oi170. Kecchaku276. Nanda 38. 109. Ramen – Japanese noodles. Suru5. Ame260. Bishounen – A pretty boy. NOTE: The Japanese words in this list are spelled using the Hepburn Romanji system for rendering Japanese words using the Roman alphabet; they aren't pronounced quite the same way as … 119. yarou Morau Sugoi = amazing. (The words with slash marks). Sugoi = amazing. Hanasu 286. 282. With that said, we’ve accumulated a list of the first hundred words in Japanese that you can start learning. 175. kuchiyose There’s a list of shows that I used at the very bottom of this post but to sum it up, I took 671 episodes of various anime and ran some word frequency tests on them. Honoo231. Sama However, what I really wanted was a longer list of the most common words in anime to help me start to understand my favourite shows. Hanasu286. Watashi 274. 206. fuuin154. Sub/subbed (Subtitled Anime) – Subs consist of an anime including a written translation of the ongoing dialogue on the bottom of the screen. Dake30. Shinjiru Sumimasen – “I’m sorry” similar to gomen nasai. 192. Konna Toki63. 162. baka 87. 257. Doushita189. Gaki253. momoru171. Soitsu265. 82. 144. fukushuu 108. ishi 62. Often used as a prefix. This is a casual expression. Nukeru/nukenin88. But that’s just a snapshot of how Japanese culture is, along with their typical behaviours in society. Shinu69. suki165. tsukuru187. 198. yagaru 18. Koudou247. hajimeru229. Kamoshirenai86. 103. washi Kage bunshin/hokage – kage bushin is not in the dictionary, it means shadow clone 8. 269. tomeru Heiwa36. Musuko Koto4. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. 241. It’s not as common as other anime phrases on this list, but it’s still relevant. nigeru167. The actually word is an anagram. 286. 281. Ronin – A student who has failed a university’s entrance exam. Yaru/ te yaru123. Ore2. Sore It’s used as a form of agreement in romance, slice of life, comedy and other types of anime series. baka163. 95. Nanimo kurushi224. Ichido283. Otoko193. Dasu 80. Jidai Un Demo Ichiban 67. 19. Daijoubu = FINE. Futari205. 86. machigae218. 190. Issho 282. Tasukeru263. 251. and so on will make use of the phrase “Kawaii”. Here are some other words I have included because he went over them in his lessons yet the are not on the list. Watashi34. 69. Sonzai235. 111. Are 16. Kawaii = cute. 234. te kure - not in dictionary - it is the asking form of a verb178. Tsukai Ugoku Yes,すげえ is mainly used by boys and it is super casual. kami198. This is super inefficient (no context = extremely hard to learn). Mazu245. 17. In a shocked tone of voice, usually. 50. Hitori Check out his site http://www.japanesethroughanimeclass.com/ to learn how to learn Japanese by watching anime! Kuso Kaze277. itsudemo/itsumo/itsuka108. A list of Japanese words/phrases that are commonly heard in subtitled anime, and that are sometimes used in anime fanfiction.This list does not include Japanese honorifics or Japanese numbers and counting.. kiku152. Me24. San/yon/go daime Oshieru184. You hear this a lot in the anime: Magical Girl Spec Ops Asuka. 114. tomeru270. These titles are more like fantasy romances, with a lot of emphasis put on the relationship but also with graphic scenes depicted. Ashi287. Ato 113. ishi109. –ra97. I recommend you use a Sentence Bank which you can make in Anki by converting your favourite TV shows and films to Anki flashcard decks or by simply importing texts straight into Anki. However, what I really wanted was a longer list of the most common words in anime to help me start to understand my favourite shows. Quick! Download the 500 Most Common Words in Anime as a PDF, Download the 500 Most Common Words in Anime for Excel. 240. 233. soreni169. 12. Shimau/chimau78. 260. noni122. Mono48. teki128. Sore 6. 72. Nante Motsu Kono Yaru/ te yaru 160. kawasu 170. momoru At the time such a list didn’t exist and I gave up searching for one. The most common, original “anime phrases” you tend to hear in ALMOST every anime series. Ichido 283. ^_^. Umaku262. At the time such a list didn’t exist and I gave up searching f… 83. Gisei252. I did not comprise this list myself, Ken Cannon did. 273. Iu/itte/itta/iwanai Tsumari269. Kore 134. boku These manga most often have a female main character that is dealing with more mundane things like school, friends, family and first love. Other times it’s a standard response for an anime character. Mushi 45. Jyanai hayai208. Dasu259. Doushite257. Nara39. Yurusu Chibi – Small. 209. Iru43. Tachi It’s a form of apology in Japanese. 195. daijyoubu156. Yoshi Welcome to the Anime Sanctuary, a place for anime fans, read reviews & news and get opinionated and share your views. Kun16. Oshieru Mitsukeru Ichido Ugoku76. Learn How to Learn Japanese With Ease. Shiru 51. Tada/shi Nani/nanika10. 98. Nanda64. anta102. 143. kondo I would advise learning native sentences over vocab drills any day. tsumori118. Honki Because it’s one of the few words that comes out of Goblin Slayer’s mouth. mama151. Me Sato11. The famous “arigato” is another common word in anime, which means “thank you” in Japanese. Don’t miss out on my Japanese Resource Guide! 26. 237. Dono258. Download the 300 Most Common Words in Anime as a PDF, Download the 300 Most Common Words in Anime for Excel. The list contains each keyword as well as at least 1 reading in a separate column, and it also contains the frequency that the word appeared within the texts. On the other hand, すごい is a casual form. You will hear this expression often in Anime. 211. 178. Dakara7. Followed by Claymore, Inuyasha, Attack On Titan, and the rest as they say is "history". This is determined by how well you perform on the drills for each word and kanji. 155. daijyoubu sugoi280. Sore6. zettai239. The first 100 words make up 50% of all written material. 184. You33. Soshite 217. machigae 37. dekiru 259. jouhou132. Woo! Sandaime216. Hi no kuni Are57. Seigi95. Tsunagu226. Suru 223. kurushi Here are the top 10 phrases commonly used in Japanese Anime that you can use to converse with your Japanese friends! 250. 130. muri Iku It’s something you come across a lot in the same types of genres I’ve mentioned. Sonna There are a few words you need to know the meaning of when getting into anime heres a quick run down of the main basic terms and phrases you should know. Mokuteki274. Omou60. Fuzakeru 245. Sekai85. 271. tatakau143. Nani/nande/nanda/nanika 100 Most Common List of Japanese Words. Tsunagu kokomade172. One thing to note is that it seems to ignore any simple hiragana words, for example どこ. These words are listed, going down, according to frequency of use. Manga means Japanese comic book. But you will hear it in all kinds of anime series, regardless of genre. Karada186. Honki 284. Sama13. Ame 42. You’ll see it in “school” types of anime more than anything else where it seems to be more common. Iku53. 171. kokomade Teru115. Nande For instance, when your Japanese friend is struggling to learn English and is on the verge of giving up, you can encourage them by saying あきらめないで! 6. 244. Get contextual information to aid memorization. 23. Passing JLPT N1 or a hard exam which you thought you never could? shishou147. Atta110. You are going to have to go out and search for sentences for each word (at the beginning this can be very hard and can take time). Chigau Baka – An idiot, term most commonly used to make fun of someone’s lack of intelligence. 261. Ninjutsu Typically involves fighting, beautifull females and slapstick humour, Shojo – Literally “girl” in Japanese. 76. Aa 44. 150. mama To do this you would probably want to have a large supply of sentences at your disposal.

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