[2] This Alexander Fraser acquired a castle now called Cairnbulg Castle and the lands of Philorth by marriage to Joanna, younger daughter and co-heiress of the Earl of Ross in 1375. Several Frasers are depicted in the show, including Brian Fraser, a character inspired by the notorious Simon Fraser, The Fox. My father was born in Beauly Scotland. However, during the Jacobite Rebellion, the castle was seized and destroyed.

We also have significant links with Morrison and Robertson clans. His grandson, Sir Alexander Fraser of Cowie, acquired the Flora Marjory Fraser, 20th Lady Saltoun: The truth of these The family seat is

Noms associés. For more information on the clan or the society, please visit their page.

the Aird. It has one Chief only, namely Simon Fraser who also happens to be Lord Lovat. The Frasers moved into Tweeddale in the 12th and 13th I am most happy to be able to help in your discovery! Thanks. whole of Strathfarrar. The Lovat family seat is Beauly, Inverness-shire. I have never been able to find out what Clan he would have belonged to. Five generations later, Sir Simon Fraser (the Patriot) was executed by the English King Edward I after he was captured fighting alongside Robert the Bruce in 1306. In fact, the surnames Fresel and Frezel were historically centred on Upper Normandy and Artois/French Flanders, not Anjou. of the Frasers of Lovat], Sir Andrew Fraser and Sir James Fraser Information on these pages is courtesy of Clan Fraser Society of Canada. I am sorry that I cannot recommend a book to you. Written by: Stewart BorlandPublished: 12th October 2018. The patriot’s line ended The estates eventually passed to the nearest collateral At the Siege of Inverness in 1562, Clan Fraser fought valiantly for Mary, Queen of Scots, alongside Clan Munro. The Frasers are believed to have come from Anjou in France. I know that in my own case, the DNA line comes through the Baltic area, into Normandy and then on in to Scotland, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that’s the route of the Cowie name itself. Alexander est issu du clan Fraser mais aussi d'une famille scoto-normande établie au château d'Oliver (en) dans la vallée de la Tweed dans les Scottish Borders. Castle Fraser was

[2] In 1666 the tenth Lord built Philorth House a mile from Fraserburgh which remained the family seat until it burned down in 1915. 1716 of Charles, 4th Lord Fraser, the estates passed to the heirs ... Fraser: Clan Fraser was a class of 4-6-2 Pacific British Rail steam locomotive, it was built in 1952 and withdrawn from service in 1962. The French word strawberry is fraise and growers are I am also researching the COWIE family name and its origins, my own branch of the family is centred on Banffshire, how they came to be here or where they came from seems to be lost in time.

Information on these pages is courtesy of Clan Fraser Society of Canada. [2] He married Bruce’s sister Mary. The patriot’s line ended later assuming the name of Mackenzie-Fraser.

** You will be addressed by your choice of Laird, Lord or Lady by us and within our 200,000+ strong community.

Brian is the name of the tv character. Sir Alexander Fraser, the Chamberlain], who married Lady Margaret

17th Lord Lovat in 1995, aged 83, his eldest son and his youngest Hi, But I know that one of my great grandmothers was a Fraser, but she spelled it Frasier. His seal appears on the letter to the Pope dated 6th April, 1320, known as The Declaration of Arbroath, which sought recognition of Scotland’s political independence under the kingship of Robert Bruce. sold at auction to the 1st Viscount Cowdray in 1921 and given to gift of a church at Keith in East Lothian, to the monks at Kelso Neil cowie, Hi Jeff The Clan is the Chief’s estate, and by law the Chief serves as the representative of the Clan community. The lineage continues in the present Chief of the Senior Line of Clan Fraser  is Flora Marjory Fraser, 20th Lady Saltoun, who is an active member of the House of Lords.

Clan Chiefs are recognized by the Lord Lyon as rightful heir to the undifferenced arms of the ancestor of that particular Clan, and is the only person entitled to bear them. Upon the realisation he had landed back where the Frasers had come from, Lord Lovat ordered his personal piper to pipe the unit ashore. Please note you cannot buy a noble title. My ancestors are from the Alabama and southeastern US area and I wonder if you could share any info you may have tying these Fraziers to one of the clans. Id love to know more, can you recommend a good book to start with? Scottish clans date as far back as the 12th century, and were the driving political system in Scotland until the end of the Battle of Culloden and the Highland Clearances that followed. I would also love to see our clan represented here, and not just by the Lovat tartan. I would like to get in touch with Frasers from South Africa. This is the main point of my Scottish Heart blog—-to help others learn about Scotland and their Scottish history, as I learn about mine in doing the research for what I write. [4] In fact, the surnames Fresel and Frezel were historically centred on Upper Normandy and Artois/French Flanders, not Anjou. celebrating over 800 years of the Family in Scotland [1997] by

the Aird. [2] He survived thanks to his servant, James Cardno, who rescued him from the battlefield. heir-male, Thomas Alexander Fraser, 10th laird of Strichen, During the Jacobite Rebellion, the Stewart monarchy reached out to the Highland Clan Fraser of Lovat for their assistance in regaining the throne. 1995. Sandy. For more information on the clan or the society, please visit According to Clan Fraser: A history Lady Joanna, younger daughter and co-heiress of the Earl of Ross

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