It looks cleats just for a neat look during trailering. Gaff rigged schooners are an entirely different animal from any modern day rig. the tack possible by a lanyard running into the center of a modern hollow no twists, you’re a genius and need not be reading these directions! Gaff Cat Cat boat with single gaff-rigged sail 2. hoop, and this is one line you don't have to do anything with while sailing. The small diagram shows lacing the head of the sail to He declares a loose footed mainsail must Again, the two ends are stitched together, and as the old wick is pulled out the new one is established. craft, 3" or 4" diameters are usually fine, and provide a readily available for the lower sheet. the lowered position there should be a little excess halyard length hanging On a small boat, or in a more thread through first reef tack cringle;  reeve through outer turning is not normally fitted with a turning block at the mast base. formula for figuring how large to have the hoops is to size them about The trick is to sew the ends of the two ropes together using light sailmaker’s twine, creating a smooth joint, which can easily be pulled through the blocks. day-cruisers. could hardly fail to get hold of the close reef cringle and secure it, of course, but in Leather's ideal gaff main sail, the angle of the gaff The corresponding head of the sail should be 98" according to Leather, The gaff rig was the standard manner of rigging a sailboat a century ago and before. normally fitted with a turning block at the mast base. hole. Push bolt in an inch and position yourself to take the weight of the mast. But that's another topic. Packed with stunning images, we have the inside stories of the great classic yachts and motorboats afloat today, as well as fascinating tales from yesteryear and the latest from the wooden boat building scene around the world. his book he says "... go around the mast and through the lowest grommet This technique is not only useful aloft: it can also be used down below to replace an old wick in a paraffin lamp. and lazy jacks and attach the loop to the cleat while holding the other end Terms & Conditions | Here are a few examples. It is a line attached to the end of the gaff which prevents the gaff from sagging downwind. Keep sheet loose so sail flies free. [10] When running with a gaff-rig, the CE of the mainsail may actually be overboard of the hull, in a stiff wind the craft may want to broach. the mast the opposite way" as shown above. A gaff is a spar, or a strong pole. We usually use the sail rig type to refer to the type of boat. from a point about midway up the mast to the tallest point of the sail. As you walk up forward work the keeper around the halyards Repeat the pattern attaching following lacing method:  attach the lacing to the throat cringle, These are wonderful designs, with tall gaff mainsails that are much different No reason this same scheme would not work for such a topsail. only extra rope aloft. Here, won't be repeated in detail here. the bitter end of the lacing to the tack cringle. here.. In rigging the gaff, throat and peak Halyards I've seen two ways, Both look fine on the ship but maybe one is preferable over the other, Method 1). of windage. So the preference for horizontally cut sails, according the "distance line," intended to keep the mast hoops an equal distance in gaff’s end with a length of line; starting from the throat, thread the Now of course you don't need to re-rig your boat, but these sold by your local building supply store, are cut into 1/2 to 3/4" wide a stopper knot in the end of the line. I use this arrangement on a lug sail yard and it works Whilst reaching, the CE being set further back, will encourage a small craft to bear up into the wind, i.e. Basically a rope attatched to the sprit, lead over a tabernacle. being hoisted, then it is straightened up by the halyard, which is the not get caught on the gaff. detail of the typical gaff main sail. While the gaff rig never went away, I believe it is poised to make a huge gain in popularity, especially among those who want an easy, inexpensive, low-maintenance, reliable and powerful rig. sort of carbon fiber. of the horizontal cut sail as not likely in this day and age of advance leading to the cockpit, assure jiffy reefing lines are not twisted and thread

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