Nancy’s family is called and her mother is informed that Nancy has passed away. He says they had a good time and when they arrived they went to separate rooms. Jimmy "Superfly" Snuka in an undated photo. -Snuka’s legacy will always be a complicated one because of what happened outside the ring. He tells us that Snuka grew up homeless at times and it meant the world to him to have people embrace him in the world of pro-wrestling. In 1985, they won a $500K wrongful death lawsuit against Snuka but he contended he was broke and never paid it, the Morning Call reported. His work as a WWF headliner ended in the mid-1990s, but he continued to to wrestle into middle age and beyond in smaller venues, an aging symbol of pro-wrestling's first golden age. That started their relationship and her family was okay with it, but felt Jimmy was a little weird. In a hearing last week to determine Snuka's mental competency, one of his lawyers said Snukas had lost their home and hoped to move to Florida with Snuka's son, according to The Morning Call.

Snuka was the part-owner of Body Slam University and Coastal Championship Wrestling in South Florida with Dan Ackerman and Bruno Sassi. Please help us serve you better, fill out our survey. IMPACT Wrestling: What’s next after Bound for Glory? He did not claim to have any knowledge of the story of Nancy stepping out of the car and hitting her head. Jimmy Snuka: How Did the Pro Wrestler Die? She wants to know what happened in that meeting and Jimmy told her that Vince told her it was done and over. The case remains open to this day. This means the Argentino family will sadly get no justice for their sister’s death, while Snuka’s legacy will always remain tarnished by the events in Allentown that night. Jimmy "Superfly" Snuka visits "The Opie & Anthony Show" at SiriusXM studios on January 9, 2013 in New York City. -Muraco talked to Vince Jr and he told the police that Snuka would co-operate fully. "They were all so happy to see me," Carole Snuka recalled him telling her, the paper reported. Carole Snuka, Jimmy’s wife, reportedly said following the successful surgery: The doctors said he did very well. Snuka left her to rest while he went to film his matches for WWF, and when he returned, she had died. On May 10, 1983, Argentino was found unresponsive in Snuka’s motel room in Allentown, Pa. Snuka had been questioned by the police and eventually, the case went cold. “Due to COVID-19 and current government mandated impacts on WWE and the media business generally, the Company went through an extensive evaluation of its operations over the past several weeks,”, from the company reads. The reporter had no clue that his story would lead to something like this. {{ video.Name Months later, on May 10, 1983, Argentino and Snuka traveled to Allentown, Pennsylvania to tape an episode of championship wrestling. -Don Muraco is next and that only seems fitting. Jimmy "Superfly" Snuka visits "The Opie & Anthony Show" at SiriusXM studios on January 9, 2013 in New York City. She was kind of groggy so he let her rest while he went to his show.
Overall this was well done and presented as much information as they could. “Of course she looked terrible, she was dead,” one of the sisters tells us. She was friends with Ellen, who was engaged to Johnny Rodz. While The Superfly was a charismatic powerhouse on-screen, this did not mirror his personality outside of the squared circle. Conjour stated that there were never any contradictions to Jimmy’s story. Around the same time, Snuka's second wife announced that he'd received treatment for cancer, in which part of his stomach and lymph nodes were removed. -A quick overview of what made Jimmy Snuka special and how he sold out arenas in the early 80s. WWE has not responded to’s request for comment. It seems that was the only meeting that wasn’t transcribed. It adds, “Given the uncertainty of the situation, the Company also identified headcount reductions and made the decision to furlough a portion of its workforce effective immediately.”. Here is what we learned. Taking flight from the top rope, he seemed to defy gravity. And don't miss our own podcast, Martinis & Murder!

I feel for her family that never got closure and maybe getting her story out there in this fashion will help them. List This! Fatu isn’t sure what he told the police and the producer relates the story of her falling while going to a bathroom on the way to Allentown. At first, the case seemed not to slow his rise. -Snuka’s drug habit was getting worse and the WWE had no use for him and cut ties. The episode implies that McMahon made the charges disappear as following this meeting, the Allentown PD essentially stopped their investigation into one of the WWF’s top stars. Impact Wrestling: Best Moments from Bound For Glory 2020, Last Week in Wrestling History: October 19th – October 25th.
He said to colleagues in the locker room that he had pushed her and she hit her head on the wall. , Viceland.

Snuka went to trial back in 2013 after journalists Adam Clark and Kevin Amerman uncovered more information that hadn’t been explored during the initial investigation.

This screams that there was more going on behind the scenes with Snuka, as his home life and road life were becoming very distant realities, with his TV persona becoming more and more synonymous with his real life. Carole says Snuka told her that he knew what happened and what he did and that his God knew what happened. Nancy defends him by saying he was just high and was working too hard. Nancy’s family discuss the funeral and how Buddy Rodgers was leading Snuka all around. He announced a month earlier he had stomach cancer. On May 10, 1983 Snuka and Nancy arrived in Allentown to tape some shows. Jimmy ‘Superfly’ Snuka was one of the top names in professional wrestling in the 1980s, but the mysterious death of his girlfriend, Nancy Argentino, left a family seeking justice. Former WWE Superstar and family member The Rock confirmed his passing via Twitter on January 15.

-On May 10, 1983 emergency personnel respond to the hotel. However, by the next day, he apparently changed his story and claimed that Argentino fell down on her own when they made a bathroom roadside pitstop on their way into Allentown. October 29, 2020. Snuka has a bloodline that runs deep in the WWE, with current women’s wrestler Tamina Snuka signed with the company. -Fatu says he was in the car with them on the way to Allentown. -This autopsy report raised questions about what happened on that night.

Good Lord! I like to think something like that didn’t happen, but the fact it is plausible is pretty sad.

Jimmy Snuka Nancy Argentino However, Snuka’s addiction to cocaine had become so bad that both himself and the WWF had become reliant on Nancy Argentino to chaperone him to events and make sure he got there on time, as his on-screen manager, Buddy Rogers, wanted nothing to do with ‘Superfly’ off-camera. A local Allentown newspaper investigated the death and found that the death should have been prosecuted as a homicide. The case was left cold and deemed an accident until a local newspaper detailed evidence in an article published 30 years after the incident. Paramedics were called to the scene, where Nancy was found unconscious. Snuka was crying on the casket and had to be pulled off by Nancy’s father. Snuka is arrested in Sept 2015 at the age of 72. }}. Today that icon is barely recognizable.

A follow-up interview with Snuka was conducted by investigators on June 1. Then he saw she was breathing weird and called the ambulance. When the judge asked the faded wreslter if he could still take on opponents in his current condition, Snuka said, “I’m pretty sure.” Snuka's death comes 12 days after a Lehigh County, Pennsylvania, judge dropped third-degree murder and involuntary manslaughter charges against him … 0. The news broke to Nancy’s family that Jimmy was still married. TWM Talks: Lisa Marie Varon AKA Victoria with Jonathan Pearson, TWM Talks: AEW’s Brandi Rhodes talks to Adam Cailler, TWM Introduces: Lucia Lee with Jonathan Pearson, TWM Talks: Nadia Sapphire with Jonny Goldsmith, TWM Talks: AAWs Davey Vega with Jonathan Pearson, The Third Season of Dark Side of the Ring season officially confirmed.

Carole told the judge Snuka has tried to climb through windows and walks into their shower door because he becomes delusional, and tries to leave the house because he thinks he’s late for a wrestling match. Snuka was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame in 2006, but the company scrubbed virtually all references of Snuka from its website when he was charged with murder in 2015. -Carole Snuka, Jimmy’s widow, is next and she mentions that people would make comments about what he did. However, by the next day, he apparently changed his story and claimed that. Muraco admits that selfishly he was wondering if something was going to happen to his golden goose.

Hours later, paramedics responded to their motel room where Argentino was found unresponsive. To others, he said they were wrestling and she must have hurt herself.

Today, I bring you the 9th edition of a series looking at the TV show Dark Side of the Ring.

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Jimmy ‘Superfly’ Snuka was one of the top names in professional wrestling in the 1980s, but the mysterious death of his girlfriend, Nancy Argentino, left a family seeking justice. That October, he climbed to the stop of a 15-foot steel cage in New York's Madison Square Garden and leaped onto defending champion Don Muraco, a stunt that remains one of the sport's most renowned events. This didn’t paint Vince or the former Chief of Police in the best light obviously. We close with “it’s a great picture of her.”. She was taken to the Sacred Heart Medical Center where she was diagnos… Jimmy Snuka and Nancy Argentino returned to the George Washington Motor Lodge hotel after a WWF taping at the Allentown, PA fairgrounds. He is asked what he remembers from the ride.

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