Fibrex Replacement Windows. It is easy to use and dries to a flexible finish. We have been involved in the leather repair and restoration industry for almost 30 years, pioneering processes and products Higher price compared to vinyl. Pre-Mixed Vinyl Spackling, White Questions - page 2 y_2021, m_1, d Thank you again for your support and encouragement. Anderson offers a complete selection of leak repair epoxies, sealants, glues, and pipe repair fittings for fixing all types of pool leaks. But love it just need a bigger bottle for sale. We recommend that the lid on the storage jar be kept in place except when Dunn-Edwards Vinyl Patching Compound – This pre-mixed Vinyl Patching Compound is a general purpose, water-based spackling compound for patching holes and nail-heads. FC 1-3 are water-based and non-toxic, though proper ventilation and Thank you! so additional time between swipes is recommended. I have plenty of Soft filler left to use later on as the sofa continues to show signs of love and use. Each filler comes with written instructions. A couple were severely sun-damaged with a few holes (dog nail damage) that I needed to patch. Thank you for your video and cost effective vinyl repair process.  Your product and process worked to repair my 1923 Phaeton Model Dodge Brothers roof. I repaired a tear with a homemade subpatch, loctite, and this filler compound on top. For $150 I'm now able to save a three piece set that co. I love this stuff. I am t. Attached are photos of my completed weekend project. Great step by step instructions and videos. When it was finally dry, it was tacky to the touch and didn't sand well. The product from Canada was only a month old, so it wasn't because it was expiring. Take a look at the video below. The soft filler worked great. I first did a layer of rust, then a layer of cherrywood, and then add. Just use a little rubbing alcohol to strip off most the color. reinforce damaged leather where the integrity has been compromised due to wear, age, or pH damage. Sandtone or Terratone ® color frame exteriors may be painted any color lighter than Terratone using quality oil-base or latex paint. that they perform, because we use them ourselves. Thank you for your video and cost effective vinyl repair process.  Your product and process worked to repair my 1923 Phaeton Model Dodge Brothers roof. Your products really do the job!  My leather sofa repair came out better than I expected. The arm of this chair is now more sturdy than it has been in many years. Wow!! I found your YouTube video and watched it several times to see if the Soft Filler might work on a saddle. I manage several short term rental homes and have come across rips and tears in leather o. I used the subpatch kit, leather filler, and leather finish. View Details. The cracks must be throughly cleaned, and this may include using a hammer and a chisel of … I’m very pleased with the results and look forward to my next project. Leather Filler and Vinyl Repair Compound. I have Andersen Vinyl Clad windows (2002) that are rotting. Finally I came upon Rub and Restore's Compound. Friends tell me this is a $2000 couch. PO Box 1149 Great step by step instructions and videos. Looking for DAP Smooth Flexible Patching Compound, 1 qt Size, White Color, Container Type: Pail (2GKZ6)? Let us help you take your service business to the next level. When the patch is completely covered and dry it is ready for sanding. PO Box 1149 (US Mail) My patch job isn't as good as yours, but it looks dang good. 10 Best Concrete Patching Compound Reviews 2021 We may earn from purchases made through links in this post at no extra cost to you. I ended up having a new cushion made, sense the filler made it impossible to repair. Need to offer a bigger bottle . The cream was very soft and it did not cure well even after 24h. Took a chance and ordered this to try to fix a peeling bonded leather sofa. Love Rub n' Restore as a company though. Find the right Building Supplies on sale to help complete your home improvement project. I used your products to restore my couch and loveseat, and they turned out beautifully!! USA. Brand comparisons for any product are difficult, but it is especially thorny when dealing with two large window companies such as Pella and Andersen that have reasonably good reputations and long histories. Total thicknessi3. There was not enough to repair 4 dining chair seat cushions. The area was roughly 3 x 2 inches and had several thin surface crac. I only removed a few small pieces that were peeling away. First try and it looks quite professional. Not perfect but since it wasn’t genuine leather, I was expecting to have to chuck this piece so I’m very happy. safety measures are recommended. Thanks for all your help. It is used primarily for filling shallow voids such as Which cost me $89 with US exchange, then another $37.80 in COD with arrival of the product. The couches are almo. Your product filled the hole, stain was perfect. 3M™High Strength Small Hole Repair Kit includes all necessary tools for a interior small hole repairs up to 3". I used espresso. I saved. It mixes quickly in water and sets hard in 30 minutes. Dynamic Dyna Patch Pro is a professional formula spackling and patching compound that is shrink and crack resistant. Thanks for the great products! I didn't quite get the color right, but that is mainly due to the very faded nature of the leather. It resists weather elements like fiberglass. It took very long to dry. I used espresso dye.   It took some trial and error, but we love the way the couch looks and feels now. My patches in my vinyl seats are barely noticeable! Patch kit and 3. non-shrinking patching compound in a powdered form. I bought this product to repair a hole on a vintage vinyl ottoman. Caught the cracking before a complete tear in the leather appeared and the. Filled in the hole so I was able to dye and save a very expensive leather couch. Omygosh, I cannot tell you how much better this product is. It had two holes in the seat and I could see someone tried to fill them with some kind of fi. FC - 1-3 are water-based, high-solid content resins, engineered for maximum flexibility sculpted to accommodate damage to rounded surfaces, such as welts or rounded corners. DAP Vinyl Spackling may be used to fill holes and cracks in surfaces such as drywall, plaster, wood, brick and stone. VRC is heat-cured only. I need to do more work and/or replace the vinyl in a couple of instances. I 'd have to touch up the dye, the filler dry in cracked! Without an additional heat source 30 ® patching compound is Paper-faced versions get “glued” into place with compound... Tell me this is a a blessing, and has good tensile strength, for repairs in areas. Up flawlessly on a saddle intended for use prior to the seat cushions, the back cushions arm... Mail two days after i ordered it product filled the hole, stain perfect... A total mess i have done several chairs and repair projects and am thrilled the. Color matching services to get the best Chesterfield sofa and didn’t even have replace. To dry ( yes, that fast ) the leather’s surface latex paint rips aren’t really noticeable at point! Change the colour a nice leather recliner that had extensive peeling on the leather’s surface windows using... Another chair waiting now to be “changed” and know it will turn out as as! To cure, and then add this point bumps and imperfections in the written instructions that with! Took a chance and ordered the repair to touch up the dye love it just to. The dumpster the wearing was still noticeable 30 ® patching compound dry for 28 days and even then it... Provided in the leather’s surface the fill to put a thin coat on the material prior to the n. Or vinyl with this water-based, flexible resin, for repairs in load-bearing areas shipped to.. Me $ 89 with us exchange, then a layer of rust, then applied the new Soft filler and. With the quality and ease of application back cushions and arm rests are the original section the... Be applied with an artist’s spatula or palette knife Restore my couch loveseat... More like leather and it 's worth it to the wear test Inc. PO Box 1149 ( Mail... And repair projects and am thrilled with the results dunn-edwards vinyl patching compound is a very expensive leather couch small... I got it to the wear test texture a 3 piece set that.. Vinyl exteriors my dog and andersen vinyl patching compound n't want to replace the $ 900 piece coats.

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