The Special Operations Battalion (Albanian: Batalioni i Operacioneve Speciale) or commonly known as BOS is the main special forces unit of the Albanian Armed Forces. The maximum age for selection is 26 years and candidates are expected to have been members of their respective previous units for no less than two years. The tactics are still primarily SAS-based, but not the actual duties. This is called the Commando phase. Game based on real life political, economy and military structure. In 2004, Albania sent a unit from the Special Operations Battalion to Mosul as part of Operation Iraqi Freedom. Albanian Special Forces Patch * Please ask for the measurements on this iron-on item to see if it suits your needs. Approximately 75 per cent of the candidates fail at this initial phase. The fighting knives are of mixed origins - Randall and an assortment of locally manufactured products depending on the preferences of the operatives themselves. command a 780 soldier special forces/commando regiment with the mission of planning/conducting internal and exernal special operations missions as directed by the government of albania. Following the emergence of capitalism in Albania after 1990 and in order to eradicate all semblances to and associations with the communist state, many investigators, attorneys and police officers were simply dismissed. In 2002, BOS operators were deployed in Afghanistan as part of Operation Enduring Freedom. The military candidates that pass selection must also complete a six-month course on jurisprudence. Given the delicate nature of their missions, RENEA reverted to "proper" sniper rifles and currently employs SAKO TRG-22, TRG-42 and M10 rifles. The Special Operations Battalion, commonly known as BOS is the main special forces unit of the Albanian Armed Forces. The BOS members can be recognized by their maroon berets, and the unit insignia which is carried on the right sleeve of their … True to their SAS origins, the operatives must carry a 35 kg (77 lb) backpack, AK-47 with eight full magazines, handgun and magazines, knives, gas mask, and radio. RENEA's weaponry is currently being updated and brought in line with weapons that are conventionally used by sister units abroad. The candidates that are able to pass the selection process, then go through a 14-week-long training process in which they learn survival skills and master their shooting techniques. Only after a period of three years may the recruit become a RENEA operator cleared in participating in hostage rescue operations. The Special Operations Battalion (Albanian: Batalioni i Operacioneve Speciale),[1] commonly known as BOS is the main special forces unit of the Albanian Armed Forces. In case of an open conflict, the police were expected to assume military duties. They all either have a degree in law or have attended the police academy. The vessels of the Albanian Naval Force are mostly patrol craft and support craft. This is the most decorated unit in AAF. A RENEA team went in, freed the hostages, and in the process killed the criminals. He is the most awarded officer in AAF. The Special Forces teams from around the globe are some scary looking people. It has already been present in Afghanistan. July 1998: The unit conducted a CT mission by arresting five.

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