I just fell in love with her, the script and the character simultaneously. From Blockers to The Broken Hearts Gallery, Geraldine Viswanathan is making her mark on Hollywood. “I think the visual reminder, and the reminder from other people, is always what kind of brings me back to this unfortunate reality that it is something that we don’t usually see, and it’s so absurd,” Viswanathan told HuffPost. The leading woman in romantic comedies has long needed to be looked at, re-evaluated and cast as someone who fully reflects the world we actually live in. I’m always kind of wary. I related to her sort of deep love for life and the kind of life and love that she wants to bring into the world. 108 minutes. Geraldine Viswanathan in "The Broken Hearts Gallery." I was born in '95 and definitely didn't feel like I saw myself reflected on the screen, especially in romantic comedies. “I feel like just from the get-go, 2020 was unsettling and weird,” Viswanathan says, wwd.com reported. With the state of the industry, things will definitely be different in terms of that collaboration and the in-person exchanges on set. And I could tell that a lot of Natalie’s essence was put into Lucy. I forget you are Australian because your American accent is so good. I felt like Lucy was just this bleeding heart, but at the same time just had this strength and conviction and self-assuredness and this ultimate wisdom. I think we’re all just treading on uncertain footing. SheThePeople.TV is India's biggest digital storytelling for women, dedicated to passionately championing and promoting their journeys. It has felt good for me, personally, to put something out into the world that is positive and uplifting and fun and sweet. I’m actually doing my best Australian accent right now. Is it the pandemic? The release date was pushed back from July to September and, of course, promo tours aren’t functioning as they normally do. Lucy is just a woman of today, and so am I. I’m really honored that, in my career, I’ve gotten to play characters thataren’t defined by their ethnicity. Geraldine Viswanathan Sign in to follow this . In the process Geraldine makes Lucy the relatable NBF we all want in our lives. I will absolutely take a little souvenir and then look at it in a couple of years and be like, "Oh, I remember that." By Leigh Nordstrom on April 24, 2020 I thought that was pretty cool, to see this high schooler take down the powers that be and ask those questions that no one’s really been bothered to ask yet. I feel like that's been helpful in these last couple of years. I just did one of those ― a really small, born-out-of-COVID project that hasn’t been announced yet, but it’s cool to see what people are able to do in this situation. Before she became a co-star to Hugh Jackman in Bad Education, Geraldine Viswanathan gave us some other memorable performances too. I’m sure it’s nice to get back in the saddle a bit and flex those creative muscles again? Why is it that if we cast a nonwhite person we feel like we might have to explain why they’re not white?’ Lucy is just a woman of today, and so am I.”. You had just filmed, months prior, a movie in New York about New York ― a New York love story. But they are just temporary! Now I am just working on talking to myself like I'm my own friend. It feels really cool, it feels amazing. Of course. It’s very nostalgic. Also, her wardrobe is everything. You were in a few successful teen movies ― “Blockers,” “The Package,” “Hala” ― and now you’re the lead in a young adult rom-com. So yeah, I just had to go be that young hottie number two — not even number one,” she added. We had a lot of good dance moments. I really don’t care about clothes, but Lucy does, and Natalie is very stylish, so I learned a lot from them and definitely got to keep some stuff. Entertainment Director who's interviewed everyone from Angelina Jolie to VB. I mean, I’m not leaving the teens for good, but I’m definitely, for a moment, stepping out here and being a 20-something, which is quite fun. I would never say to my friends anything destructive or mean, so why would I do that to myself? Welcome to Glamour UK. She’s an extrovert, eccentric at times, and completely obsessed with love. But it was only after she had filmed the project last year that she realized how significant her casting was. Josh Smith. But, yeah, [this movie] gave me such a crash course in fashion and style because I really know I’m the least stylish person. So, I was really grateful for the sisterhood on this. Those kinds of relationships just feel so transcendent and I was so grateful that we all just had this really genuine connection across all the women involved with this. Raised by her mother, Anja, the 24-year-old Australian began her acting stint in kindergarten. Followers 15. Watching this movie, you immediately want to be friends with Lucy, so I totally get it. I’m going to be 25 and in New York and I’m going to experience the magic of the city while I’m young enough to have the energy for it!”. Do you feel like that at all in your life?

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