the power of new games.

This is a community dedicated to the creation of gaming videos and live streaming.

Are you trying to get me yelled at!?

So I started to try new games, stuff that was just coming out on Steam, on etc, and I played My Summer Car, quirky little car simulator. Stickied the post for now. I died, failed, cursed, and people loved it.

So I've been wandering around the sub-reddit for a while, both learning and giving back what I've learned when I can. I'm also very comfortable talking and (well, some people think) I guess I'm mildly entertaining. Now, to be fair, in the beginning I did tutorials, tips, tricks, etc for games and that ALSO helped, because typically the 'big' channels don't do that stuff, they just play the games, so that leaves the little guys open to teach people how to play, show hints and stuff.

Very impressive! What would you attribute your growth to? How do you balance your time in a way that you can accomplish all this?

You CAN'T do everything, you HAVE to sacrifice something. Rich Kidz)Tofuu: Tofuu Outro Song: Tidal Waves - Itro (ft. Kedo Rebele)CriousGamers (Chilled Chaos): CriousGamers (Chilled Chaos) Outro Song: Nintendo HopRedHatter: RedHatter Outro Song: Razihel - Love U [NCS Release]I AM WILDCAT: I AM WILDCAT Outro Song: Pastor Julian - Dear HaterMooseBlox: MooseBlox Outro Song: MDK - MoonshineSattelizerGames: Outro Song: Let Me Hit it - Audiostalkers Original MixFitz: Fitz Outro Song: Catmosphere - Candy-Coloured SkyFavreMySabre: FavreMySabre Outro Song: Fly Away - Simon GribbeThanks for watching and remember to Like, Comment and Share with your friends!And of course SUBSCRIBE if you enjoy my videos and they are entertaining to you!Countdown Template:…Intro graphics edited by myself on After Effects.

I'm always finding new stuff, and honestly even I could do better, but I use upcoming Steam,,,, and indiegameDB.

Hey Guys this is Mac Guru and today I am bringing you the Top 20 Best Gaming YouTuber OUTRO SONGS Part 10!This is OFFICIALLY THE END of this series, however, I will start to do INTRO SONG COMPILATIONS (instead of Outros) just like this type of video. I'm not talking about "Werq" by Kevin Macleod.

What do you think that you do better or differently than others Let's Players? Part 10!

Congrats on such a successful channel so far, Gray! It's my research into upcoming games and my instinct at what might be hot that gets people to even know I exist. It's the same as the death music from Aftercharge.

Hey folks! On a more 'bland' note, I've also had to do a bunch of unfun adult things like register as a business, get taxes done for the channel etc, so it's brought a massive amount of joy as well as a huge amount of additional work into my life.

Understand I also went into this pretty healthy. So I've been wandering around the sub-reddit for a while, both learning and giving back what I've learned when I can.

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