Here's what he had to say, Wolf. But the U.S. policy, very clear here, remains the same. RSS. This is a major offensive. Since learned there were no weapons of mass destruction. They have conflated that with preventive war, which is a Bush doctrine that says, before the threat becomes imminent, before, we are going to go in there to prevent a threat from materializing in the first place. Because of her actions, the judge barred all aviation experts from testifying, which gutted roughly half the government's argument for sentencing Moussaoui to death. From Wondery, the network behind Dirty John and American History Tellers. Death Dealers. We're keeping close watch on our lead story, that huge air assault operation against insurgents under way in Iraq right now. Application may not work as expected. We will see where we go from here. But, clearly, a lot of questions about the timing and whether or not this is being overplayed -- Wolf. The president has conflated these two very different things. And while Domino’s extracts itself from the wreckage, Pizza Hut’s cooking up a new recipe for success. But we will have a chance to answer to it. PAUL BEGALA, CNN CONTRIBUTOR: But it's an offensive by the Americans, right? On the show this week is Cyril Penn, Editor In Chief of Wine Business Monthly, a trade magazine for the wine industry. Community Real-Time Explorer Best Podcasts Hot Podcasts Curated Podcasts Classified Ads Podcaster Interviews Podcast Academy About Listen Notes | Login. NetSuite - Schedule your free Product Tour right now at In today's podcast we hear that US withdrawal from the Iranian nuclear deal is widely taken as heralding a new round of cyber conflict. Our Internet reporter, Jacki Schechner, is tracking the story online and is joining us now live -- Jacki. Eight years later, Choi’s bold vision for Korean and Mexican fusion has made an impact on the culinary scene. SCHNEIDER: But the public feels growing doubts about the course. As we reported, the censure of President Bush is not entirely off the table, but regardless of which way it goes, Democratic Senator Feingold's choice to propose such a penalty is reverberating online. Allan in Burlington, Kansas: "Let's see. (COMMERCIAL BREAK) BLITZER: Here's Jack in New York -- Jack. Its iconic red-roof restaurants are now holding it back, so the brand looks to satisfy America’s increasingly demanding palate. The arena was evacuated after bomb-sniffing dogs detected a suspicious package. Pandemic Economy: Best of Business Wars Daily. And if they think that was an operational hazard, then I think we have to trust that -- trust that decision. In 2013, patients in Michigan thought Farid Fata was that doctor. And there is a huge difference." Retired Navy SEAL, Jocko Willink and Director, Echo Charles discuss discipline and leadership in business, war, relationships and everyday life. Albert - Install Albert from the App Store or Google Play today to find your happy balance. KING: It's a long way from March to November, but if Mr. Bush's struggles continue, he's could find he's not as welcome late in this campaign as in year's past. Available now from... It’s the 1990s and Domino’s rapid rise on the back of its 30-minute delivery guarantee is about to smash straight into a legal roadblock. Podcast Alert. And she was the genius behind this. CHARLIE BLACK, REPUBLICAN STRATEGIST: Some Republicans who might be running in swing districts in a close race might say, well, gosh maybe I shouldn't have the president come in and campaign this October but, you know what? Treasury Secretary John Snow applauded Congress for doing this, saying that they protected the full faith and credit of the United States. Sometimes the prize is your wallet or your attention. Judith Miller's attorney, Robert Bennett, tells CNN, the subpoenas seek even more information than prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald wanted. Here's the statement from Clooney: "With my permission, Ms. Huffington compiled it from interviews with Larry King and 'The Guardian." He has also worked very closely in dealing with a lot of those wildfires, forest fires that happened back in 2000 -- this, of course, following the resignation of Gale Norton. From Wondery, this is the story of hundreds of patients in Michigan, a doctor, and a poisonous secret.Laura Beil, returns with a second season of the award-winning series “Dr Death.”Click to listen to Dr. Death Season 2:, Gallo: Godfather Of Wine | The Gallo Family Today. The company would go on to invest heavily in technology and delivery in the intervening years. Barbara Starr is standing by. And the president's tricky relationship with his own party. KING: Popular, yes. Gene in Lake Oswego, Oregon: "From Bush's good buddies in Dubai, where democracy does not flourish." In Florida, count Katherine Harris in the U.S. Senate race. It's one of the things -- and I -- you know, I have been a vocal critic of this war since long before it began. Margaret in Bensalem, Pennsylvania: "We should get it from all those countries where we have outsourced American jobs. SUZANNE MALVEAUX, CNN WHITE HOUSE CORRESPONDENT: Well, Wolf, as you know, of course, a very important mission. And when Joe, Jr. comes of age, Ernest and Julio terminate... It’s the roaring twenties and Joe Gallo Sr.’s two teenage sons, Ernest and Julio, help run the family’s extensive vineyards and bootlegging operations. But as Pizza Hut tries to rally a counter-attack, a day of reckoning is fast approaching for the pizza delivery pioneer. Listen ad-free on Wondery+ here Those operations continue. It's the early 1900’s and two young brothers emigrate from Italy to the US to make their fortunes. This episode is... It’s the late 1980s and Domino’s founder Tom Monaghan’s living the high life. Thanks very much. Most Democrats are disposing themselves from the censure resolution, at least for now. But I'm 75 years old, so that probably wouldn't raise a lot of money. BLITZER: Suzanne at the White House, thanks very much. Podcasts live forever, along with their advertisements; What is your call to action? Just in the last few hours, ABC News announced that anchorman Bob Woodruff has been discharged from the hospital. WILLIAM SCHNEIDER, CNN SR. The former Cheney chief of staff is fighting charges he lied to authorities investigating the leak of a CIA operative's identity. Cyberattacks on critical infrastructure are seen as an asymmetric way of war. As John Boehner, the House majority leader noted today, he says he wonders if Feingold is more interested in protecting the safety and security of terrorists than the safety of Americans. There are more kids in school in Iraq than any time in their history. It's 49 pages. Raise the minimum wage, lower health care and insurance costs, lower college tuition, limit the profits allowed by big oil companies, that should make a good start." Local affiliates, Wolf, are reporting that as many as 18 students have been hurt. Listen ad-free on Wondery+ hereSupport us by supporting our sponsors! It’s the dawn of the 1970s and Pizza Hut is about to join America's business elite by floating on the stock exchange. A few hours from now, President Bush headlines a major fundraising event here in Washington for the National Republican Congressional Committee. That's coming up in the next hour right here in THE SITUATION ROOM. They do expect to remain in the area for some days to come. They passed a bill that would allow the government to borrow another $781 billion. campaign by this administration, the president, to win support for the Iraq mission. And it had to be some good ground work and some good homework in order to make this type of offensive. Our comprehensive portfolio prioritizes relevant and timely insights enabling customers to operationalize threat intelligence across the entire cyber attack lifecycle. What the president has done, though, is conflate two very different things, preemption, which is, just as you say, an imminent threat. From Wondery, the network behind Dirty John and American History Tellers. And this was Torie Clarke, who is now working for our network, we should disclose. But I was pretty shocked when I heard today that there were no reporters or camera crews from U.S. news organizations that were allowed to go along. The reason they clearly, from a military standpoint, picked an air assault method of going in -- going in by helicopter -- was to maintain tactical surprise. CNN has confirmed, subpoenas were sent to "The New York Times," its former reporter Judith Miller, NBC Washington bureau chief Tim Russert, and "TIME" magazine reporter Matt Cooper. WATTS: The new Iraqi government is -- that's right -- starting to get a little footing, a little traction. But the pandemic’s new normal has also created new opportunities. U.S. and Iraqi forces are targeting what they call a hotbed for terrorists in an area Northeast of Samarra. WATTS: One ... BLITZER: This is a major combat operation today. MALVEAUX: Well, Wolf, it was released earlier today. War Profiteers. He is, by far, our best fundraiser. (CROSSTALK) BLITZER: But there are a lot of Iraqis involved, too. Essentially, it is required for the president to report back to Congress this revised strategy every year, and this is something we haven't gotten in the last four years, so it's long overdue. And I think it shows that the intelligence is a little better. And get a bonus of up to $40 when you start an annual subscription to Albert Genius. Joining us are CNN political analysts, Democratic strategist Paul Begala and former Republican Congressman J.C. Watts. But, nevertheless, I think the bottom line is, the bad guys are being -- they're going after the bad guys, which is extremely important, fighting them there, which means we don't have to fight them here -- here in the United States. But just as Gallo reaches the pinnacle of the industry, it gets caught in the middle of a major labor rights battle. Lessons and Guidelines From Bernard 'Monty' Montgomery. My interpretation -- and it's perhaps worthy of consideration, we'll discuss this later -- is perhaps they didn't want U.S. media watching Iraqi military forces in operation because this is a potential area where there could be significant what they call collateral damage, and they don't want the free press, if you will, watching the Iraqi military in action, as opposed to the 101st air assault. Businesses Information about Departments Institutes Divisions Research centres Supporting LSE Term dates LSE Vacations Useful links LSE Merchandise Shop Library Careers Accommodation Media relations LSE Blogs. It's a campaign conundrum. That would be Lincoln Chafee of Rhode Island, who has broken with the White House before. It's a bit difficult to tell. Business is war. Heading into the turbulent 1960s, Ernest Gallo attempts to conquer the Midwestern wine market by taking on a dangerous associate of Al Capone in Chicago. Business Wars podcast on demand - Netflix vs. HBO. We are going to give you the latest. Let's go to James Joyner on the right from Outside the Beltway. Now Ernest, Julio and Joe Jr. fight a final bitter trademark battle in court over the family fortune and legacy. Chavez’s Gallo Boycott is poised to become the company’s biggest public relations challenge yet.Listen ad-free on Wondery+ hereSupport us by supporting our sponsors!ZipRecruiter - You can try ZipRecruiter FOR FREE at slash/bw!

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