Later, when Frank, Reyna, Aurum, and Argentum interrogate Claudia, Claudia explains what happened, embarrassing Frank since he didn’t know the legends she was talking about before.

After looking into the prophecy, Frank and Reyna inform Meg and Apollo that in order to invoke the help of the gods, they must sacrifice one.

Although Grandma Zhang seems quite harsh in The Son of Neptune, she really does love and care about Frank, and Frank cares about her. Il a les yeux marrons et des cheveux noirs coupés courts à la militaire. Percy Jackson, his distant relative and close friend. Frank agreed to accompany her but when she invited Leo to come too, "His smile turned into something more like Chrysaor's mask" as Percy puts it. Reaching the hills above Camp Jupiter, Frank gets to meet Tyson, who considers him another brother, and Mrs. O'Leary. Frank Zhang, nick-named "Chinese-Canadian baby man", by Hazel's horse, Arion, is a 16-year-old demigod, son of Mars (Ares) and Emily Zhang, a Chinese-Canadian "legacy" (descendant of a demigod) who dies during military service in Afghanistan. Frank est un garçon assez trapu. As he and Apollo go to meet up with Tyson and Ella, he explains the details of the battle. You have five minutes. Frank is not uneasy around Nico like the other kids at Camp Jupiter, though he doesn’t think he is as nice or as good looking as Hazel.

Black Frank initially disliked Leo in The Mark of Athena, partly because he was afraid of how the latter could manipulate fire, and because of his relationship with Hazel.

Height He is shown to care about her a lot. Frank then helps Percy frighten the dolphin men by pretending to be cursed by Dionysus, causing them to abandon the Argo II and their captain in panic. After going over the evidence they believe Claudia is behind everything but he convinces Reyna to wait until they have sufficient evidence against her before bringing the legacy of Mercury before the senate.

When he wakes up explains that Ella told him how to kill the emperors and he did so. After reuniting the Frank and the others went to the necromantium. When they arrive, Kate leads Coach Hedge further into the complex while talking about different monsters, and leaves Frank and Percy alone with Phorcys.

Léo Valdez ( même si il a peur de lui à cause du tisson ), Sauf mention contraire, le contenu de la communauté est disponible sous licence.

He also reveals Thanatos' capture and issues a quest to free him. To get away from Iris's shop, he battles three Basilisks alone. The four then find the Nike/Victoria fighting for control. il peut se transformer en n'importe quel animal. P.S.

Frank ayant cette bénédiction en plus des pouvoirs de Mars, il était considéré comme dangereusement puissant. Par la suite, Frank est envoyé par son père en Alaska avec Percy et Hazel pour y délivrer le dieu Thanatos. On the way there, he crashes and breaks his wing-arm and is rushed back to camp to be healed.

After hearing that the gods can aid them if they open Tarquin’s tomb, he and Reyna approve a quest. They meet Leo in the city of Valletta and then locate the House of Hades. They are both related through Periclymenus, though Percy would be Frank's "great a thousand times" uncle. Tyson | In school he learned some Canadian French and won a spelling bee. They get attacked by Eidolons, but quickly lose them by following Hazel. Frank then gives Triptolemus the snake. Piper and Frank first meet in The Mark of Athena, and though not much interaction between them was seen, they seem to be on good terms.

They decide that they are going to return the stolen book that they found to its original owner. During the disarray in Camp Jupiter, after the Argo II fires upon the Romans, Frank turns into a dragon in order to save Piper McLean and Jason Grace, who were knocked unconscious by the angry mob of Romans. Après les jeux de guerre, il part avec Hazel et Percy vers l'Alaska. Il est cependant intolérant au lactose. That night during the gladiator fights the colosseum floods and he, Reyna and the centurions look for the culprit. Thalia Grace | Later Frank and Reyna announce that the two camps are now allies. Mars says that Frank must go along with Percy and another of Frank's choice. Frank Zhang (also known as Fai Zhang by his Grandma ZhangGrandmother) is a Roman demigod, the son of Mars and Emily Zhang, as well as a legacy of Poseidon and Chloris. He is so pleased that he turns Nico back into a human, heals Hazel, and gives them a way to get passed an ordeal they will have to face. Il avait une très grande peur du feu, qu'il perdit après que Leo lui donna un sac fire-proof pour protéger son tison.

He then carries them safely to the deck of the fleeing Argo II. Lorsque Percy Jackson atteignit le Camp Jupiter, une des gorgones s'empara de Frank et tenta de l'enlever. His name is a reference to the weapons he uses, the spear and bow.

Frank agrees to help her and her friends to find the ancle and defeat Mimi, but when he shapeshifts into an eagle, he falls into a trash can and breaks his wing.

Along the way, Gaea plays with Frank, knowing that he is one of the Seven that will be her downfall. Frank then proceeds to cleanse Venice of the katobleps, leaving only one, which his father Mars turns into a snake, at his request. In the absence of his immortal father, Frank'… He is also described by Hazel as looking like a Koala bear with muscles and by Leo as looking like a baby sumo wrestler. Il est également le petit-fils de Grand-Mère Zhang, l'arrière-petit-fils de Shen Lung et un descendant lointain de Périclyménos et de Poséidon. After Percy and Annabeth fall asleep together in the stables, Frank is the one who finds them and tells them they are in trouble. Frank is the only demigod seen in the series to have been given the Mars Blessing twice. Residence Apollo then arrives and joins the fight, though Frank says he is messing up his plan and tells Apollo to run when he says to, then goes to continue his fight as Commodus engages Apollo, while both sides of the battle cautiously watch out of striking range. A son arrivée, Frank expliqua à  Reyna Avila Ramírez-Arellano, le préteur, son héritage. Status En chemin, il rencontre la reine des amazones Hylla et récupère Arion , un cheval qui marche sur terre, eau et air et va du petit trot a la vitesse du son et vont voir la grand mère de Frank qui lui révèle les origines de son don puis ils vont au glacier Hubbard, délivre Thanatos  et tuent le géant Alcyonée  puis ils retournent au camp Jupiter pour le sauver et tuent un autre géant Polybotès . This would make him either 6'5 or 6'6. Later, before the battle, he sets up the legion in Caldecott Tunnel, installing defensive munitions before the final battle.

Frank is also one of the seven demigods mentioned in the Prophecy of Seven and a praetor alongside Reyna Avila Ramirez-Arellano. Throughout The Son of Neptune, Percy and Frank remain good friends, and Percy is constantly supporting Frank and making him feel better about himself, claiming that the latter is the first decent son of the god of war that he'd ever meet. Hazel Levesque helps pull him to safety after the whirlpools Percy created. He also lost his stomach fat, becoming lean, but muscular. As Frank walks past his father’s temple, a probation named Claudia exits and laughs at him. After Piper charmspeaks him into helping them, they form a plan of attack. Joséphine | About a week later when the Mess Hall was only serving oatmeal, he tells the frustrated legion he ordered donuts from Bombilo’s Coffee Shop. Both Frank and Neville are insecure about their own abilities. Après avoir reçu la bénédiction de Mars dans La Maison d'Hadès, l'apparence de Frank changea drastiquement. In the morning, he and Hazel say their goodbyes to Apollo and Meg. Alive His whole family was blessed by the god with the power to shift into any kind of animal, mythical or living from human form.

En tant que fils de Mars, Frank détient un sens tactique très développé. Using the gift Triptolemus gave them - magical grains that they made into barley cakes - they managed to get through it safely, having to drink from a chalice of poison to proceed. The following morning the legion is called to assemble only to be ambush by the ballistas on the sentry tower. Meg McCaffrey | Une lance d'or. Triptolemus offering to take him on as an apprentice is an allusion to the fact that some cults worship Mars as an agricultural god along with his other domains.

When Leo teased him about Chinese handcuffs in The Mark of Athena, he went to Annabeth for help in trying to figure out how to beat them.

His grandmother gave him the piece of firewood and told him that he would soon be leaving to go to Camp Jupiter that night. Frank est aussi très grand.

Brown Coach Hedge also cares for Frank, and rescued him and Percy from Phorcys in Atlanta.

Frank even trusts Hazel enough to give the piece of wood to her for safekeeping. After which Frank tried to command then but was not highly ranked enough to do so. Hazel Levesque l'aida ensuite à se mettre en sécurité. Jason Grace | This is because the earliest Roman soldiers were former farmers. Piper McLean | Later, Nico and Frank fought off hordes of monsters together in the House of Hades, and it was because of Nico that Frank was promoted to Praetor. He also harbors feelings for Hazel, which is mutual, and the two finally share a kiss as they win the battle against Alcyoneus just outside of Alaska. Frank is one of the seven demigods mentioned in the Prophecy of Seven and is the current male Praetor of the Twelfth Legion. His efforts enable his cohort to break into the building and earn him an award for being the first to get on the fortifications. Hazel Levesque | He is able to free Thanatos at the cost of the firewood which his life is tied to, making it much smaller but not gone. Frank a des racines autant romaines que grecques, son père étant un dieu romain et l'un de ses ancêtres un dieu grec. While Apollo is unconscious, Meg informs the son of Mars about the prophecy they were given in the Burning Maze. His whole family was blessed by the god with the power to shift into any kind of animal, mythical or living from human form. He is suspicious towards him and asks him if his name is really Leo, and not Sammy Valdez, and gets a negative response. Later, when he was back at Camp Half-Blood, Frank visited Nico and Hazel in the cabin and Nico said it was an honor to quest with Frank, and thought it was a good sign he could talk openly about his lifeline. Percy utilisa la rivière du Tibre pour le libérer. Appearances He greets Apollo and Meg when they are taken to his command post and learns from Terminus that zombies are attacking New Rome via the sewers. The man turns out to be Triptolemus, and once he discovers that Hazel is the daughter of Pluto, he refuses to help, as his sister Persephone had been abducted by Pluto and forced to marry him. Elle lui conseilla tout de même de ne pas mentionner Shen Lu, un demi-dieu accusé à tort d'un tremblement à terre, à d'autres personnes. He was 6'3 in The Son of Neptune and grew 2-3 inches taller after receiving the Blessing of Mars. Reyna Ramírez-Arellano, Apollon | They fought with Clytius until Hecate showed up and defeated him. Will Solace, Sauf mention contraire, le contenu de la communauté est disponible sous licence. OlympiansCamp Jupiter

Frank had an extreme fear of fire, since it could burn his stick and end his life, though he lost this fear after Leo gives him a special fire-proof bag. Later, Claudia overhears Frank and Reyna Ramírez-Arellano suspecting that Claudia is the culprit behind all of the mysterious happenings at Camp Jupiter. Le dieu de la mer avait béni sa famille en leur accordant le pouvoir de changer de forme en n'importe quel animal mythique ou réel. He works with Hazel and Percy to retrieve weapons from the water, then climb aboard the chariot with Arion who takes them to Camp Jupiter. Frank est également courageux, un commandant né. On Nico’s end, Nico was amused by the son of Mars and smiled when he saw him.

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