During his time keeping her, Lady helped heal Humphreys’ broken heart. We found 16 records for Robert Humphreys in Boonsboro, Parkville and 22 other cities in Maryland. A page dedicated to German Shepherd Dogs! “I realized that Lady wasn’t going to be here forever and that I needed to start finding my own Lady,” he said. Eventually he adopted another tiny dog, Harley, and another, Lucy. It seemed he had a way with small dogs. Organizers say these funds will be used to better the community and provide support for more people. “As they went up to get Quinny from upstairs, the daughter of the breeder let it slip that Harley and Quinn were the results of improper line-breeding or more directly, inbred. I wanted to end it. “There were times when my friend would come check on her dog at 11 in the morning only to find both of us still upstairs in bed. That’s not the part that fixed me though, it was all the attention and love from Lady.”, Humphreys knew Lady couldn’t stay with him forever, so he began looking for his own lady: “I was not terribly particular but I either wanted one that looked like her which would be a deer head fine and color and perhaps not the most perfect specimen as Lady had somethings wrong with her due to eating some chemotherapy medicine and almost passing away.”. “Lady did not just transform my opinion, she transformed my life,” Humphreys said. Finally, around 2016, he started learning how to use Photoshop and hasn't stopped since. Or their oddities. Wonderful that he is helping them, and himself. It’s weird, it’s sad but she healed me,” he recalled. Even when he needed to go to work. (WDVM) -- Montgomery County Executive Marc Elrich is asking residents to take a survey that's is designed to gauge their assessment of the Montgomery County Police Department. Your account is not active. A dog found on the side of the road. Go out of this world with NASA’s trove of cosmic images, State-by-state: When we will start seeing election results, Jewish cemetery in Michigan tagged with ‘TRUMP’ ahead of Election Day, How the final presidential election polls compare to 2016, One-on-one with Maryland Gov. “It was pathetic. Over the course of 17 years, the competitive bodybuilder and his wife had only ever owned Rottweilers in their Maryland home. The Maryland man thought fell into a deep depression and had even contemplated ending his life. I saw how easy it is for people to sell dogs on Craigslist and how little they really care about where the dog goes.”, “[When] I found a Harley, [she was] only six weeks old,” Bobby continues. Subscribe to our top stories. Let's keep in touch and we'll send more your way. (WDVM) -- In an election year like no other, thousands of Marylanders have either mailed-in ballot, dropped off, or are preparing to cast their ballot on Election Day. HAGERSTOWN, Md. So, if you hear us refer to this place as the island, now you know why.”, “Once I’ve earned the dogs respect and bonded with the dog, I am obligated to them to make sure the only way they leave me is if they found somebody they like even more.”, “The rest will happily stay here regardless of their conditions or their differences. Check your inbox, and click on the link to activate your account. However, he wanted to repay his friend, who had helped him during his darkest days, so he agreed to take care of the dog. Without someone to rely on, Humphreys found himself in a deep depression. Robert Humphreys in Maryland. That's a lot of inbreeding and results of puppy mills in one photo. But doggone it, Humphreys started barking up a different tree and now shares his Maryland home with 37 Chihuahuas. Eventually though, all good things come to an end. Fortunately, his friend Connie was there for him and kept him going. She introduced him to Lady. Justin is a photo editor at Bored Panda. The problem was Humphreys did not like little dogs, Lady in particular. So, imagine Humphreys surprise when he found himself smitten by little dogs of all things and now he can’t get enough of them. The philosophy behind it is simple: Bobby takes the dogs nobody else wants, he shows them how special they are and he lets them live whatever life they choose. In addition, Humphreys hopes to adopt even more little dogs. Even the biggest giants have their soft spot. “My original mission which was just to give these dogs literally as much attention as I can, but it’s also helping me realize that it’s much bigger than me now,” Humphreys said. She gave me my self-respect and dignity back. She literally just wouldn’t go … He didn't believe me. The competitive bodybuilder from Maryland spent his time mostly in the gym and laying specialty hardwood floors and surrounded himself with other tough guys, Rottweilers. 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