Australia, like all nations, submits its observations annually to WMO for archiving, whence they are obtained by the US/NOAA National Climatic Data Centre and incorporated into a Global Historical Climate Network (GHCN); they become accessible also from US/NASA Goddard as the GISTEMP (global) data set and from the Hadley Centre of the UK Meteorological Office as the CRUTEM data set. View the current warnings for the Northern Territory. minimum daily temperatures that are higher than maximum, or significant rounding-up errors in transcription of observers logs. Choose between Pro and Essential account and get access to more! © Copyright Commonwealth of Australia , Bureau of Meteorology (ABN 92 637 533 532) | Disclaimer | Privacy | Accessibility. This is unfortunate, because it is perfectly clear from the historical record that devastating droughts and bushfires are not novel, CO2-forced events, but have been suffered – and were recorded – by settlers in Australia since the earliest days. This finding is consistent with a computation of the degree to which the pattern of trends in a homogenised, gridded data set is independent of socio-economic factors: this hypothesis is rejected (P = 7.1 x 10-14) across a grid of all land-based grid cells. Example And please check out the “what firefighters say” link at the end. So the evidence is good that the climate of the vast inland regions of Australia changed very slowly during the 20th century, cooling progressively from the warm end of the 19th century and then gently warming again from the 1970s until the present time – which probably remains cooler than in 1900. It has very flat terrain without major mountain ranges, and no major gulfs to allow marine weather to penetrate inland. Most are very small communities, so conditions are dominated by the surrounding outback environment, which is subject to very long dry spells. Summer maximum temperatures were higher during the 1930s than today, and heavy bushfires in the surrounding region occurred on 13 January 1939 which became one of the series of ‘Black’ days of the week discussed earlier: that summer was 2.2oC hotter than any of the ten most recent summers at the same place. So, for much of Australia, temperatures recorded before Hunt’s insistence on standardising weather stations in about 1908 would be biased towards warmer temperatures, relative to modern observations. Station Details: ID: 015590 : Name: ALICE SPRINGS AIRPORT : Lat:-23.80 : Lon: 133.89 … Wouldn’t adjusting pre 1950 temperatures down make pre 1950 temperatures lower? I think the BOM discards everything before the year 1910 because 1910 was a very cold year globally, so if they want to create a warming trend, then they start at the coldest part of the temperature record. Others have pointed to errors in observer’s records that have not been corrected, e.g. Victorias weather is very mild this summer with just those few stinking days from the west/nth winds from inland, The Indian Ocean is a major contributor to the droughts and flooding rains in Australia, not the least because our weather comes from the West. Funny how Brigid Delaney’s “truth bomb” is short on truth and mostly just bomb. But all that remains hidden from most climatologists (and from The Guardian’s correspondent) because of progressive adjustment of the temperature data by NOAA, NASA and the BoM. Issued at 1:41 pm CST Tuesday 3 November 2020 (issued every 10 minutes, with the page automatically refreshed every 10 minutes), Comma delimited format used in spreadsheet applications Issued at 6:11 am CST Sunday 1 November 2020 (issued every 10 minutes, with the page automatically refreshed every 10 minutes) About weather observations | Map of weather stations | Latest weather observations for NT | Other Formats. Last 2 weeks of weather. It’s not any warmer today than in the recent past yet CO2 levels have increased over that time period, so CO2 is not a significant factor. The warming has occurred mostly since 1950. The BoM is, of course, entitled to do what it think fit with its own data, although I happen to think they have not got it right. Maybe Australia should excavate some large gulfs, and use the removed earth to build some elevated ‘mountain ranges’. “Meteorologist Clement Wragge, in an 1886 report (Wragge, C. L. 1886. With the correct spelling I found, Australia seems to have very high OLR readings as well taken from climate4you, To address this issue, Ross McKitrick compared all raw and adjusted GHCN data in grid-cells in which both adjusted and unadjusted data were present and found that for all years up to about 1980, the adjustments resulted in a temperature cooler than the observations, but in later years corrections tended to be in the opposite sense (delta T 0C, y-axis in left image below). 28.6° Now. Although anthropogenic climate change sells well, especially at The Guardian, their Sydney correspondent cannot be so ignorant about the climate of Australia or about bushfires as she pretends. How about denizens here apply their own standards and ‘chuck out’ any temp measurements that are suspect and cannot be attributed to any known factor, rather than adjust them. Global Warming is definitely man-made. The woman found a bit of ash in her glass of wine — and it apparently can’t have originated this time in the nearby ‘barbie’! Maybe the essence of it all is that agw climate change sees control burns in terms of their CO2 emissions and that makes control burns a bad thing and everything else just follows from that. In the technical description of ACORN-SAT on the BOM site, I can find no explanation of the abrupt change in slope around 1950, nor does there appear to be any such change in the state of the relevant drivers of Australian climate: ENSO index, Indian Ocean dipole, or in the Antarctic Ocean. IDCJDW8002.202011   Prepared at 01:00 UTC on Tuesday 3 November 2020. Mosher and Stokes both quick-draw this weapon whenever there is questioning of a temperature record. As it cannot be known which, if any, are correct. These doctored/adjusted surface temperature charts are the *only* “support” the Human-caused climate change claims have. The climate juggernaut goes on regardless. BoM studies show 51% of all temperatures recorded across Australia from 1957 to 1971 were rounded, and the bureau acknowledges there was an artificial warming shift as of 1972. Weatherzone offers a range of free weather products that you can easily incorporate into your website. The last 14 months of Daily Weather Observations for Alice Springs, Northern Territory are also here on this web site: Nov 20   Oct 20   Sep 20   Aug 20   Jul 20   Jun 20   May 20   Apr 20   Mar 20   Feb 20   Jan 20   Dec 19   Nov 19   Oct 19. Yet when this summer ends the BOM will tell us it was one of the hottest summers ever if not the hottest. The reason the heat and strong winds were there is normal around that time of the year. Isn’t that just like a man?! Today, it is widely believed in Australia that the drought and fire-storms of 2019 were the consequence of CO2-driven anomalously high air temperature; long forgotten is the fact that very high temperatures were reliably recorded during earlier droughts. “In short, up to 85 bushfires begin every day because someone leaves their house and decides to start one,” said Dr. P. Reid of the Australian Center for Research in Bushfires and Arson. Observations were established in the early years of the Federation along with the telegraph network, and Australia boasts one of the very longest continuous records globally: observations in Adelaide began in 1856, but you will find the early data have been expunged from the currently-used Australian archives. Observations were obtained with mercury thermometers in Gleisher frames or Stevenson screens up to about 1910, although in some outback locations there was probably some improvisation: Stevenson screens became standard after 1910 right up to the progressive introduction of electronic sensors in the 1990s. If Wragge got Queensland to introduce Stevenson screen in 1886 then the BOM should use QLD data from 1886. Observations were drawn from Alice Springs Airport {station 015590}. This inversion of the appropriate correction is not only counter-intuitive but it enables the final temperature due to urban effects to be treated subsequently as “normal”. a strong positive indian ocean dipole has preceded all our major fire seasons except 2009,, Agree with Paul butadd that to its credit the Bureau of Meteorology had released videos of its staff explaining the effects of the Indian Ocean Dipole (IOD) and the Southern Ocean Annualar mode (SAM) as the main drivers of the weather encountered in 2019-2020in Australia plus related fires Alice Springs Extended Forecast with high and low temperatures °F. CO2 has gone up from say 250 to 400 ppm it is said or 60%. The rate of very hot daytime temperatures has been increasing since the 1990s”. stating it’s “data manipulation” without qualifying plays into the hands of the watermelons. A site (048239) was established on the southern side of the airport near the terminal building on 11 November 1994. For this place, I discover that “Bourke 48013 has annual max temps back to 1878: 1878-1909 = 28.62C” and that “1989-1998 raw max averaged 27.33C and post AWS 2000-2009 averaged 28.27C”, and finally that ”Observations were originally made within the Bourke township (048013).

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