This shift in perception is life changing! If you have any questions email me at Own or manage this property? Yes, guests have access to a pool, a fitness center, and a yoga room during their stay. This ceremony lasts approximately 6 hours and is normally celebrated at night similar to Ayahuasca. In 2008 after 90 days of being hospitalized following an alcohol and cocaine addiction, in what I thought was “the last year of my life”, I experienced Ancestral Medicine. A great hostel/hotel where the owner did his best to create a peaceful and calm place. The Peer Review process within the Conclave will be discussed. It will be a deep initiation and various relevant skills will be shared. I would like to see a move away from the fly in fly out traveling “shaman” towards weekend workshops and week long retreats, so the initiate has plenty of time to prepare, experience and integrate the ceremony in a safe supporting and legal environment with experienced facilitators and support crew. The Bufo Ceremony is a non-duality experience. or $2300 for private beachfront cabin plus Paypal commission. In Non-duality you are literally and totally everything that exists. Again, it’s important to know, that by doing this coarse it does not guarantee that you will then be ready to serve or be recommended as a Facilitator as I believe that would take a Peer Review process which is developing globally atm. Arrive around 3pm. We will be working hard and balancing that out with deep relaxing, grounding and integration techniques. Thirty (30) minutes from Juan Santamaria International Airport, San José, Costa Rica. While staying at the Sanctuary of Bufo Alvarius, you can take advantage and get to know the shamans of Bufo Alvarius, and learn about the world of shamanism and natural healing. The breathtaking audio-visual adventure is enhanced by immersive animations inspired by the psychoactive effects of this extraordinary substance. Tools of protection & ofrendas, cacao, breath, rapéh, preparation, setting intention, working with sound, set and setting, serving the medicine, (basic tools, doses, time)-the medicine container ( holding space), working in transitional states, meditation, integration, grounding exercises, Trauma, contra-indications and careful aspects, the different ways of serving the medicine, pre and post medicine aspects, the different roles( facilitator, medicine, receiver) working tools( physical, energetic, mental, emotional), post medicine integration, dealing with an emergency, working with Masculine and Feminine energies, the importance of working with a conscious collector, initiate and facilitator relationship, personal sharing and more. For those who don’t know, I am a documentary filmmaker and the administrator of the FB group, Toad and 5 Meo Forum and Support and have been working to develop safety protocols for serving this medicine and Toad conservation issues over the last 4 years. Guests can enjoy an on-site restaurant and an outdoor dining area during their stay. Cost is $2000 USD plus Paypal commission. Price may change a little while finalising. The Bufo Foundation is on a mission to protect and preserve this amazing animal. The 7-night stay at our retreat venue, in shared double accommodation occupancy. The whales can be heard singing from the waters right in front of the retreat a phenomena that is deeply inspiring. 6th  8 am Boat trip to Cano Island, Whale watching and listening ceremony. Aug 2nd. Welcoming, settle in to your rooms, beach, swim, and orientation, Sunset Sun Gazing on the beach, sharing circle. I have been working with toad medicine with the Whales, the Waters and the Sun over these years and developed strict safety protocols for working in and around water. There are a number of fresh water cenotes on the property. Ongoing discussions and support will occur. Peter Isaia, Registered Nurse. She has been assisting and training with one of the most experienced practitioners in the US for several years, and has established her own practice in alignment with the Conclave ethics. Sleep. Yes, free public parking nearby is available to guests. If you have been working with a mentor and have already been serving friends and family quite a bit that will assist your application.  Dean Jefferys is founder and Administrator of the Toad & 5 MeO Forum and Support group on Facebook with 8500 members. We will enjoy ethnobotanical immersion walks, through Sparrows amazing 20-year old medicinal plant and Permaculture gardens. © 2019 Bufo Alvarius Costa Rica. These are  passive and active retreats, in which there will be transmissions as well as practices. We are a family-run Natural Ancestral Medicine retreat center located in Costa Rica that specializes in Ancestral Ceremonies. Conveniently located restaurants include Ristorante Sale & Pepe Tulum, El Capitan, and Nido. Mza 89 Av. Shared kitchen, pool with lounge chairs and tables, bathrooms and showers, parking, security, reception and tourist information. Please fill out this detailed application form and questionnaire It is suggested one continues to work with a mentor or another persons. When you achieve this state of consciousness you are – God Creation Consciousness. Which is the complete opposite of Ayahuasca which works from the bottom of your root – chakra up. Bufo Alvarius Costa Rica We are a family-run Natural Ancestral Medicine retreat center located in Costa Rica that specializes in Ancestral Ceremonies. This training is for someone who is ready & willing to step into right relationship with themselves, the world, & the energies we are participating in.  There are also walks along the beach with options to explore waterfalls, rivers, rainforests and kayaking. I know there are some people who have had this medicine who want to become evangelist for the medicine and get some toad and blow out the world. I stayed here during the interesting Covid -19 times and what a wonderful place located next to the main road towards the beach. Aug 1st  Arrive in San Jose in the afternoon or evening, taxi to Hostel, meet and mingle hang out in the pool and spar. There is also an option to hire out the beach front cabins solo for an additional $300. Natural Healing Centre. Arrive San Jose by 4pm. This 7 days/7 nights retreat will include 3 or 4 or more, Bufo Alvarius sessions which will include group sessions. One afternoon we will participate in a ‘Council of all Beings’ ceremony were we spend time in nature then allow aspects of nature to talk through us. We will travel by boat to be with the Whales and to snorkel at the nearby spectacular Cano Island which is a world class dive site. This wisdom, although not always experienced, is always present. $200 one way. She is very well-equipped to serve this sacrament, although she maintains a low profile, due to the current legal status of this sacrament in some countries. She has also been Peer reviewed by at least 5 other facilitators in ‘The Conclave’. All-inclusive resort, with professionals on staff in a harmonious family environment. Wake up in our charming Hotel and break free from the Matrix Tune in to the frequence of love and revive. The shaman creates the space to fully experience these wonderful medicines. After about 45 minutes of drinking the San Pedro/Wachuma medicine in my garden, you will start to feel the medicine working. If anyone is considering coming or applying to this gathering please know that there is an extensive application process including a detailed form and questionnaire, access by the facilitators and assistants with references and online zoom interviews. Or fly from Drake bay in the morning to arrive in San Jose by 11-30 am. People will need to fly to Cancun Airport which is a 2 hour flight from Mexico City. This coarse is unlikely to be for you. What does a safer, more supportive community look like? The staff speaks multiple languages, including English and Spanish. The upper rooms are amazing with the private terrace. Most people prefer to just stay in the garden, and for others, it’s just not possible to walk much. The property is situated on 15 acres of beautiful beach front rainforest on Costa Rica’s Osa Peninsula, south of Drake bay. Sunset Sun Gazing on the beach, sharing circle after dinner. If you are a resident of another country or region, please select the appropriate version of Tripadvisor for your country or region in the drop-down menu. Truth also teaches meditation and mindfulness and supports those during their physical transition into death. Bufo Alvarius Retreats, Mexico + Costa Rica 2020 POSTPONED POSTPONED Toad retreats in Mexico and Costa Rica are happening in July/Aug 2020. We will travel by boat to be with the Whales and to snorkel at the nearby spectacular Cano Island which is a world class dive site. There is also another transport option to fly in a small plane from San Jose to Drake Bay then get a 40 min taxi to retreat, approx $400 return. There will also be ample opportunities for the other practitioners present to share their experiences and skills. As this location is quite isolated suitable medical condition will be a big consideration.  If you have any questions about either retreats send me and email saying your interested in either of the retreats to  As space is limited to 12, only those chosen to be most suitable will be accepted. Testimonials of retreat, Pete Isaia: The week long workshop was a challenging and comprehensive experience filled with opportunities to learn how to utilise and share this powerful and transformational tool. Once our mind is open and receiving, the body follows, this is the effect of the holographic universe we live in and our mind is an extension or a receiver. There are also others who would like the power, glory and the money from serving. Are pets allowed at Bufo Alvarius Sanctuary Tulum? Harihar is a very experienced and masterful provider, therapist and educator who imparts her knowledge, wisdom and insight with clear and concise language. I have no hesitation in recommending this retreat experience for those that are properly prepared and ready for this initiation. Hotels with Complimentary Breakfast in Tulum, Hotels near Blue Life Scuba Diving & Freediving. Our retreat offers integration support and a peaceful and completely safe environment. Hari has been working with Bufo Alvarius for over 8 years in Mexico and also runs Sapohuasca retreats.

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