And that cross-cultural innovation — spreading his teachings to non-Asian students — would prove to be Lee’s legacy. The downtown school on Broadway closed after two years because of a lack of business, and Bruce Lee and Jimmy Lee opened a martial-arts studio in the garage of Jimmy Lee’s home at 3039 Monticello Ave. in Oakland. There were no rules, which might or might not have been a point of contention. “I remember thinking, ‘If he injures me, if he really hurts me, I’ll have to kill him.’”.

It was December 1964. Lee had a storied career on the big screen. Photo: Hulton Archive / Hulton Archive / Getty Images. After Doten Pontiac Gmc and today Toyota cars dealearship. San Francisco’s martial-arts elders denounced the practice, setting up an epic showdown in which Lee literally would fight for the right to bring his innovative martial-arts teachings to the masses. Those plans stalled and Cadwell later dissolved the Bay Area Lee Advisory Committee and focused on the Seattle area and commercial opportunities. Gary Cagaanan, who trained under Bruce Lee in 1969 in Oakland, displays photos and booklets he's held onto from those days at Kennel Boxing Gym in San Leandro. He opened his first martial-arts school in Seattle, but his second would be at 4175 Broadway, a couple of blocks from Oakland Technical High School. Lee incorporated more kicks and a free-flowing style in yet another offshoot he pioneered and named “Jeet Kune Do,” which means, “the way of the intercepting fist.”. A photo of friends James Lee (left) and Bruce Lee, belonging to former student Gary Cagaanan, is seen at the Kennel Boxing Gym in San Leandro. Other locations for their school included 26663 Mission Blvd., Hayward (probably referred to as the Haymont Shopping Center) and a class in Fremont, also.”, Chinese Gung Fu Center in Hayward, Ca ( alias Jun Fan Gung Fu Institute. and other Bay Area cities, but ‘freefall’ may be slowing, 2020 Election Live Updates: Lady Gaga criticizes Trump over remarks about women, Oakland pledged to cut its police budget in half. Wong’s followers insist the fight ended in a draw, and there are some accounts that it lasted 25 minutes. Jun Fan Gung fu sign used at Bruce and James Y. Lee's school on Broadway. When he started it, however, that practice did not sit well with traditional martial-arts masters and teachers. to see all of the remarkable stories, photos, timelines and videos we created for this project.

Five years ago, there was an effort led by then-Oakland mayor and avid martial artist Ron Dellums to recognize Lee in the town where he made his mark. James Lee ran Bruce Lee's school in Oakland. “He wouldn’t be the same Bruce Lee. It was a personal place , far from a public view, with a strong magnetic pull - draws for the life changements of the people in and out the city of Oakland ) at 3039 Monticello Avenue (Maxwell Park area, East Oakland). Original Business card of Chinese Gung Fu Center from Hayward,Ca ( courtesy from Mr Felix Macias ' website ). The former Jun Fan Gung Fu Institute in Oakland, Ca. Lee was looking for efficient use of arms, legs and body weight and borrowed not only from other styles of fighting but also from fencing. Charles Russo, author of “Striking Distance,” and Gary Cagaanan, an Oakland native who trained in one of Bruce Lee’s schools, share insights into this hard-hitting history. His first martial studio, “Jun Fan Gung Fu Institute”, was at 4175 Broadway near the old site of Dave's Coffee Shop [North Oakland] together with his friend, martial artist James Yimm Lee. Lee liked a lot of the body mechanics and hip rotation that he saw in boxing.

Learn more | Bruce Lee’s Oakland years Episode 16 A young Bruce Lee outside of James Lee's Monticello Avenue home in Oakland circa 1965, just prior to Bruce's role on the Green Hornet. ”In the early 60’s in OaklandBruce Lee opened two martial arts kwoons (clubs), creating first jun fan gung fu, and then jeet kune do. After Doten Pontiac Gmc and today Toyota cars dealearship. Classes and prices from Bruce Lee's Oakland gung fu school are seen in a booklet belonging to Gary Cagaanan, who trained under Bruce Lee in 1969, at Kennel Boxing Gym in San Leandro. In Oakland, Bruce Lee transformed martial arts. Donate. This episode explores how a legendary fight sparked an evolution that changed martial arts forever. Gary Cagaanan, who trained under Bruce Lee in 1969 in Oakland, displays photos and booklets he's held onto from those days at Kennel Boxing Gym in San Leandro… The film will be directed by George Nolfi (“The Adjustment Bureau”) from a script by Christopher Wilkinson and Stephen Rivele, who earned an Oscar nomination for the screenplay for 1995’s “Nixon.”. There is a Bruce Lee Tea coming out soon. Just like martial arts has.”, Vic Tafur is a San Francisco Chronicle staff writer.

It was a fighting style that had a starting point, some guidelines but no limitations, in the Lees’ minds. Privacy Policy | Win, lose or draw, what came out of the confrontation can be seen throughout the Bay Area. Lee was able to teach his new versions of “gung fu,” the authentic pronunciation and spelling for the popular martial-art form — compared with the popularized “kung fu” — to students of all backgrounds and ages. ‘Like local terrorism’: Trump caravan roars into Marin City, angering residents, Rent prices drop again in S.F. "Another site was opened concurrently ,where a different group of students could come on Saturdays, at James Yimm Lee’s garage ( The idea that in a garage could do something other than park a car was popular in the 60s-70s. “It was a very special time,” he said. That’s also the version that Cagaanan heard from the late Jimmy Lee (no relation), a disciple of Bruce Lee who one day would open the legend’s second school in his Bay Area garage. That is the popular version of the story, but even Lee’s supporters admit there are other possible scenarios.

“Bruce believed in nonclassical techniques and many thought that was radical. “People, the traditionalists, took it personal when he made martial arts better,” Olivarez said. of The Chronicle’s ongoing 150th birthday celebration, a group of Sporting Green writers, editors and photographers embarked on a search for pivotal moments in Northern California’s rich sports history. “Bruce pounced on him like a springing leopard,” Cadwell wrote in her book, “Bruce Lee: The Man Only I Knew.” The book said Lee “brought him to the floor where he began pounding him into a state of demoralization.”. See Copyrights. Dellums wanted to put up a plaque downtown and host a martial-arts tournament at what would be a cultural and historical landmark. Bruce Lee’s time in the East Bay affected him profoundly.

Their liaison resulted in a lifelong friendship.” 1, ”When Bruce Lee married Linda Emery in 1964, the couple moved in with James Yimm Lee and his family and lived at the Oakland residence for the next two to three years.

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