This allure belies the events that, thousands of years ago, forged the craggy volcanic rocks at its core. The authorized minimum altitude for the Tail Hook route was 500 feet AGL—above ground level—but the squadron SOP had amended it to 750 feet with all terrain clearance systems working properly and up to 1,000 feet AGL if any were not operational. That day, like many before it, crewmen serviced jets for training flights, while pilots-in-training and instructors planned and prepared for their next missions. The Tam McArthur Rim Hike In Oregon Takes You To A Stunning Viewpoint. For current visiting hours, please visit the website of the museum. The Oregon Encyclopedia. RECOMMENDED ROUTE Oregon Desert Trail (Seg. It passed its daily and preflight inspections—and Navy records indicate that it had flown two recent missions “with no reported discrepancies.” However, later investigation revealed that a “breakdown in internal maintenance department communications and procedures” allowed it to be launched that evening when it would have otherwise been held for maintenance. USGS Topo Map Quad: Vaughn Well RECOMMENDED ROUTE Oregon Desert Trail (Seg. A U.S. Navy Grumman A-6 Intruder bomber from the Naval Air Station at Whidbey Island, Washington crashed during a low-level training flight in 1973 killing both men in the plane and leaving a sizable debris field. Duhamel returned to NAS Whidbey Island in June 1972, attached to VA-128, and by 1973 served as a staff instructor for new pilots from the bombardier/navigator (B/N) position inside the A-6A. There are no permanent springs or streams, but several playa lake bed waterholes. Anyone who is interested in visiting Burma Rim can print the free topographic map and street map using the link above. The flutter of fading American flags, attached in memoriam to hulking sections of the decades-old aircraft wreckage, brings the only sound and motion to the static landscape. • At the first impact, Duhamel is believed to have ejected from the jet. If the team flew too slowly, the mission would fall behind schedule; if it flew too quickly, the mission could end disastrously. Crossing the Columbia River into Oregon, they reported leaving their altitude of 24,000 feet and acknowledged when Seattle reported the expected loss of radar contact. Early in the section, the trail follows two-track roads that passes by water troughs, which may or may not have water in them, depending on the cattle rotation in the area. A memorial service was held for both officers at the NAS Whidbey Chapel on September 25, 1973. The following year, he was commissioned a U.S. Navy ensign and, shortly thereafter, a naval flight officer. 202.99 m Up Two airplane wrecks in the southwest and a power line along its east boundary. By then, they had fallen behind schedule. Trainees flew it in a clockwise direction, dropping into its lower altitude path near the imaginary hook’s tip in western Harney County, just northeast of Wagontire Mountain. As their pre-flight briefing would have noted, the squadron’s SOP (standard operating procedure) for the Tail Hook route made particular note of hazardous terrain on the approach to the Summer Lake turning point, where high points like Burma Rim, Sheep Rock, and Diablo Peak rise from the rolling, gently sloping landscape. There, BLM staff, building on the exhaustive research … From the Flag Day dais, Cannon illustrated how the site provokes reflection even decades after the tragic accident. Oregon Desert Trail (Seg. One of the squadron’s new pilots training to fly the A-6A in 1973 was Lt. Alan G. Koehler. La Pine, OR. 2,299' Up 3,140' Down According to Navy investigators, there was “a strong possibility” that Koehler had become aware of the dangerous position just before this first impact and applied full back stick in an unsuccessful attempt to lift the jet above the terrain.

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