The tow truck driver stated that the dealer asked him to pick up my car because Chrysler Captial would not finance it, yet when I left the dealership with all of the paper work,it stated that Chrysler Captial was the lienholder. I know, because I've done it. Second, as nine-figure settlements, the settlements of these cases both represent what are often referred to among those who monitor securities litigation as “mega settlements.” The presence or absence of mega settlements can significantly affect the aggregate level of securities settlements in a given year, as well as the average settlement level for the year. We recommend you sign up for a free account at and follow the case. YOU signed a contract, we didn't. ( Law attached below) but apparently they can call from there! According to Garcia’s class action lawsuit, Chrysler Capital employs retail installment contracts that allow the financial arm of Chrysler Group to conceal auto loan transactions that are above the 16 percent state maximum. I payed it off last time and I will pay it off this time. I also have this problem and I am in the process of sueing them also. Class Action Rebates | Cash You Can Claim! Can someone please tell me who to reach out to just to make sure these people are not getting over on me. Is there any way I can get advice on what to do? I get so many scam and telemarketers calling and leaving messages and have been scammed too many times I try to verify who they are and the company they are with. Then you are 30 days late and bye bye credit fico scores. There dealership were I went was doing fraudulent deals and the bank knew of it but me being a car buyer who’s new to buying a car. Chrysler Capitol is practicing the harrassment of elderly, disabled, and low income. I still owe 22,000 with payment at 554.00 on my 2011 Dodge Challenger how can I get out of this loan, I just can’t do it anymore, I’ve already been paying for it for 5 years! No where in your contract does it state that we need to be nice to you.

  • Do you have grounds for a lawsuit against Chrysler Financial but have been hesitant to take action? He made sure that my name was clear of the claim with his lawyer. life ruined. Same thing has happened to me with Chrysler Capital. The case is still moving through the courts and has not yet reached a settlement. She tried to get by with not even telling me my interest rate.