These dogs will keep you on your toes. Will be getting another. The article above describes our dog TO A "T"!!!!

Assuming this dog isn’t being starved as a puppy, I’d say chances are that she’ll end up at least in the area of 45 to 50 lbs, and I definitely wouldn’t bet on her staying below 50.

Her ears are very odd. We did a generic dog DNA before finding pictures of what looks like her online, but they couldn't test American dingo. We just found out that our dog, who we thought to be a Malinois/Ridgeback mix, is a pure Carolina Dog. Wow, eighteen! I think this might actually have something to do with how primative the breed is.

Primitive dog breeds include Shibas, Akitas, Siberian Huskies, and Alaskan Malamutes.

It always nice to learn something new.

Lol . What have we gotten ourself into!!! Carolina Dingo beauty. The vet has always complimented her size and weight. Cette attaque inflige 20 dégâts multipliés par le nombre de faces. She had chosen a near neighborhood with lots of fences which she could jump or climb over and they could not get her.. Now two years far the best dog I ever had. A dingo–dog hybrid is a hybrid cross between a dingo and a domestic dog.The current population of free ranging domestic dogs in Australia is now probably higher than in the past. They told me it was a wild dog and didn't belong to no one, so I took him in. The part of how to get an American Dingo made me want to laugh and cry. Help support our blog! He doesn't plot. I got him@ 5 1/2 wks. Type : Eau. Featuring breed spotlights, seasonal activities, and helpful tips for every level of owner! I don’t know how to do that… Maybe later.. She lived till she was 18 yrs old.

She is three, and over the years this black stripe has spread down to the end of her tail.


She is high energy but for the most part a very good girl. Realize everything precious that you own is now inside your dog. We have two, my son has one and we are currently fostering a little female now. She may be hard to deal with at times, but I wouldn't want it any other way. I actually got her certified as a comfort dog and I take her to hospitals/nursing homes and the aftermath of traumatic events to help people feel a little better. She is high energy but for the most part a very good girl. She knows she is a southern belle the way she sits or lays on tge floor front paws folded.

Check out a few of these husky/Lab mixes (sometimes with other things mixed in) from my blog and see if any of them look like your pup.

YOU HAVE TO SEE HIS LITTLE THING HE DOES- I CALL IT “PEEK-A-BOO-CUTIE BOOTIE”… IT’S SO FUNNY& SO CUTE.. You'll never be able to go back to another breed of dog again. She was with me for 7 years and was by far the smartest, best, and kindest dog I’ve ever had. HE HAS NO AGGRESSIVE BONE IN HIS BODY.

I went over to their house and brought the dog to our home to take care of her. Take a look at my profile pic. It was quite a shock for us for our young, healthy dog to be diagnosed with this. Attaque 1 : couds de queux cela inflige 30 degats prenez une piece herbe cela mulipliera les degats fois 2. They prick up about a third of the way before flapping down like those of a lab. Dog of the Day: Chance the… Dingo Mix? Or, well, than I think, anyway. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. I’ve only met one definite one, and another that the owner suspected but wasn’t sure. I don't buy that this breed was independent for centuries...she's too easily domesticated for that. I've had several dogs in my life (including three at the moment), and my American Dingo is easily my absolute favorite.

He goes slow right beside me and actually limps!!

They are very protective of their owners and, although very small, will tackle an aggressive 3,000 lb. I just hope I can be as good a person as Dixie thinks I am. I own a Carolina Dog. I now have a DINGO/LAB his name is ‘SAVIOR’.. His name is sully and we love him. So is the shape of her face and places where whiskers are. The feral packs are very difficult to come by, but it seems like a lot of people in the Southeast (Southwest to a lesser degree) have wound up adopting an unusual "Shepherd mix" that looks more like an Australian Dingo than a German Shepherd.

A smarter dog I have never seen. When we adopted her from a shelter, they told is she was a lab husky mix, but she looks much more similar to the dingos. The shelter also labeled my dog as a Shepard mix but soon started trying to figure out what he is after is primitive behavior. It's always tan and sometimes has white spots. We got our carolina dog from a rescue at 8 months, they also told us she was a shepard/lab mix. She is muscular and lean, but she is such a big dog overall that she is about 60-70 pounds. We couldn't be happier - she was harder to house train, but easy to train in other ways, and incredibly smart. Our neighbor moved and left her is was 4 then. But Carolina Dogs haven't had that selective influence. She could be more affectionate as she spent the first year of her life in a harsher area and now is enjoying being part of a human pack. So their you have it a Dingo named Unity! on April 22, 2019: Recently we got a puppy and were told that it was a husky mix. A lady their said to us that she looks like a Carolina dog and that she's been around dogs for forty years.

I think she’s almost magical in certain ways.

He’s been great w/ our children (9 & 5 y/o) and has been soooo easily trained. Aw, come on. Maybe more or less.

They are wonderful dogs. I suspect my dog may be a dingo lab mix. She was a rescue and the person I got her from said she would be 40-50 pounds... She stopped growing at 30 - what a disappointment. She loves to run in the open fields.

As I scrolled through the images, my jaw dropped when i came across Gingers photo.

I LOVE HIM SO. Meet Dingo, an adorable Lab Mix puppy ready to win your heart! (Corrected… sorry, Robert!).

Still trying to deal with that. Mostly she will howl and sort talk or fuss with a "ah-rawh, rawh, rawh" sound. Your email address will not be published.

Tres chic!

The mother of the pup is the Dingo, and the father the Lab.

If you are doubting the breed DINGO?

It's an extremely smart animal and I've seen even herd a flock of chickens!

Required fields are marked *. Voter cette carte It took me about 3 years (her nickname since her ears stood up around 7 weeks has always been Dingo, durrr!!!) I noticed that when her mouth is open it looks exactly like the picture, and their faces look exactly the same (referring to Ginger). But now for the odd part….

This charming pup is up to date on shots and wormer, plus comes with a health guarantee provided by the breeder. Also about what weight will she be at as a full adult with the proper diet and exercise, could it be possible to keep her under 50 pounds? But hear this I've never had a more intelligent loyal guardian in my life!!! Nom : dingo - Type : Plante.

My doggy is my POPPA DOG! OMG! Her name is ‘Ginger’, and she can apparently often be found in the mornings helping Robert V. Doerr, Jr, accordionist, entertain passengers at the Van Ness Civic Center Muni Station. While my dog was labeled as a "German Shepherd Mix," there was no doubt in my mind once I saw the photos of the breed. We also own a 6 y/o Boston Terrier as well as a 5 y/o Boxer; I have to say that our Dingo/Lab mix is incredible!!!

A lot of good information but also some misteps. My dog is not food- or play-motivated at all. Go to new leash on life Josie. I trapped Dixie (about 12 mo.

Thanks for the article. Also, are there any pictures of your pup online?

Very few Labs have mixed-color fur (and the ones that do almost always just have a white spot known as a ‘medallion’ on their chests), and dingoes never have dark-colored fur.

I hope you keep your dog and allow them to be themselves. Finally on a lazy Sunday afternoon I surcame to my curiosity and entered “Dingo Pit Bull mix” in to the search browser at I’ll drop you a note in response.

I highly recommend this breed although you better be prepared to have an animal That will keep you on your toes. Her fur is a big mix of orange, black, and yellow.

I have been looking for a match for a while also and I saw this photo and my jaw dropped. well trained, and loves playing fetch. Teach them the basics- then allow them to teach you about life. After about a week we figured out just what that was, Evil!

She looks exactly like my Sandi! She was so very gentle. Well she never got any bigger and her bark was wierd. The easiest way to post pics is to upload them to an image sharing site, like, and then post the links in a comment here. I am pinning that photo of your dog on one of my Pinterest pages, and sharing this on HP. IF ANYONE HAS A FEMALE FOR FREE??? I saw this comment/question whatever & I wanted to share with you *How awesome it’s is to have my DINGO mix breed… I had a lab/dingo. The American Dingo has a fluffy tail that it holds above its back, though not touching its back, in a "fishhook" formation.

( I always had females – maybe it’s me that wants a female- ha! ‘its the Dingo- he was sorta raied by a cha-weeni dog!

She's smart, soooo affectionate, active, obedient and does well w/ the grandkids too.

Attaque 2 : Souplesse Lancez 2 pièces. Dr Mark from The Atlantic Rain Forest, Brazil on January 25, 2014: German Shepherd mix...right. Nice article about your dog.

I actually feel like there's a ton of diversity in American Dingo personalities! They will also likely never play fetch. I been hard on him and he always remains LOYAL-LOVING&UNDERSTANDING. I didn’t realize there were lots of dingoes running around loose on the streets of San Francisco, but apparently it’s more common than you think. Down falls: She was hard to house brake and runs away a lot, nothing can keep her contained. Jazzy loves to run and she is gentle with the children in the family. Her fur is a big mix of orange, black, and yellow. You could hold him in one hand. I KNOW I WOULD NOT BE HERE IF NOT FOR SAVIOR.. once you have a Carolina dog you won't want any other breed. It took me two years to realize that my dog, pictured above, looks like a dingo because she is a dingo. The vet told us she is much older than 8 months. Keira fell in love with my family as have my family with her. I ALWAYS HAD FEMALES BEFORE. The scruff of her neck has much more fur than the rest of her. Me and my son moved to Carolina and as a single parent went to the shelter and got what I thought was a regular stray dog! The pack seems to mean everything to her. On the other hand, a husky/Lab mix could look like a dingo too, and the heterochromia (different colored eyes) and the dark stripe sound like it could be that.

We had our puppy at 5 wks due to the litter's illnesses at the pet rescue and ours is 10 months old now. Find out three days later the dog was sedated when you saw it. My dog SAVIOR SAVED MY LIFE. They don't really care what you have to say. We did genetic testing because my husband just had to know what kind of dog she is. Thanks! The American Dingo is said to come between 35 to 55 pounds by the breed registry, but there are dogs both above and below this spectrum. That's my girl. She has long, muscular legs. But she will lay down and come and set and heal.

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